Top Heroes Hero Tier List for April 2024

Unite with the lead heroes to win against the evil force!

Top Heroes is an adventure game by Green Mushroom where you play as a courageous leader. Your primary goal is to explore every corner of the continent to unmask the deep-buried secrets. The story has numerous obstructions ahead of you ultimately leading to the powerful dark force threatening the continent. Hence, Top Heroes have a variety of heroes who are ready to assist against vicious enemies. These warriors all come from unique cultures and have profound skills. To avoid confusion, I’ve listed down the most powerful heroes to rely on in this Top Heroes Hero tier list. If you’re new to this game, you’re welcome to check out our redeem gift codes piece and beginners guide for Top Heroes.

Top Heroes Hero Tier List for April 2024

The heroes of Top Heroes are classified into three prominent tiers: S, A, and B

TierDamage DealerTankHealerSupporter
Strong (S)Wilderness Hunter, Windwalker, Stonemason, Pyromancer, Astrologer, Headhunter, Watcher, PathfinderSecret Keeper, Sage, Hostess, Adjudicator, Swordmaster, Treeguard, BarbarianNun, Shaman, DruidWarlock, Soulmancer, Forest Maiden, Bard
Good (A)Rogue, Priestess, Brawler, RangerKnightMinisterDancer, Outlaw
Average (B)Warrior, Wizard, ArcherGuardPharmacistBlacksmith

Best Meta Class Hero in Top Heroes for April 2024

Best Damage Dealer Class Hero – Wilderness Hunter

The heroes in this class excel at dealing with damage, increasing final damage by 3%. Wilderness Hunter is the topmost damage dealer hero you can have for your team. She specializes in inflicting special effects on attacks and engaging in sustained combat. Also, she provides buffs to her other teammates.

Image via Green Mushroom

Her special attack skill, Barb, increases her Normal Attack damage by 50%, with an additional bleeding effect. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and raises the damage taken by 10% on bleeding targets. Leveling up, this Wilderness Hunter skill gains an extra Critical Rate bonus of 5%

Best Tank Class Hero – Secret Keeper

Tank class heroes excel at tanking damage in the front row, reducing damage by 5%. Secret Keeper is one of a kind and is the most powerful tank-class hero you should consider in Top Heroes. He is capable of controlling enemies and also provides buffs to his teammates. 

Image via Green Mushroom

His special skill, Arcane Shield, increases the Damage Reduction by 36% enabling the other heroes and soldiers to endure the enemies’ attack. This power also allows Secret Keeper to remove all its debuffs for 3 seconds and has a cooldown period of 10 seconds.

Best Healer Class Hero – Nun

The Healer class heroes provide healing support while also enhancing healing by 5%. Nun is a top-notch choice for a Healer class hero against the wild enemies. Nun provides buffs to the teammates and specializes in dealing with single-target damage

Top Heroes tier list Nun
Image via Green Mushroom

Her special ability, Therapy, heals a single ally, restoring the target’s HP equal to 275% of Nun’s Attack. Her skill also raises the target’s healing by 20% for the next 5 seconds in combat. Therapy has a cooldown period of 8 seconds so you can utilize the healing effect again after the time.

Best Supporter Class Hero – Warlock

The Support class heroes offer strategic assistance and raise the maximum HP by 5%. Warlock is most definitely the best support class hero to have in your journey. Warlock can inflict debuffs on enemies rendering them useless and gives out buffs to other teammates side by side.

Top Heroes tier list Warlock
Image via Green Mushroom

Warlock’s special power, Whispered Shadows, deals 150% damage to 3 enemies. The skill also heals 2 allies with the lowest HP of 150% equal to Warlock’s Attack. The cooldown period of this attack is 8 seconds. On leveling up, this ability also dispels the target’s damage reduction effects.

Final Thoughts

Top Heroes is a light-hearted adventure game that works you up to lead a group of warriors. You have to save the continent from wild enemies while also developing it. The gameplay has tons of quests to complete along with fighting for your life. From time to time, you’ll need your team of heroes to help you get out of a deadly situation. All the heroes have special skills that add up to their diverse leagues. So, I’d suggest you keep following this article to pair up with strong heroes and defeat the ultimate evil force.

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