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Tower of Fantasy Guide: Tips to increase your Stamina and Endurance

Everything you need to know about Endurance!

Tower of Fantasy is a newly released open-world MMORPG game set in the post-apocalyptic world of Aida, developed by Hotta studios and published by Level InfiniteJust like any other open-world game Tower of Fantasy also has a Stamina mechanic called Endurance which is used for different kinds of purposes. Here’s our guide on Endurance in Tower of Fantasy.

Endurance in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy endurance
Image via Level Infinite

Endurance/stamina is a mechanic in Tower of Fantasy. Your character can only perform these actions when they have endurance such as climbing, swimming, spin attack, mid-air attacks, etc. Endurance replenishes when not being used and is denoted by the green bar on the side of your character. However, using Mighty mushrooms can permanently increase a player’s endurance by 50 points.

How to increase Endurance in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy endurance
Image via Level Infinite

To increase endurance players need something known as Mighty Mushroom. These mushrooms increase your endurance by 50 points permanently. Currently, there are only two ways to get mighty mushrooms in the game: 

Image via Level Infinite
  • Players may complete various achievements and after every 250 achievements, they will be rewarded with one mighty mushroom.
Exploration points
Image via Level Infinite
  • Exploration points rewards are another way to get the mighty mushroom. To get exploration points by unlocking space rifts, opening supply pods, scenic points, ruins, and omnium towers.

How to perform the climbing trick in Tower of Fantasy

Don’t have enough endurance to climb tall structures and mountains? Well, this trick will come in handy while climbing tall structures which might not be possible with less stamina. To perform this trick follow the steps given below:

tower of fantasy endurance
Image via Level Infinite
  • Press the drop button while climbing the structure.
tower of fantasy endurance
Image via Level Infinite
  • When the character starts falling press the Jump button twice and move forward so that the character can latch itself up to the surface again. 

Note: Players should keep in mind that they need to do all the steps given above in a limited time frame, failing to do so can also end in losing more height.

Did you find our guide on Endurance in Tower of Fantasy helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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