Total Football Guide: How to play with friends

Now play Total Football with your friends!

Online multiplayer makes playing mobile soccer games much more enjoyable. A whole new level of joy is experienced when you demonstrate your abilities in a friendly match and demonstrate that your friend is a rookie compared to you. Total Football is unquestionably the game you should play if you want to show off your dribbling skills, make incredible saves and wild tackles, and score goals against a friend. This article offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to play Total Football online with friends and all the Friend Match features that this game has in store for us.

How to add friends to your friend list in Total Football

You can always play Friendly with your friend in Total Football, even if they are located in a different city or even a different nation. Establishing a Friendly Match is a rather easy process that can be learned quickly. First things first, you must add your friend to your in-game Friend list. Below are the steps to do the same:

  • Players must launch the game on their devices and tap on the Start button. Once the in-game home screen loads, they must navigate to the Community/People icon, present in the bottom left corner of the home screen.
  • This would redirect you to the Friend List Menu. There would be four tabs aligned to the left of this menu, namely, Friends, Requests, and Add. Players must navigate to the Add tab to add friends to their Friend list.
  • The Add tab would suggest you a host of usernames, that you can add as your friends. To specifically add your mate, you need to tap on the Search bar under this tab and type out his/her username to search for him/her. Once you find your buddy, you need to tap on the Freind Request icon just beside his/her username.
Total Football Add Friend Section
Image via Gala Sports
  • This would trigger a Friend Request notification to your friends’ accounts. Once they log in and are online, they will receive a pop-up notification and just need to accept the same to be Friends with you.

Once they are added to your Friend list, their names would show up under the Friends tab of the Community Section. You can now play against your mate whenever you both are online. Let us discuss the steps for establishing a Friend Match next.

How to set up a Friendly Match in Total Football

Setting up a Friend Match in Total Football is simple and involves hassle-free steps. First and foremost, make sure that you and your friend are both logged in to the game, i.e., both of you are online. Once that is ensured, any one of you has to send a request while the other has to accept it. Here is the step-wise guide on how to establish the same:

  • From the in-game home screen, navigate to the Community icon.
  • As discussed in the previous section, you will be having access to four tabs in this section, the Friends tab for setting up an online friendly encounter, the Request tab for accepting pending requests, and finally, the Add tab to add new friends to your list. You need to stay on the Friends tab this time.
  • The following features are available on the Friends tab:
    • Sending Energy to your Friends.
    • Claiming the Energy sent by your Friends.
    • Setting up a 1 vs 1 encounter with your friend.
    • Starting up a Private Chat with your friend.
Total Football Friendly Match
Image via Gala Sports
  • While energy can be sent and received by tapping on the Energy Drink icon aligned to the right of your Friend’s username, to set up a Friend Match, you need to tap on the Versus(VS) icon.
  • This would send a Friend Match Request to your Friend, in the form of a pop-up notification. If he is online, he can just accept that and a Friend Match between you and your mate will be successfully established.

Final Thoughts

Technical issues shouldn’t arise because the method is rather easy. However, occasionally matches might not progress as expected possibly due to network slowness. Regardless of where you and your mate are located, you should have a reliable internet connection. If any side’s link is tenuous, the match won’t be seamless and would come with multiple lags. This concludes this manual. If you run into any difficulties creating a friendly match, you may always refer to this Total Football guide for support.

Did you find our guide on how to play with friends in Total Football helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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