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Tower of Fantasy: The complete Bygone Phantasm Guide and Tips

Learn all you need to know about Bygone Phantasm and climb high ranks

Tower of Fantasy is the new open-world MMORPG made by Perfect World Entertainment and published by Level Infinite. Bygone Phantasm is a rank-based competitive mode where each player on a server gets a dedicated battlefield slot each week to contest against 100 other players for valuable rewards. It has a steep time limit for each level, which makes it one of the hardest solo content in the game and players get their rank based on the amount of floor clears and the time used. In this guide, we will cover all your questions related to Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy.

Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy

The newly-invented consciousness infiltration space by Hykros can extract the consciousness of an Executor and allow them to enter the consciousness of evil individuals such as the Hyenas and the Ravagers to break their aggressive consciousness and lower their overall aggression. However, it is highly risky, so please get prepared beforehand.

Enemies are randomly generated which means different players will face different line-ups of enemies on the same floor and the difficulty increases as more floors are cleared. There is a one-time milestone reward for clearing various levels and this mode is also a steady generator for gear upgrade materials like Advancement Modules and Booster Modules.

Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Every week you will see a Damage Bonus for particular weapons on the main screen, use them whenever possible since these weapons will get upgraded to max enhancement in the domain on top of the added damage bonus. Aside from that, reaching higher levels will also grant weapon enhancements to random weapons on a daily basis. Here are the exact details regarding the enhancements:

Level 1-100: SR1 x1 + SSR x 1, Level 101-300: SSR x2, Level 301-500: SSR x3, Level 500 and above: SSR x4

Shatter weapons are highly recommended because aside from the bosses all the Elite enemies have shields and a good amount of health, breaking their shields as fast as possible to maximize the damage is the top priority.

Image via Level Infinite

Since the battle only lasts for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you should aim to use a full DPS team and ditch the healing slot for an offensive weapon. Unless you are using the Volt meta team in some variation in that case using Nemesis is great. AOE weapons are also a great choice to shred enemies altogether.

Best teams to use in Bygone Phantasm

The combination of 2 DPS and 1 Shieldbreaker or high shatter character is the way to go for this mode. You should test your best characters and try to make your own composition and rotations since the meta SSR characters are not that easy to get for a lot of players. You can also make teams based on the below meta teams of respective elements.

Volt Teams

  • Nemesis + Samir + King
  • Nemesis + Crow + King

Ice Meta

  • Frigg + Meryl + Tsubasa
  • Frigg + Meryl + Coco

Bygone Phantasm Rankings reset and Rewards

The rank reset will occur at the start of the new week on Monday according to your time zone and you will be demoted by a small margin based on your last ranking. The demotion is simply reducing the last digit of your ranking to zero, ex- if last week’s rank was 87 then the new rank will be 80.

Battlefield of elites
Image via Level Infinite

When the new week starts you will be able to claim your weekly rewards based on last week’s rank. The following table details the ranking rewards for all ranks in Battlefield of Champions and Battlefield of Elites. The Trail of Hykros does not have such rewards.

Battlefield of Champions

1x52 Booster Module, x6 Advancement Module, x680 Energy Crystal Dust
2x52 Booster Module, x5 Advancement Module, x580 Energy Crystal Dust
3x48 Booster Module, x5 Advancement Module, x550 Energy Crystal Dust
4-5x44 Booster Module, x5 Advancement Module, x520 Energy Crystal Dust
6-10x44 Booster Module, x4 Advancement Module, x400 Energy Crystal Dust
11-20x40 Booster Module, x4 Advancement Module, x380 Energy Crystal Dust
21-100x36 Booster Module, x4 Advancement Module, x360 Energy Crystal Dust

Battlefield of Elites

1x36 Booster Module, x4 Advancement Module, x360 Energy Crystal Dust
2x36 Booster Module, x3 Advancement Module, x320 Energy Crystal Dust
3x32 Booster Module, x3 Advancement Module, x305 Energy Crystal Dust
4-5X28 Booster Module, x3 Advancement Module, x290 Energy Crystal Dust
6-10x28 Booster Module, x2 Advancement Module, x250 Energy Crystal Dust
11-20x24 Booster Module, x2 Advancement Module, x235 Energy Crystal Dust
21-100x20 Booster Module, x2 Advancement Module, x220 Energy Crystal Dust

Bygone Phantasm Battlefields

Bygone Phantasm also has specific battlefields to further separate the various levels of players based on their ranks and performance each week. The rewards for various battlefields are also different whereas the Battlefield of Champions has superior amounts of rewards as compared to Trial of Hyksos.

  • Trial of Hykros: Players that have not cleared a single level in the previous week will be automatically assigned to this battlefield. However, if they do play in the current week they will get promoted to the Battlefield of Elites.
  • Battlefield of Elites: At the start of the weekly reset, the top 10 players in the Battlefield of Elites will advance into the Battlefield of Champions.
  • Battlefield of Champions:  At the start of the weekly reset, the last 10 players in the total ranking of 100  will get demoted to Battlefield of Elites.

Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm Guide: Tips and Tricks

From a personal opinion and spending a lot of time in the game, here are the best tips for the Bygone Phantasm game mode to guide players that will help them spark on the battlefield.

  • Trigger Phantasia as much as possible, this is the free window where you can unleash your arsenal without caring about the enemies.
  • Try to group enemies together and break their shield, because once the shield is broken most if not all of the Elite enemies will get stunned and won’t be able to move. Use your abilities and damage them as much as possible and repeat.
  • Use your relics carefully since they can change the tide of battle in your favor. Relics like Confinement, Magnetic Storm, and Spacetime Rift have very powerful crowd control abilities and with higher advancements unlock buffs and debuffs which can make battles easy and allow you to win.
  • Take advantage of various food buffs when you get stuck in particular levels, food buffs can increase your combat capability by a lot and might ensure your victory.

This mode not only requires decent characters and matrices but also requires player skills, the usual strategy for clearing higher floors is as simple as it can get aside from using great movement and high-level attack tactics.

Did you find our guide on Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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