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Tower of Fantasy Best Settings Guide and Tips

Get the best settings for optimum fun!

Tower of Fantasy is the new open-world MMO genre game made by Perfect World Entertainment and published by Level Infinite. While having similarities with Genshin Impact by MiHoYo, the game has shown potential signs of making its way to players’ libraries as soon as the launch. Filled with awesome sceneries is a blessing of open-world games. And it’s important to have the right settings to ensure one can enjoy the game properly. So without any further ado, let’s dive in today on our guide about the best settings to enjoy Tower of Fantasy.

Best Settings for players in Tower of Fantasy

Firstly, get into the game and log in with your email and password. You might not have to do this step if you have logged in previously. Once logged in, press cross on the news banner and you will see the launch pad. Press the middle button on the upper right part of the screen. There you will get the settings page.

Image via Level Infinite

The settings page comprises different sections, like Basic, Display, Camera, Others, Controller, Compliance, and Language. In this article, we will aim for the best settings for middle-tier devices. If you have a device you are confident about being high-end, you can try different settings in the Graphics menu.

Basic Settings

Keep the sounds to the default level. The audio can be changed with the volume buttons of the device.

  • Camera preferences: All to default
  • Display Preferences: 
Standby Hidden WeaponOn
Non-Wanderer InfoOn
Wanderer InfoOn
Hide CSOn
Show FPSOff (On, if you are testing the device)
Main Page Chat DisplayOn
Show Blue Dot PromptsOn
Permanent Folding BuffOff
Mission TipsOn
Push NotificationsOn
  • Control Preferences:
Tower of Fantasy Basic settings
Image via Level Infinite
Auto ClimbOn
Manual Sprint (Dodge)On
Rocker PositionOn
Aim AssistOn
Power Saving ModeOn
Walking ModeOn
CrouchOff ( On is recommended during explorations )

Language Settings

Tower of Fantasy language settings
Image via Level Infinite

The game supports a total of 8 languages in text and offers voiceovers in 2 languages. Choose the text language you are comfortable with. We recommend keeping the voiceover language to English as it helps players understand the story and the dialogues. However, players who are proficient in understanding Japanese are more than welcome to pick Japanese as the voiceover language as it makes it more exciting.

Compliance Settings

Tower of Fantasy Compliance settings
Image via Level Infinite

This category has nothing much for players to look at. Turn the microphone permission to On. In the Bind Account option, players can bind their current account with Facebook, Twitter, Line, or Google.

Controller Settings

Tower of Fantasy Controller settings
Image via Level Infinite

This category is only for the players who use external controllers to play the game. Here, the player can make changes to the key binds of the controller, which is pretty easy and self-explanatory.

Other Settings

  • Message Settings:
Accept friend requestOn
Accept invitations to team upOn
Auto – accept team – up from friendsOff ( On, if you are playing with friends and want to save few taps )
Allow invitesOn
  • Show Settings:
Show non-teammate Wandered HP barOn
Show non-teammate Wanderer infoOn
Always Show Teammate HP bar in InstancesOn
  • Self: All unchecked
  • Other Wanderers: Check on Name, Crew, Title
  • Enemy: Check on Name, Title
  • Special Effect Settings: Keep all the settings here default as there is no urgent need to tweak these settings. Only experienced players will understand the effect and will be able to change it accordingly
  • Page Settings: Keep the settings default. Only change if the UI feels uncomfortable.

Sound Effect Settings:

Simulacra VoiceOn
Tower of Fantasy Other settings
Image via Level Infinite
  • Scroll Text Settings: Keep the scroll settings to default. This doesn’t need any changes.

Camera Settings

Here, we would try to keep things near the default settings and slight change with the gyro.

Gyro up/ down sensitivity0.5
Gyro left/ right sensitivity0.7
Aim high/ low sensitivity1.8
Aim left/ right sensitivity1.2
Camera sensitivity (vertical)1.0
Camera sensitivity (Horizontal)1.0
Camera Distance in Combat1.3
Aiming gyroOn
Tower of Fantasy Camera settings
Image via Level Infinite

Display Settings

This is the category where changes in graphics are made. We have aimed our guide for mid-tier devices and without any tweaks in the advanced settings. To find out what’s the best settings, we recommend doing trials with different settings to find out which fits best for you.

  • Style Settings: Brilliant
  • Screen Settings: Set it to fine
  • Resolution: Check on HD
  • FPS: 45
  • Shading: On
Tower of Fantasy Display settings
Image via Level Infinite

That’s the settings we recommend on Tower Of Fantasy. Hope you enjoy the game with a nice view as this game is a perfect combination of adventures and the breeze of the open world.

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Natsune yuki

since I came out tower of fantasy download it in my pece windows 10 the servers of Latin America do not work for me and do not let me continue the game with normThe story from the beginning turns off my laptop as if the game were restarted and does not allow me to play it and I do not know what to do

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