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Tower of Fantasy: List of all Crown Mine Scenic Point locations

Guide to all the mines with their exact locations!

Tower of Fantasy is a vast, magical realm where you can find adventure at every turn. From quests to enemies and treasures; there’s no shortage in this expansive world. We are taking you to a small part of this expansive world: Crown Mine. There are a total of Four Crown Mine scenic point locations that can be found on the vast map of Tower of Fantasy.

Each one is pretty well hidden, and most players will only locate a handful of them. This guide provides detailed information on all four mines, including the exact location for each. It’s definitely worth taking the time to find them all, as doing so rewards players with Experience Points or Dark Crystals possession.

How to find all the Crown Mine Scenic Point locations in Tower of Fantasy

Here are all the crown mine scenic point locations in the game:

1. Miners’ Camp

TOF miner's camp
Image via Level Infinite

Miners Camp Spacerift is the location of the first Scenic Point. The Scenic Point is located at the lower level of the ravine, just north of the fast travel point, just go down the patch there and you will find it easily.

2. Parliament

Tower of Fantasy crown mine scenic point Parliament
Image via Level Infinite

In order to find Parliament, you must first navigate to The Lab Spacerift. After reaching Ruin D-01, simply climb the cliff located directly above it. Upon reaching the top, you’ll see a crystal with a point on it.

3. Research Lab

Tof Research lab
Image via Level Infinite

You can reach the area’s third Scenic Point by visiting its Omnium Tower. The point is located on a cliff at its base, facing the Area 4 Research Lab’s remains.

4. Lumina Crown Mine Scenic Point

TOF crown mine location lumina
Image via Level Infinite

Go into the Crown Mines and pass the Crescent Shores, the Lumina, and Mt. Woochy. You will see a very big mountain perched on the side of a cliff. When you reach this cliff edge, you’ll find the Scenic Point Interaction place.

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Crown Mine Scenic Point Locations guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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