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Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Guide: Best matrices, team comps and materials required for leveling

Learn everything about Saki Fuwa!

Tower of Fantasy just released a new limited banner Simulacrum, Saki Fuwa, in the latest 2.0 Vera update. She is an Ice Defense-type weapon and is one of the few that uses dual swords and have two parts of her skill depending on her team resonance. Saki Fuwa can act both offence-wise (DPS) and also Defense (Shieldbreaker). She can easily break shields with her high Shatter and Fortitude Resonance buff. Furthermore, she is one of the few weapons that can utilize the Frost Resonance which increases frost attack and frost resistance by pairing with other Ice weapons. In this guide, we will learn more about Saki Fuwa in Tower of Fantasy and her abilities, her best matrices, team comps, and the materials required to level her up.

Learning about her abilities at the earliest may provide players with an edge since the game has rankings associated with rewards in nearly all content.

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Guide: Character Information

When Saki Fuwa appears in the story for the first time, everyone thinks she is a cold-hearted and unfriendly swordsman, which is given, by the way by which how she enforces law and order. She always put the missions of the Security Force first and is fully committed to the duty of guarding the denizens of Mirroia, showing no mercy on their attackers.  She is a fan of action TV shows and that has inspired Saki Fuwa to become a Special Forces Captain and protect the people around her with justice and valor.

Image via Level Infinite

One of the best fighters in Mirroria, Saki Fuwa uses her swords to defend Mirroria and its people time and time again. She is a master of “Super Flow” and outclasses warriors with bionic modifications. Saki Fuwa is a vicious rival in battle, and a devoted protector of the people of Mirroria, which makes it easy to forget that she is sixteen years old.

Saki Fuwa’s Weapon Information

Image via Level Infinite
  • Weapon Name: Heartstream
  • Resonance: Defense
  • Element: Ice
  • Shatter: 13.90
  • Charge: 8.00

Weapon Effects

Ice Shell

Fully charged weapons will freeze the target for 2 seconds and leave it frostbitten for 6 seconds. Breaking the ice shell causes additional damage equal to 151.00% of ATK. While frostbitten, the target’s weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.

Frost Resonance

Increase frost ATK by 15% and frost resistance by 25%. Activate by equipping 2 or more frost weapons. This set effect works in the off-hand slot. Cannot stack with effects of the same type.

Saki Fuwa Playstyle and Skillset Abilities

In this section of the Tower Fantasy guide, we will discuss the playstyle of Saki Fuwa and break down her skillset and abilities.

Name/ DescriptionType
Normal Attack Abilities 
    RagestreamAttack x 5
Launch 5 Heartstream attacks while on the ground.
Deal 42.5% of ATK + 2 damage to the target and slightly knock the target back.
Deal 29.5% of ATK + 2 damage to the target and slightly knock the target back.
Deal 45% of ATK + 2 damage to the target and slightly knock the target back.
Deal 70.6% of ATK + 4 damage to the target and slightly knock the target back.
  Deal 102.6% of ATK + 5 damage to the target and fly the target.
AirsplitJump + Attack x 5
While airborne or after jumping once, use normal attack to attack 5 times in a row.   Deal damage equal to 47.2% of ATK + 2.
  Deal damage equal to 43.7% of ATK + 2.
 Deal damage equal to 54.2% of ATK + 3.
  Deal damage equal to 76.9% of ATK + 4.
  Deal damage equal to 170.2% of ATK + 9.
  Excited Flow: VortexHold: Attack In the Excited Flow mode, tap and hold a normal attack to trigger the skill. Lunge forward with a swirling multi-attack, dealing a maximum of 199.5% of ATK + 11 damage.
    Silent Flow: BarrierHold: Attack In the Silent Flow mode, tap while launching normal attacks or tap and hold the normal attack to trigger the skill.
Hold the attack button to keep the Anticipation.
Release the button to deal 127.3% of ATK + 7 damage.
When received attacks during the attacking period, blocks 20% of your max HP.
   FrostfallJump + Hold: Attack
Tap and hold normal attack while airborne, or use normal attack while climbing, jumping backwards, or using the Jetpack with normal attack to trigger.
While falling, deal damage equal to 30.4% of ATK + 2 for each hit.
Upon landing, deal damage equal to 76% of ATK + 4 to nearby targets.
Dodge Abilities 
  DodgeDodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, reducing the speed of enemies within an area. It has become immune to hitstun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.
  Polar FrontArrow keys + Dodge + Attack
Tap normal attack during the short period after dodging forward.
Dash and turn around to attack the target, dealing damage equal to 277% of ATK + 15.
Skill and Discharge 
Excited Flow: Flashing Stream (Skill)Dash toward the target and temporarily immobilize enemies along the path, dealing delayed damage up to 445.3% of ATK + 23.
Cooldown: 30 seconds.
  Silent Flow: Concentrated Stream (Skill)Cast the Silent Flow skills to begin charging for up to 3 seconds, continuously taunting nearby targets and absorbing damage up to 60% of Max HP. At the end of the charge, deal frost damage equal to 408% of frost ATK + 50% of absorbed damage to targets, and 20% of the unconsumed value is converted to HP recovery.
Cooldown: 30 seconds.
    Passive (Skill)Enter Silent Flow when Fortitude Resonance is activated.
Excited Flow: Flashing Stream is replaced by Silent Flow: Concentrated Stream.
Enter Excited Flow when Fortitude Resonance is not activated.  
The Wanderer can gain Sword Shadow, which follows them around when using Saki Fuwa’s skills.
Sword Shadow will release Surge when the Wanderer uses Saki Fuwa’s branch skills or discharge skills, dealing ranged damage equal to 175% of frost ATK.
Cooldown of Surge: 10 seconds.
  While in Excited Flow: Sword Shadow will release Flow when the Wanderer deals damage with any weapon, which inflicts damage equal to 45% of frost ATK on the first hit target and recovers HP equal to 57% of the damage.
The maximum recovery each time cannot exceed 100% of ATK. Cooldown: 0.8 seconds.
  While in Silent Flow: After Sword Shadow releases Surge, the Wanderer obtains 3 blocks for 10 seconds, and the maximum block capacity cannot exceed 15% of Max HP.
Each successful block deals Counterattack damage equal to 225% of frost ATK to the target, and the shatter of Surge increases by 100% with an added taunt effect.
Heartlotus (Discharge)When the weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, remove all debuffs from the wielder and dash toward the target with a combo attack upon switching to this weapon, dealing damage equal to 536% of ATK + 28.

Saki Fuwa Simulacrum and her Awakening Traits

200Avatar: Saki Fuwa
600Log: Special Forces Captain
1200Trait (Saki Fuwa: Fortitude State) When HP is lower than 70%, increase all resistance by 40%.
2000Log: Super Flow
3000Log: Saki
4000Trait (Saki Fuwa: Guarding Sword) When HP is lower than 70%, increase all resistance by 40% with an extra 60% increased frost resistance. In the state of Silent Flow: After the sword shadow releases Surge and blocks an attack, the teammate with the lowest HP percentage will get 3 block abilities, not including yourself, lasting for 10 seconds. The maximum blocking damage does not exceed the teammate’s max HP.

Saki Fuwa’s Advancement Levels

Star LevelEffects
1* STARWhen Frost Resonance is activated, all weapon skill cooldowns are cleared every 5 times weapon skills are used, and the damage of Flow and Counterattack is doubled for the next 25 seconds.
2* STARIncrease the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 16%.
3* STARExcited Flow: Increase the damage of Sword Shadow: Surge to 350% of Frost ATK. Silent Flow: The cooldown of Sword Shadow: Surge becomes 5 seconds.
4* STARIncrease the current weapon’s base HP growth by 32%.
5* STARFreeze time and trigger Phantasia upon Surge hitting the target. Share cooldown with the Phantasia triggered by dodging.
6* STARUpon hitting a target with Surge, increase frost damage by 11% for 15 seconds. Upon triggering block with Sword Shadow, reduce the frost damage dealt by enemy targets by 25% for 12 seconds.

Saki Fuwa’s 3-star Advancement Level Awaken Skin

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa skin
Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Level-up Guide and Tips

Weapon LevelLevelling Materials Needed
Level 10400 Gold
Level 20Gold 400x, Icecore x2
Level 30Gold 800x, Icecore x2
Level 40Gold 1200x, Icecore x3, Nano Coating I x3
Level 50Gold 1600x, Icecore x3, Nano Coating I x3, Booster Frame I x3
Level 60Gold 2000x, Icecore x4, Nano Coating I x4, Booster Frame I x4
Level 70Gold 2400x, Icecore x6, Nano Coating I x6, Booster Frame I x6
Level 80Gold 2800x, Icecore x8, Nano Coating I x8, Booster Frame I x8
Level 90Gold 3200x, Icecore x11, Nano Coating l x11, Booster Frame I x11
Level 100Gold 3600x, Heart of Winter x5, Nano Coating lI x5, Booster Frame Il x5
Level 110Gold 4000x, Heart of Winter x6, Nano Coating Il x6, Booster Frame Il x6
Level 120Gold 4400x, Heart of Winter x8, Nano Coating Il x8, Booster Frame Il x8
Level 130Gold 4800x, Heart of Winter x11, Nano Coating lI x11, Booster Frame Il x11
Level 140Gold 5200x, Heart of Winter x15, Nano Coating Il x15, Booster Frame Il x15
Level 150Gold 5600x, Heart of Winter x20, Nano Coating llI x20, Booster Frame lI x20
Level 160Gold 6000x, Snowsource x5, Nano Coating llI x5, Booster Frame llI x5
Level 170Gold 6400x, Snowsource x5, Nano Coating Ill x5, Booster Frame Ill x5
Level 180Gold 6800x, Snowsource x5, Nano Coating llI x5, Booster Frame Ill x5
Level 190Gold 7200x, Snowsource x6, Nano Coating Ill x6, Booster Frame llI x6
Level 200Gold 7600x, Snowsource x6, Nano Coating llI x6, Booster Frame Ill x6

Saki Fuwa’s Gift Preference

Saki Fuwa will get additional points when she receives gifts that have the following traits: Metal Items, Everyday Items, and Vera.

Best Gifts for Saki Fuwa

  • Banges Specialty
  • Metal Alf Figurine
  • Music Box
  • Silver Cookware
  • Ultimate Warrior Otter
  • School Idol Albis
  • Angela Ornament
  • Aida Comic
  • Mirroria Toy Bricks
  • Tool Set
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Tailor Made Suit
  • Rabbit Throw Pillow
  • Vitamin Pack
  • Dumbbells
  • Wool Scarf
  • Moonflower Ornament

Best Matrices Build for Saki Fuwa in Tower of Fantasy

In this guide, we will discuss the best Matrices build for Saki Fuwa in Tower of Fantasy, along with all of their roles.

Support Role

Saki Fuwa can act as a full offense DPS role or don on being a dedicated Shieldbreaker role. She is best paired with another Ice element to activate the Ice Resonance which will provide an extra frost attack buff of 15% and increases their frost resistance by 25%. Saki Fuwa can also act as a good shatter weapon with her high shatter rate for Frost team compositions.  Using a combination of 2-piece of King and Shiro’s matrices can help with boosting Shatter damage.

DPS Role

As for a DPS role, her weapon stance changes according to the current resonance. Switching to a resonance other than the Fortitude resonance can have Saki Fuwa increase her Frost attack by 125% while also granting 57% health recovery when dealing damage. Her own dedicated 4-piece Saki Fuwa Matrix will help her boost her own Frost damage.

Saki Fuwa Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Set: When Frost Resonance gets triggered: Every 3 seconds, deal frost damage equal to 65%/80%/95%/110% of frost ATK to enemies within a 10-meter radius and apply the Icefrost effect: Inflict 5% slow effect that lasts for 3.5 seconds, freeze targets for 3 seconds at 3 stacks (does not apply to bosses), and increase frost damage taken by the target by 5% for 18 seconds. This Matrix’s effect is also active in the off-hand slot, but only the set with the highest star rating will take effect.
  • 4-piece Set: Attack the target 10 times to inflict a 12-second Flashfreeze mark. Flashfreeze: Increase frost damage dealt to the marked target by 11%/28%/31%/34%. This Matrix’s effect is also active in the off-hand slot, but only the set with the highest star rating will take effect.

Shiro Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Set: The set increases both damages and shatter to targets with more than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.
  • 4-piece Set: Upon entering battle, gain a 20%/25%/30%/35% damage boost for 35 seconds. Reset 5 seconds after exiting the battle.

King Matrix (SSR)

  • 2-piece Set: When a target is shattered, grant an 8% damage boost for 25 seconds. Only the highest level’s effect is applied when obtained repeatedly.
  • 4-piece Set: If there are 2 or more enemies nearby, attacks restore HP equal to 14% of the damage dealt, up to 36% of ATK every 0.5 seconds.

Saki Fuwa can also utilize other 2-piece matrices such as Samir (SSR) Matrix which provides a high damage buff which can be maintained due to her quick attacks or Crow (SSR) Matrix which provides a high damage boost upon having a high crit rate.

Best Team Comps for Saki Fuwa in Tower of Fantasy

In this guide, we will be discussing the best team compositions for Saki Fuwa in Tower of Fantasy.

PvE Team

DPS Frost Team: Saki Fuwa + Tsubasa + Frigg

This team comp utilizes Saki Fuwa’s Shieldbreaking kit while having Frigg and Tsubasa play more DPS roles. This team would have the Attack Resonance which would increase attack by 10%. Tsubasa would act as an opening in battles where she uses her charged shots and discharges. When the enemy produces a shield, switch to Saki Fuwa to break the shield rapidly.

Her Heartlotus discharge will remove all debuffs and deal damage. By using her Excited Flow: Flashing Stream skill, Saki will immobilize the enemies temporarily and deal delayed damage. With her high Shatter and Shieldbreaking skills, once the enemy loses their shield switch to Frigg as she deals a high amount of damage. King and/or Samir are good alternatives for Frigg/Tsubasa to fill in the DPS role.

PvP Team

Shatter Team: Saki Fuwa + Meryl + Nemesis

In this team comp, Saki Fuwa takes a more DPS approach along with Meryl while Nemesis supports. Both Saki Fuwa and Meryl are defense weapons which means they can activate the Fortitude Resonance which increases damage by 25% and increases shatter by 60%. This team utilizes both Meryl and Saki Fuwa’s shield-breaking abilities.

Saki’s quick attacks can easily break the enemy’s shield and stun them. Switching to Meryl and using her skill will deal AOE damage and prevent the enemy from escaping, by trapping them within the ice barrier. Nemesis acts as a crowd control weapon that can immobilize enemies with her Electrodes that have big AOE. Alternatively, Zero can act as a Support slot instead of Nemesis that decreases attack to the enemies and grants a shield to the wielder.  

What are your thoughts on our Saki Fuwa guide in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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