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Tower of Fantasy version 2.5 update Hide & Seek Deepsea Event Guide and Tips

Participate to get exciting rewards!

Tower of Fantasy has released its newest update Version 2.5 which has several upcoming Events and playable Simulacrums up its sleeve. One of the latest Events is called the Hide and Seek Event which is taking place in the Deepsea area this time. The event duration is from May 17, 2023, 08:00:00 PM – June 01, 2023, 04:00:00 PM. Here is a quick guide and tips on how to play in the new Hide and Seek: Deepsea Event in Tower of Fantasy. 

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.5 – Hide & Seek Deepsea: Event Overview

This event has a total of 3 Stages: The preparation Stage, the Hiding Stage and finally Searching Stage. 

1. Preparation Phase

Participants are invited to access the event through the corresponding screen, where they will have the opportunity to disclose their identities within the designated countdown period. You will get a total of 50 seconds to make your decision and choose. At this point, they are presented with a choice: they may opt to assume the role of an esteemed Optical Agent / Seeker (Blue) or assume the guise of a discreet Concealed Operative / Hider (Red).

Tower of Fantasy Hide & Seek Deepsea event
Image via Level Infinite

Choose wisely and go read through the Skills of both roles to make yourself familiar with the game. If multiple individuals aspire to become Optical Agents, two fortunate players will be selected by random. However, should there be no volunteers for this role, two Optical Agents will be designated randomly from the pool of all participants.

2. Hiding Phase

After the Preparation Phase, we get into the next stage which is the Hiding Phase. Once the game starts, the esteemed Optical Agents will find themselves confined within the confines of the ready area for a predetermined duration (45 Seconds).

hiding phase
Image via Level Infinite

Simultaneously, all Concealed Operatives will be discreetly relocated outside the ready area. Their objective is to locate suitable hiding spots, seamlessly morph into various objects, or skillfully blend into their surroundings, employing their ingenuity to remain undetected by the vigilant Optical Agents. 

3. Searching Phase

Following the Hiding Phase, the search and pursuit stage will commence as the Seekers try to capture as many of the Hiders as possible in the predetermined duration they were given (300 seconds). The skilled Optical Agents are tasked with diligently scouring the area, aiming to successfully apprehend all Concealed Operatives within a prescribed timeframe.

If the Optical Agents, along with their trusted Agent’s Assistants, manage to capture all the Concealed Operatives within the allocated time, victory will be claimed by the diligent Seekers team. Conversely, if any Concealed Operatives remain uncaptured, the triumph will be attributed to the cunning Concealed Operatives and their counterparts, the Concealed Viruses.

Tower of Fantasy Hide & Seek Deepsea event
Image via Level Infinite

The first two Concealed Operatives who are captured have the option to choose themselves with the Agent’s cause as the Agent’s Assistants, or they can opt to embrace their covert nature as Concealed Viruses. However, the Concealed Operatives who are apprehended as the fourth to sixth individuals have the sole possibility of joining the ranks of the Concealed Viruses.

Agent’s Assistants possess the role of aiding the Searching Agent in tracking down other Hidden Operatives, though they are not permitted to directly capture them. On the other hand, Concealed Viruses specialize in supporting Hidden Operatives by utilizing their unique skills to interfere with the Searching Agent and other Agent’s Assistants.

Tower of Fantasy Hide & Seek Deepsea Event: Settlement Rewards

Rewards are divided into Result Rewards and Role Rewards. 

  • Optical Agent: Rewards for winning and losing, plus rewards for the number of operatives captured. As long as they capture a good amount of operatives, the rewards will be handsome even if they don’t win.
settlement rewards
Image via Level Infinite
  • Concealed Operative/Concealed Virus/Agent’s Assistant: Rewards for winning and losing, plus rewards for the duration of time survived. The longer they stay alive, the better the rewards are. When captured, they should help their teammates win. 

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.5 – Hide & Seek Deepsea Event: Roles Explained

Team Concealed

Both Concealed Operatives and Concealed Viruses are the hiding team in the game. Concealed Operatives become Concealed Viruses after being caught by the Optical Agents and choosing their role afterward. 

1. Concealed Operatives

Concealed Operatives are the Hiders during the match where they will get a total of 45 Seconds to find a suitable position to either morph, hide or camouflage themselves from the Seekers. Afterward, they have to survive and not be caught for 300 seconds to win the match. Concealed Operatives can use two abilities called Skills to further help them during the match.

Tower of Fantasy Hide & Seek Deepsea event
Image via Level Infinite
  • Transformation: You can transform into a certain item in the area. Tap it again to cancel the Transformation. 
  • Invisibility: Becomes Invisible on the point. Moving or getting scanned will make them visible again

2. Concealed Viruses

Concealed Viruses are part of the Concealed Operative’s Assistants where they help by trying to make them win in the match and deter the opposing Seekers from finding them. The role is only enabled once you are caught as an Operative and have the option to choose your role of helping your fellow Operatives or the Agents. Just like the Concealed Operatives, you use two abilities called Skills to further help them during the match: 

  • Speed Boost: Increase the speed of Concealed Operatives who are within a certain distance by 30% for 10s. 
  • Confinement Space: Create a space that only blocks the Optical Agent and Agent’s Assistants on the point. 

Team Agents

Both Optical Agents and Agent’s Assistants are tasked with the Seeker’s team. Concealed Operatives become Agent’s Assistants after being caught by Optical Agents and choosing the Assistant role afterward. 

3. Optical Agents

For Optical Agents, they have to find every Operative in the vicinity within the given time of 300 seconds. During the Hiding Phase, they are confined by a barrier and can only observe the Operatives through the barrier. The Agents can use two abilities called Skills to further help them during the match.

  • Scanner: Scan a certain area centered on themselves. The color will change, and special effects will pop up when there are Concealed Operatives within the area, granting a speed boost to the Optical Agent. 
  • Electromagnetic Trap: Use an AoE Skill over a small area centered on themselves. Concealed Operatives will be eliminated once getting hit by this skill. 

4. Agent’s Assistants

After Operatives are captured they can choose the role of either Agents or Concealed. Agents Assistants can only assist the Optical Agent in hunting down other Hidden Operatives, but they are not allowed to catch others directly. They can also use two abilities called Skills to further help them during the match.

  • Fake Scanner: Scan certain areas centered on themselves. The color will change special effects will pop up when there are Concealed Operatives within the area. 
  • Speed Reduction: Create an area on the point that reduces the speed of Concealed Operatives by 50%. 

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.5 – Hide & Seek Deepsea: Event Rewards

Tower of Fantasy Hide & Seek Deepsea event
Image via Level Infinite

After finishing one match, you will be assigned several Event Currencies called Camo Coins based on your performance during the game. With those Camo Coins, you will be able to exchange them for various rewards and items in the Store. Here is a list of the number of different rewards players can obtain through the Store: 

  • Dark Crystal ×100 
  • Red Nucleus 
  • Avatar Frame: Brilliant Alloy      
  • Mechbird: Head             
  • Mechbird: Torso            
  • Core Control Module    
  • Augmentation Factor    
  • Energy Crystal Dust x100            
  • Spacetime Crystal Fragments    
  • SSR Relic Shard Box       
  • SR Relic Shard Box         
  • Joint Supply Chip I         
  • Mira ×100          
  • Cluster              
  • Weapon Augmentation Box II    
  • Weapon Augmentation Box I     
  • Gold ×1,000      
  • Weapon Battery III        
  • Matrix Data Pack III       
  • Elemental Ore Box         
  • Elemental Ore Shard Box            
  • Mechbird: Legs (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Mechbird: Core (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Core Control Module (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Augmentation Factor (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Fortress Microreactor (Spend 8,000 tokens)
  • Red Nucleus (Spend 8,000 tokens)

There is a limit of 1,200 Camo Coins on the first day of the Event, increasing by 1,200 every day up to 16,800 Camo Coins at the end.

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.5 Hide & Seek Deepsea event guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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