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Tower of Fantasy: All Mini Bosses locations in QuickSand Belt of Vera

All Mini-Bosses locations in QuickSand Belt!

It might be extremely difficult, but there is no comparison to the feeling of satisfaction when you finish a level in Tower of Fantasy. We shall include the locations of each mini boss in QuickSand Belt in this Tower of Fantasy guide. This knowledge should make it easier for players who are stuck on a certain level to advance. Let’s get right into the locations of the mini-bosses in QuickSand Belt of Tower of Fantasy.

Mini Bosses locations in QuickSand Belt in Tower of Fantasy

There are 10 Mini Bosses in total when we explore the area of QuickSand Belt in Tower of Fantasy as stated in the in-game map. Read on to learn more about their perfect locations.

1. Bugie Gurette in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (204.0,979.5)

Tower of Fantasy QuickSand Belt Mini Bosses
Image via HoYoverse

The first mini-boss, Budgie Gurette, is very easy to find as it spawns in the area to the south of Mirroria. Get your special weapons and beat the deadly beast.

2. Venomfang Euryale in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (294.6, 1223.2)

The Venomfang Euryale can be found to the south of the Budgie Gurette but this enemy is hard to beat as it crawls from the bottom of the sandy desert. Follow the coordinates given above.

3. Sierra Caucasus in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-747.5, 1097.3)

Players need to go to the Silent Oasis and dive down deep to find this mini-boss, Sierra Caucasus. The mini-boss can also have some other enemies attacking you at the same time so, level up your skills to take him out.

4. Green Shoots Baku in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-607.1, 1254.7)

Tower of Fantasy QuickSand Belt Mini Bosses
Image via HoYoverse

The Green Shoots Baku is not hard to find once you have got the Sierra Caucasus. Just move south and this rising green monster will be visible.

5. Venomfang Medusa in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-394.4, 1327.0)

The Venomfang Medusa is one of the most difficult mini-bosses to find in the QuickSand Belt in Tower of Fantasy. Follow the above coordinates carefully and battle it out in this big desert.

6. Venomfang Stheno in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-810.5, 1888.5)

The second mini-boss sister of Venomfang Medusa, Venomfang Stheno, is as deadly as its counterpart so, players need to follow these above coordinates and hunt down this terrifying creature.

7. Steelclad Fedeler in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-579.6, 1739.3)

Tower of Fantasy QuickSand Belt Mini Bosses
Image via HoYoverse

The next mini-boss, Steelclad Fedeler, can be found in the south of the Silent Oasis. Players just have to go down to the desert plain and get the beast standing in front of them.

8. Queen Bee Rafta in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-672.3, 1805.7)

Players need to enter the area of QuickSand Belt via these coordinates (-707.6, 1774.3). Then, move to the bottom of the area to find Queen Bee Rafta waiting for you.

9. Boom Rock Tungchro in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-215.0.6, 1846.2)

To find the Boom Rock Tungchro, players just have to go to the south of the QuickSand Belt and follow the above coordinates for the accurate location.

10. Shadow Sting Latal in QuickSand Belt

Coordinates (-609.7, 1845.3)

Tower of Fantasy QuickSand Belt Mini Bosses
Image via HoYoverse

The final mini-boss of QuickSand Belt is the Scorpion Beast, Shadow Sting Latal. This enemy is hard to find as you need to zip through a long way to get to this monster the south of the Vera Map in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy provides an interesting and unique gaming experience. The QuickSand Belt mini bosses provide a challenge for players who want to complete the game. With this guide, gamers can locate all mini-bosses in the belt quickly and easily. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Mini Boss locations in QuickSand Belt guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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