Touchdowners 2 – Mad Football Beginners Guide and Tips

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Touchdowners 2 is a 3V3 physics-based American Football madness. From the house of Miniclip, it takes users through the rush and thrill of playing American Football against fierce online opponents. The game spans 9 unique American Football stadiums. The casual gameplay and easy-to-grasp controls are what separates it from its competitors. In this Touchdowners 2 Mad Football Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of this game, discuss the game modes that it has to offer, and, share some valuable tips for users to up their game and become the best in business.

Introducing the basics of Touchdowners 2 – Mad Football

Touchdowners 2 gives you the experience of real-time multiplayer across different Tiers and Competitions. The gameplay and mechanics are similar to that of Mini Football and Mini Basketball which come from the same Developer House.

Games are short but quick-paced and players do not need to waste time on endless mechanics. They can jump straight into the action when the game kicks off. You need to make passes, wrestle and jump your way to the green zone/the dead zone on the side your opposition is defending to complete a Touchdown. Each Touchdown scored rewards you a lead of 6 points.

Additionally, each game rewards you with exciting Player Packs on victory, which unlock after a certain period of time. You can build and upgrade your own team with players that you earn from these packs. Your performance gets tracked every week on the Worldwide League Leaderboard where you are compared against online users who belong to the same league as you. Gradually as you climb up the Leaderboard, you get a chance to win loads of in-game resources that include 250+ Gear Equipment, Logos, and over 90 unique Player cards.

Understanding in-game Currencies

The game rewards you with Gold Coins and Cash as in-game resources.


Coins are the most widely obtained. You can earn Gold currency by just grinding the game on a daily basis. They are used for updating and strengthening your squad members once they have an up-gradation available and as an entry fee for entering a Match.

The coins earned after winning a match are double the amount spent to enter the same. Coins to be spent in entering a game increases with each new stadium that you unlock and play at. Gold Coins can also be used in exchange for various in-game equipment. As a Jump Start, you are rewarded with 1000 Gold Coins.


Cash is the hardest to earn resource in the game. It can be mostly earned by Unlocking the Pro and Elite Player Packs or by completing in-game Achievements. Unlike the Rookie Pack, these two packs reward you handsomely with in-game Cash. But to earn them you need to win games with a higher point lead. They can be even earned by leveling up.

Additionally, the game rewards you with 3x Cash for free each day if you watch in-game videos. Cash can be used in turn for unlocking Player Packs for free so as to strengthen your squad. But, a lot of cash is charged as the fee for bagging the same. Hence use them wisely and do not unnecessarily spend them. As a jump-start, you are rewarded with 50x Cash.

Introducing the game modes

Further in the Touchdowners 2 Beginners’, Guide, let us walk through the three game modes.

1 vs 1

1 vs 1 is a Classic Online Game Mode where you can challenge players online for a head-on-fight against you. Both of you field your 3 men team against each other in quick 2 minute games split into 2 halves. Fans applauding and cheering in the background along with living commentary of the game take realism to new heights. Each Touchdown you score rewards you with 6 points.

game modes Touchdowners 2 Mad Football Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

The entry fee for each game depends on the stadium that you wish to play in and its crowd capacity. Winning each 1V1 encounter rewards you with a Player Pack based on your performance. Simply putting things, you get a Rookie pack in close-win games and a Pro/Elite pack if you win by a big margin. Safe to say, the 1 vs 1 Game Mode is your ladder to climb up the leagues in the Worldwide League Leaderboard.

The Big Bowl Championship

Inspired by the famous Super Bowl Championship Games that take place annually, the game has introduced its own Championship Game Mode. However, it is still in the development phase and would go live in the coming updates. Clarity regarding the format of this mode would come once it goes live in the game.

1 VS 1 Touchdowners 2 Mad Football Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

Golden Shot

Golden Shot or the Golden Point System is a term that all American Football fans are familiar with. When the fate of a game cannot be decided at stoppage time, i.e. when both sides have equal points after the timer has run out, the Golden Shot comes into play.

Whoever scores the first point during the period of the extra tie is declared the winner. Similar to the Slam Dunk mode in their Basketball title, the developers have added the Golden Shot mode in this game that gifts users with one free shot each day. You will be gifted with in-game resources if you manage to seize the opportunity and score points.

Touchdowners 2 Mad Football Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is our bonus Touchdowners 2 guide for players to quickly assemble their Team, choose the ideal tactics, so as to field the best 3 in Online Matchmakings, and quickly climb up the Global Leaderboard. What follows next, are some useful tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

1. Do not miss out on the Daily Deals

Who doesn’t love freebies? We all would love to cash on every in-game item that our favorite Game sends out for free. Make sure that you log in each day. The game rewards you with free Gold, Cash, Player Packs, and lots of other mystery items every day free. As you start grinding out the game, you will realize how precious Coins are and how rapidly they are consumed. So you will be in dire need of coins.

daily deals
Image via Miniclip

Make sure to not let go of these freebies. You will receive an Elite Player pack on every 14th day that would increase the chances of bagging a high-rated player and increasing your team OVR. The daily login rewards refresh after every 14 days hence make sure to log in each day.

Additionally, you should visit the Store section of your game daily and navigate to the Free tab and watch ads regularly to earn Coins Gems, and Basic Player Packs.

2. Resource Management

Another important aspect of any sports game is resource management. One should ensure tactful spending of in-game currencies. Initially, use Gold Coins only as Match Fee and for upgrading your Team members. Do not unnecessarily purchase Equipment with coins initially.

Resource Management Touchdowners 2 Mad Football Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

As a beginner, your task should be to build on your resources. You cannot be League toppers in a day and to be honest, you will be getting decent enough player cards by winning 1V1 Games. Do not waste your Cash to unlock Player Packs then and there. Even if your Pack Slots are full, each pack needs only a few hours of unlocking.

You can always wait rather than spend your hard-earned gems for the sake of immediate unlocking. The in-game cash currency could come in real handy in unlocking the Pro Packs and the Elite Packs from the Shop that eat up a lot of Cash. However, do not go after the initial. Save your Cash initially if you want your grind to pay off. Once you have plenty, go after those Packs.

3. Bench your Low-Rated players once you have better Options

As you start winning 1V1 games, you are rewarded with Player Packs. You might bag Players from those Packs that have an OVR, higher than players in your existing squad. Do replace them in that scenario. To do so, navigate to the Team tab on your Home screen and tap on the player you want to remove from your starting lineup.

low rated players
Image via Miniclip

We would suggest you remove your lowest-rated player from the lineup. The sole reason behind it is to maximize your Team Overall since you would find it difficult to pull off games with low-rated players as you progress up the Leagues. Next up, you should tap on the cross button above his card. To bring the newly added player to your line-up, drag and place him in place of the crossed-out player.

4. Upgrade your Players whenever possible

As you go on winning games and opening Player Packs, besides getting new Player Cards, you receive an upgraded version of your existing Player Cards. Whenever you see that a player can be upgraded, do that immediately by spending Gold Coins. It would increase his personal stats and your Team’s OVR at the same time. The in-game performance of the player would also get a boost. You can check for an Upgrade by looking at the Upward Arrow Symbol on your Player Card on the team sheet.

5. Be aggressive in your approach

American Football is one of the most aggressive contact sports. That is exactly how you should approach the games. You need to somehow reach the end zone/green zone of your opponent’s side to score a touchdown. Your opponent would look to do the same too.

Hence, when you lose possession to your opponent make sure to continuously smash the Punch button and steal the ball ruthlessly from your opposition.

aggressive in your approach
Image via Miniclip

Additionally, when you are in possession of the ball, make sure that only 2 of your players move up on the Attack while one stays down for cover. If you lose possession, the Backup player would be in a position to aggressively block your opposition from entering your end zone. If all your players are out of position, you have to retreat back by navigating the arrow keys which you may not have time for.

6. Try going for a field goal from Kick-off

A field goal is a method of scoring points in American Football wherein you have to drop-kick the ball over the crossbar and between the post. To perform a Field Goal in Touchdowners 2, when you start the play from a kick-off, you will find an arrow originating from the ball and pointing upwards. A slider would run inside the arrow. If have to wait till the slider reaches the top if you want to attempt a Field Goal.

kick-off Touchdowners 2 Mad Football Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

Though a rewarding approach, it may lead to you losing possession of the ball. Hence you can also go for a low shot. When the slider hits the bottom, go for the kick. It will ensure that the ball possession instead of your opposition. Hence you can look to build the Attack by making passes.

Final Thoughts

Touchdowners 2 is a pretty decent mini Game. It gives you the experience of real-time multiplayer across different Tiers. The best part of it is the super easy controls and the pickup and play mechanics, similar to that of Mini Football and Mini Basketball that come from the same Developer House. As usual, Miniclip did not fail to live up to its expectations. However, if you play the game professionally, you will find out that after a certain stage it becomes a pay-to-win game.

But, if you play it casually, it is all fun and a really enjoyable game. Overall, the only issue with the game is the latest update that is buggy for a lot of users. If the developers fix it in the coming updates, then Touchdowners 2- Mad Football is a must try-game for every American Football fan. If you face difficulties in your journey with Football Battle – Touchdown, you can always refer to this Beginners Guide for quick assistance.

That’s it from this Touchdowners 2 Mad Football Beginners Guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Touchdowners 2 Mad Football beginners guide useful. 

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