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Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa simulacrum set to debut on November 10, 2022

Saki Fuwa, the defender of Mirroria!

Tower of Fantasy has recently made an announcement on their official Twitter handle about the release of a new simulacrum, Saki Fuwa, The new character, dubbed as the master of “Super Flow” is making its way to the global version on November 10th, 2022.

Saki Fuwa brings amazing weapon effects to Tower of Fantasy

Saki Fuwa is known for her outclassing the warriors with bionic modifications and also as the best fighter of Mirroria. Previously, just like a few other simulacra and contents, Saki Fuwa was only available in the CN version of the game. But not anymore as she makes her way to the global version of the game.

Her weapon effects are also deemed awesome by the players. Ice shell, the effect when fully charged will freeze the target for 2 seconds and leave it frostbitten for 6 seconds. While frostbitten, the enemy’s weapon charge rate is reduced to 50% while breaking the ice shell causes 151% ATK damage. Here is a short rundown on the new character:

  • Height:157 cm
  • Birthday: 11th October
  • Weapon element: Ice
  • Weapon Name: Ryusen Toshin

Tower of Fantasy has been a growing title among the gacha titles rising this year. Initially, the game was released targeting players from the China region. But with increasing popularity, the game has made its way to the global release, which enables players from different regions to play also.

But because of the late release on the global field, the developers had a lot of content ready to be released to eradicate the gap between the global version and China version. However, with the increasing update of the global version, the gap is decreasing and the release of Saki Fuwa in the global version is also a part of it.

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