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Tower of Fantasy Guide: What is Satiety feature and how to recover it

Learn all you need to know about the Satiety System from this guide!

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG, developed by Hotta Studio for multiple platforms including PC, Android, and iOS devices. The Global version of the game is published by Level Infinite. The game being an MMORPG is quite sophisticated and has a lot of unique mechanics and one of them being the Satiety System which in simple terms is the hunger system. Tower of Fantasy has a standard Satiety system which is present in a lot of MMOs and RPGs and is quite simple on the surface but you should know everything about it, from what it is and how to recover it from external sources.

What are the Satiety and its effects in Tower of Fantasy

Satiety is the hunger system that denotes how hungry your character is which also directly affects their auto-recovery in the game. Whenever a character is not in battle and doesn’t have full Hp then the Satiety will automatically get reduced in order to heal the character.

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The Satiety level has a range from 0-100 and breaks into multiple breakpoints where recovery speed increases drastically. Satiety will also drop over time if you are not doing anything but at a much slower rate. The satiety bar can be found in the character menu just above the level bar.

Satiety LevelRecovery Speed
0No Auto Recovery
1-302% of Max Hp restored every 2 seconds 
31-603.5% of Max Hp restored every 2 seconds 
61-1005% of Max Hp restored every 2 seconds 

How to recover Satiety in the Tower of Fantasy

Food is the only source for recovering satiety and its main usage aside from that is in recovering health, and stamina and inducing your character with various boosts depending on the type of food. Keeping the satiety level of your character at higher levels is usually not required, as there is no penalty when it is low, aside from losing the auto recovery completely. However, before difficult battles like boss fights you should have that bar full so that you can have extra healing whenever necessary. 

Cooking Food from Scratch 

You can cook the food yourself but for that, you will need ingredients that can be obtained from the open world or bought directly from the merchants in the game. There are a lot of dishes in the game and some of them can even provide very unique effects depending upon the character that consumed them. 

Tower of Fantasy wallpaper, Tower of Fantasy, ToF
Image via Level Infinite

Some higher-grade dishes can inflict a long cooldown before you can eat them again, so make sure to stock up on lower-graded food so that you wouldn’t have to face such long cooldowns. In boss battles, you will need to recover health frequently so lower-grade food like Meat, Eggs or Mushrooms are the best choice for such scenarios.

Food Recipes

In order to cook a particular food, you will require a dedicated recipe that explains the ingredients required. Recipes can be obtained from various sources like progressing through the story or even from random experiments of combining various types of ingredients. When faced with difficult battles, boosts from food might become the key to your victory so keep your eye open for great recipes in the game that might synergize with a particular character.

Did you find our guide to the Satiety system in Tower of Fantasy useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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