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Tower of Fantasy: All Mini-Boss Locations in RockPillar Gabby

Find all Mini Boss Locations in RockPillar Gabby!

Tower of Fantasy is a game that tests your skills by having you navigate through various obstacles. Some gamers find this game difficult, but with the right tips, it can be conquered. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we will give you all the information you need on mini-boss locations in RockPillar Gabby. With this knowledge, you can overcome any challenge Tower of Fantasy has to offer. So put on your adventurer’s hat and let’s get started!

Mini-Boss location in RockPillar Gabby in Tower of Fantasy

There are 9 mini-bosses in the area of RockPillar Gabby in Vera as stated in the in-game map. We are providing you with the exact locations of every mini-boss in this region.

1. Blast Rock Fafnir

Coordinates (583.9, -194.1)

The first mini-boss, Blast Rock Fafnir, can be found in the south of the Karst Cave. Players can find it easily on the above plains. So, get ready with your special weapons and battle it out with this humongous monster.

2. Carrandi 

Coordinates (236.6, -1085.4)

Tower of Fantasy Carrandi
Image via Level Infinite

The next mini-boss, Carrandi, can be found on the left of the Magma Lair. You can also get two enemies aside from this mini-boss. So, defeat its accomplice and then tear apart Carrandi.

3. Desertborn Loke

Coordinates (701.3, -528.9)

This mini-boss spawns to the South of Evil’s Clutch Oasis and players need to go deep down the given coordinates and battle with the Desertborn Loke.

4. Desertrunner Gundis

Coordinates (226.8, -469.1)

Tower of Fantasy RockPillar Gabby Mini Boss Desertrunner Gundis
Image via Level Infinite

The Desertrunner Gundis is present in the South of Saltwater Oasis. Players need to climb up or fly all the way up to the Desert mountain to hunt for this monster.

5. Forestborn Wes

Coordinates (845.4, -746.8)

The Forestborn Wes is present in the area of Evil’s Clutch Oasis. This turtle-like enemy can easily be found by following the above coordinates.

6. Ironclad Sangrevis

Coordinates (227,9 -787.2)

Tower of Fantasy RockPillar Gabby Mini Boss Ironclad Sangrevis
Image via Level Infinite

The Ironclad Sangrevis is found in the Saltwater Oasis. Just walk through this area and you can easily spot this monster in the open area.

7. Raging Horn Sergey

Coordinates (946.3, -729.2)

The Raging Horn Sergey is to the east of Saltwater Oasis and is a bit difficult to beat, This mini-boss has got some mighty companions that you must battle out together,

8. Shubert

Coordinates (309.7, -690.9)

This mini-boss, Shubert, also spawns in the Saltwater Oasis area and you must bring your best weapons and skills to defeat it. Follow the coordinates above for an accurate location.

9. Sierra Alps

Coordinates (704.0, -527.7)

Tower of Fantasy Sierra Alps
Image via Level Infinite

The last mini-boss of RockPillar Gabby is in between Evil’s Clutch Oasis and the Karst Cave. Players just need to deep dive into this location and demolish this monster.

In this guide, we’ve covered all the mini-boss locations in RockPillar Gabby so you can get through the level with ease. We hope you found this guide helpful and that it makes your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Mini-Boss locations in RockPillar Gabby guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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