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Tower of Fantasy: List of Vera Gold Nucleus Locations

Find all the Vera Gold Nucleus Locations with this guide!

Take your gaming skill in Tower of Fantasy to the next level with our comprehensive guide to Vera Gold Nucleus locations. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to dominate any opponent and rule the virtual realm. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, don’t miss out on these Gold Nucleus spots. Start your search and let’s go.

How to find Vera Gold Nucleus locations in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of 35 Gold Nucleus locations in Vera as stated in the in-game map. We have got all the locations divided into sections. Follow the list below.

Magma Liar, Silver coast Lab, and Evil’s Clutch Oasis

The north area of Vera is home to 11 Gold Locations that are scattered all over the Rock Pillar Gobi area. Players need to start from the area near Magma Liar and get three Gold Nucleus above Magma Liar. From there, players can get four Gold Nucleus locations surrounding the Billows Valley and Saltwater Oasis. 

Tower of Fantasy Magma Liar, Silvercoast Lab & Evil’s Clutch Oasis
Image via Level Infinite

The next two are present on the Silver coast Lab and the other one is on the east at Evil’s Clutch Oasis. The last two Gold Nucleus locations are available at Slater Canyon and players need to move east to find the last Gold Nucleus in the north area of the Vera Map.

Old Mirroria City Grounds, Karst Cave, and Mirroria Outpost

The three Gold Nucleus are close to each other and scattered around the area of Old Mirroria City Grounds. Then, players need to move east towards Karst Cave and collect the next two Gold Nucleus. To the South of Karst Cave, one Gold Nucleus location can be found moving along the way towards Mirroria Outpost.

TOF Old Mirroria City Grounds
Image via Level Infinite

The Last location here is just above the Mirroria Outpost. This makes a total of 7 Gold Nucleus present in the Sandstorm Land of Vera.

Mirroria and Silent Oasis

This middle area of Vera has 8 Gold Nucleus Locations for you. Starting from the center of Mirroria, players need to follow a curved path from the east of Mirroria and move North West to find the 6 Gold Nucleus Locations along the way.

Tower of Fantsy Mirroria & Silent Oasis
Image via Level Infinite

Now, go to the Silent oasis for your Next Gold Nucleus location. The last Gold Nucleus can be found in the southeast of the Silent oasis. The Mirroria and Silent Oasis has 8 Gold Nucleus locations.

Quicksand Belt

Tower of Fantasy Quicksand Belt
Image via Level Infinite

The area of Quicksand Belt has 9 Gold Nucleus locations. To get Gold Nucleus, roam on the Quicksand and underground caves to get all the Gold Nucleus.

Final Thoughts

Vera is a beautiful and dangerous world, full of mysteries waiting to be discovered. The Tower of Fantasy offers players a chance to explore the different areas of this world and collect valuable items. While some gold nucleus locations are well-known, others remain hidden. With careful exploration, every player can find these treasures and add them to their collection. Thank you for reading our guide on the Tower of Fantasy.

What are your thoughts on our Tower of Fantasy Vera Gold Nucleus Locations guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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