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Top Troops: Adventure RPG Troops Tier List for June 2024

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Top Troops: Adventure RPG is a new adventure RPG title brought to you by Zynga Inc. The game takes the players on an epic journey where they claim back their lost empire and build it back from scratch by taking one unit at a time and one piece of land at a time. The game being a war strategy title offers different characters who act as units on the battlefield, each character has something different to them as it allows the players to diversify their plans on the battlefield. In this Top Troops: Adventure RPG Character Tier List we will try and list out the best troops that the players can pick in the game for early success.

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Top Troops: Adventure RPG Tier List: Best Troops Ranked

To simplify things, I’ve categorized the Troops into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This makes it easier to understand each Troop’s abilities and helps you build a formidable team. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on my own experiences, so don’t hesitate to tailor your choices to match your personal preferences.

Strong (S)Thundershot,
Arcane Hunter,
Imperial Elf,
Battle Drummer,
Water Maiden,
The king,
Sylvan Spirit,
Toad Druid,
Vampire Queen,
Frozen Heart,
Ember Elemental,
Elemental Witch,
Holy Protector
Oni Warrior,
Good (A)Fire Slasher,
Ninja Mole,
Stone Hermit,
Dwarf Engineer,
Blue Wizard,
Armored Trolls,
Mushroom Shield
Samurai, Berserker,
Royal Guard,
Slime King,
Demi Angel,
Average (B)Archer,
Axe Thrower
Warrior carriage,
Necromancer Rat,

Delivery Guy
Orc Rider,

Best Meta Characters in Top Troops: Adventure RPG for June 2024

Best Ranged Character – Thundershot

Top Troops: Adventure RPG Character Tier List, Top Troops: Adventure RPG
Image via Zynga Inc

In my experience, Thundershot stands out as one of the best heroes in the game due to her powerful ranged attacks and significant health pool. Her lightning-based abilities allow her to inflict substantial damage across the entire enemy army, making her a formidable force in both PvP and PvE encounters. Her ability to target and eliminate backline units effectively ensures that she remains a valuable asset in any team composition. Thundershot’s capability to sustain high damage output over extended battles solidifies her position as a must-have hero for players aiming to excel in Top Troops.

Best Support Character – Battle Drummer

Top Troops Adventure RPG Battle Drummer
Image via Zynga Inc

From what I’ve seen, Battle Drummer stands out as one of the top units in Top Troops due to its exceptional support capabilities. Despite its secondary skill focusing on attack speed, which some players may find less impactful, the Drummer shines with its ability to activate rage instantly at the start of battles. As it gains skill levels, it extends this rage effect to cover not just the frontline but also parts of the backline, effectively boosting the entire team’s combat prowess. Its strategic use of unit positioning to stay safe in the backline further enhances its utility across adventure, PvP, and guild boss encounters.

Best Assassin Character – Toad Druid

Top Troops Adventure RPG Toad Druid
Image via Zynga Inc

In my experience, Toad Druid is highly regarded in Top Troops because of its powerful crowd control ability. With a 5-second stun that can be targeted strategically, it disrupts enemy formations and brings key opponents closer to your frontline. This makes it easier for your team to capitalize on weakened enemies, despite Toad Druid’s lower health and attack speed. Its ability to control the battlefield effectively in both PvP and PvE situations makes it a standout choice for players looking to gain a tactical edge in battles.

Best Mage character – Leshy

Top Troops Adventure RPG Leshy
Image via Zynga Inc

From what I’ve seen, Leshy stands out as one of the best heroes in Top Troops because of its impressive area-of-effect damage potential, especially in higher ranks where it becomes a powerhouse. Starting off as less effective at lower levels, Leshy shines with strong attacks that hit multiple enemies at once. This makes it particularly effective against guild bosses and dense frontline formations in PvP battles.

Frontline Character – Juggernaut

Top Troops: Adventure RPG Character Tier List, Top Troops: Adventure RPG
Image via Zynga Inc

In my experience, Juggernaut is considered one of the best troops due to its role as a supreme frontline character with massive HP, making it a formidable tank. Its ability to absorb significant enemy damage protects other units, acting as a barricade against enemy onslaughts. With a high health pool and a block chance buff that reduces incoming attacks by 10% when surrounded by allies, Juggernaut excels in providing crucial battlefield resilience, turning the tide of battles with its exceptional defensive capabilities.

Melee Character – Werewolf

Top Troops Adventure RPG Werewolf
Image via Zynga Inc

From what I’ve seen, Werewolf stands out as one of the game’s top heroes because he’s nearly unstoppable once he starts attacking. His strength lies not just in his strong base damage, but also in his ability to heal himself and increase his damage infinitely as he defeats more enemies. Whether you’re facing tough bosses or battling in different game modes, Werewolf’s frontline position makes him a formidable force. To defeat him, opponents need to act fast with powerful attacks and crowd control tactics to prevent him from overwhelming their team.

Final Thoughts

The game, Top Troops: Adventure RPG as is pretty evident has a lot of character classes in the game with each character class being better for some purpose or the other. The game does a great job of providing the player the option to select their army from, there are different classes and even subclasses under some classes where the nature of characters is defined, which makes the choice even harder for the players. We hope that with this detailed Top Troops: Adventure RPG Character Tier List we were able to bring some clarity to the choices that players can make in the game regarding the characters.

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