Top Mech – Future Wars Beginners Guide and Tips

Lead your army to win supreme glory!

If you are a big fan of strategy games, mainly involving war and battleground, then you must have by now heard of the newly launched Top Mech Future Wars by Duga Games. It is an epic strategy game available to be downloaded on both iOS and Android In this Top Mech – Future Wars Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain its basics with additional tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

Lead your own army and defend a dignified country, rescuing it from under the rule of evil forces. From the start of the game, you are assigned the responsibility of a dignified land, becoming the messiah of the people. The game gives an intriguing experience for strategic warfare lovers with interesting features like building your own Mecha and playing against users worldwide. The game involves collecting resources and making the military base as strong as possible.

Introducing the Basics of Top Mech – Future Wars

The gameplay mainly involves expanding your military base and protecting it from raids by evil forces, alongside a campaign with over 11 chapters. As a commander, explorations must be completed at the earliest possible so that the base can be expanded.

A character, Anna, takes you through the whereabouts of the game at every instance initially, and even reports issues or discoveries about the military base to her commander so that troops can be sent as and when required. The game comes with five separate areas available on the primary screen for early access; Hero Building, Backpack, Mail Box, Alliance, and Campaign.

Hero Building

In the hero building, you have the option to match and combine heroes for your military base, industry-related heroes, and logistics-related heroes. There is also a Chip Library available for the Military, which gives added powers like Quick reloading, Armor Upgrade, Vulnerable Strike, Rifleman Combo till RPG DEF, and so on, each being upgradable by ten distinct levels.

Hero Building
Image via Duga Game

Chip library also offers chips for Industry, with chips for increasing troop load, gold gathering, Alliance engineering, Money Production, Energy Storage, and so on, again being upgradable till the tenth level. Similar chips are available for the logistics department with combat vehicle assembly chips, infantry assembly chips, tank production speedup, and so on, upgradable for ten levels yet again. But the chip library can not be used unless chip research has been conducted.

List of Military heroes available to be recruited

  • Carrol – Fire Phantom
  • Anna – Imperial Shield
  • Laura- Warlord
  • Amanda- Defense Commander
  • Lisa- FLame Rose
  • Boris- Vanguard Officer
  • Lucas- Ace Machine Gun
  • Reynold- Time controller
  • Hank- Elite Ranger
  • Sofia- Elite Pilot
  • Jessica- Cloud dancer
  • Tracy- Polaris
  • Jason- Invincible Hulk
  • Suha- Rugged Armor

List of Industry heroes available to be recruited

  • Vivian – Explorer
  • Moli – Adventurer
  • Alice – Steelmaker
  • Emma – Financial Scholar
  • Stark- Energy researcher
  • Linda – Quartermaster
  • Claire- Engineer
  • Rihanna- Surveyor
  • Natalia- Collector
heroes available to be recruited
Image via Duga Game

List of Industry heroes available to be recruited

  • Victor – Military instructor
  • Kelly- Snow spirit
  • Emily- Battlefield nurse
  • Selena- Medic
  • Ted – Trooper instructor
  • Bella- Infantry instructor
  • Olivia- Rookie trainer
  • Grace- Rookie trainer
  • Jennifer- Rookie trainer
  • Evelyn- Wild Hunter
  • Diego- Guerrilla

Backpack and Weapons

The backpack is like a warehouse or storeroom filled with resources, buffs and other utilities. It has confidential hero files and chip drawings among many other useful utilities for strategy build-up. The rookie precise transmission transfers your base to a designated location on the Large Map and is an extremely useful resource till chapter 7, but disappears once the base reaches level 8.

Other resources like money, hero XP, rename cards and construction speed-ups are all available in the backpack section. Speaking of weapons, MECHA or fighting machines are the primary fighters, and they need proper maintenance and repair from time to time.

Backpack and weapons
Image via Duga Game

These are the attacking and defensive pillars of your military base and contribute majorly to the strength of your base. The War Factory is integral for the development of your military base as it produces combat vehicle units and unlocks advanced combat vehicle types. Once upgraded, this war factory accelerates the production speed and thus increases the number of units produced at one time.

In-game Alliances

The first step for social connection in the game is the diplomatic hall, where you can search for global users, make in-game friendships or even blacklist users, all through their Power and ID.

Image via Duga Game

Next comes the alliance section, which opens when the plot reaches chapter 6. Other means to socialize like world chat, or chat within the alliance you join, or even private chats and mailboxes are available in the game for perfect strategy and tactics build-up.


The first chapter of the campaign is all about exploration and finding a base field. thereby building a suitable military base camp. Chapter of the campaign involves Base expansion, where collecting resources and protecting them from evil forces become integral.

Campaign-1024x575 top mech future wars
Image via Duga Game

These resources are the foundation of development, and constructing fields where continuous resource production is held is the key to a successful campaign. The campaign further proceeds, having important chapters like Core exploration and Polar Crisis which get unlocked in chapter 7, Pinnacle Arena which unlocks after completing chapter 8, and Beach Landing for which one needs to reach chapter 11 and explore the mist.

Top Mech – Future Wars Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Top Mech – Future Wars Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Master using the Rallying Centres

Rallying centres are often ignored, but if well utilized, they can become one of the biggest strengths of your attacking prowess. This rallying centre allows you to connect to your rallies, and it will be easier for you to attack an opposition resource base, giving you better chances of defeating high-level enemy bases.

2. Complete all your daily Tasks

The importance of daily tasks in this game is supreme.  Rewards are left after completion of all the tasks in each chapter, and mainly include Gold, Emma, money or military equipment like Tanks as rewards.

3. Join an alliance

Theatre recovery is extremely helpful in the progress of the game, especially for alliances. You can participate in this after joining an alliance and constructing the alliance fortress. The ranking rewards in this section are exclusive and are one of the best available in the game overall.

Top Mech - Future Wars beginners guide
Image via Duga Game

4. Keep Upgrading your mines and production centers

An important pro tip for Top Mech Future Wars regarding up-gradation is to upgrade all other resources, mines and production centres to their maximum value once the base reaches level 7. Only once all your resources are maximized, you should opt for the 8th level for your base. This actually helps a lot in the overall progress and increases your contribution to the alliance.

5. Utilise the Armistice agreement efficiently

When encountering an enemy that cannot be resisted, the armistice agreement can be used to temporarily avoid the edge. You can dodge enemy assaults after activating the armistice from the base perk. If the enemy is approaching your base for reconnaissance, you can activate the armistice or the teleportation equipment.

Final Thoughts

The game starts off with some seriously good graphics and animation alongside characters that introduce you to the game norms. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Top Mech – Future Wars beginners guide for tips.

That’s it from this Top Mech – Future Wars beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Top Mech – Future Wars beginners guide useful.  

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