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Tower of Fantasy: The complete Grayspace guide

Explore the alternative dimension easily!

Tower of Fantasy recently released the Vera 2.0 update where various new regions have been added to discover and explore for the first time in the Global Servers. Vera, a massive and vast desert region, has an alternative dimension that players can fully explore called Grayspace in Tower of Fantasy.

Grayspace as the name suggests is just an alternative dimension of the Vera region where appearance-wise it is greyed and looks dulled out. Grayspace has its own exploration progress to finish and regional Bosses to fight off. So in this guide, we will be explaining and guiding you through the new vast alternative region of Grayspace. 

How to enter the Grayspace in Tower of Fantasy

Here are the requirements to enter the Grayspace dimension:

  • Players need to be at least Level 74 and/or above.
  • Must have a minimum of 40% progress completion of the Vera region.

The only way to enter the Grayspace is through these green portals called ‘Grayspace Fissures’. Every day, players can access a total of six of these green portals that are randomized in their respective locations around the Vera map. Be advised, once you teleport to the portal and enter the Grayspace, you cannot teleport away or die in that dimension, or else you will be automatically kicked out of the Grayspace area. The Grayspace Fissures have a one-time usage once you enter the Grayspace area and you have only a total of 8 minutes to explore, so players are advised to utilize the time as much as possible. 

TOF Grayspace Scriptures
Image via Level Infinite

Additionally, there is another method to access the Grayspace Fissures in your desired location. Tower of Fantasy will be providing an item called ‘Grayspace Scriptures’ to the players. These items are used to enter the Grayspace in any location simply by placing them where you are currently positioned on the Vera map.

It will then place the green fissure portal at your exact location. Note that ‘Grayspace Scriptures’ are limited items and it is recommended to only make use of them when players encounter Grayspace bosses and need to teleport to their locations.

How to complete the Graspace exploration progress in Tower of Fantasy

As you only get six chances to enter Grayspace (not counting the Grayspace Scriptures) each day, you will have a total of 48 minutes to fully explore the region. Just like every other region, Grayspace also has an Exploration Progress to complete.

Tof Grayspace Exploration Progress
Image via Level Infinite

Grayspace is full of items to collect such as Purple Crystal Dust and Gold Crystal Dust. There is also a total of 21 Space Rifts. A number of enemies will spawn around the Rift to kill. Once you defeat the enemies and close the Space Rift you will obtain various rewards including Gold Nucleus and old Vera Coins.  

As the Grayspace Fissures are randomized, players are advised to keep track of their exploration progress and the areas where they have explored already. We recommend using 3rd party websites such as this Tower of Fantasy World Anvil interactive map, to manually track your progress and items you have farmed in Grayspace. The website pinpointed all the locations of the Crystal Dust and Space Rifts to find on the map. 

How to fight Grayspace enemy world bosses

Grayspace has three World Bosses to fight so far: Puppet Singer, Abyssant Devourer, and Abyssant Weaver. Note that Grayspace regions cannot have other players team up and you cannot let other players join you as a Team. So for the Bosses, players have to fight and defeat them all solo. Once you defeat the bosses, a red rift will show up around the area where you can claim your rewards

The Puppet Singer

Tower of Fantasy Grayspace Puppet singer
Image via Level Infinite

The Puppet Singer is a boss located around the boss area where ‘Rudolph’ is in. Recently added in the 2.0 patch, this boss can be fought at both Joint Operations and as a World Boss in Grayspace. The boss has a weakness to Volt and Physical damage and can be easily defeated if players bring long-range weapons into the battle. Make sure to keep a certain distance while fighting. Recommended weapons: Samir, Claudia, Shiro, Nemesis, Crow. 

Abyssant: Weaver

TOF Abyssant Weaver
Image via Level Infinite

Abyssant: Weaver is located around the boss area of ‘Magma’. It has a weakness to both Fire and Ice elements so it is highly recommended that players use weapons such as Meryl, Tsubasa, King, Zero, and Frigg

Abyssant: Devourer

The Abyssant: Devourer is located at the very south of the Vera map around a large vast of empty sand. It won’t be too hard to locate the giant boss because it is easily noticeable in the sky as it flies around. As it stands, this boss is the hardest one to defeat especially since it is a solo run.

TOF Abyssant Devourer
Image via Level Infinite

Players absolutely need long-range weapons as it is the only way to deal damage to the Abyssant Devourer. Recommended Weapons: Samir and Tsubasa. Samir and Tsubasa can aim and inflict damage on the boss as it flies. Adding another DPS in the weapon roster can also boost damage dealt by 10%. 

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