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Tower of Fantasy Vitality Guide: How to get, best use, and more

How to utilise and manage Vitality!

Vitality is the energy system in the Tower of Fantasy. It is the same as the energy system in other games in which energy is required to undertake certain quests to earn more of certain other resources. Vitality is similar to Resin in Genshin Impact

Players start with a fixed amount of Vitality. Players use Vitality to claim rewards after completing certain quests. Different types of tasks require different amounts of Vitality. Vitality is restored over time but players can stack up to only 180. And the rate of regeneration of Vitality is 1 vitality per 8 min.

How to obtain Vitality in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned above, every player can get more Vitality over time. But the regeneration rate is very slow. But players can get more of Vitality in exchange for Black Crystals.

Tower of Fantasy Vitality
Image via Level Infinite

It is advised to players not to use Black Crystals for vitality because Black Crystals are used for getting the Nucleus for ordering weapons. Also, Vitality is a very important resource in the games. So, players should always try that Vitality is never capped.

Where to spend Vitality in Tower of Fantasy

Once players have defended the shelter from the Ravagers, a lot of PvE-related content is unlocked where players have to spend Vitality to get the rewards. After reaching level 20, players can use Vitality in multiplayer quests as well. The multiplayer quests are unlocked gradually as players are leveling up.

  • Joint Operations: Unlocked at level 20
  • Interstellar Exploration: Unlocked at level 21
  • Dimensional Trails: Unlocked at level 23
  • Omnium Beacon: Unlocked at level 28
  • Spacetime Domain: Unlocked at level 29

Tips to spend Vitality for beginners

Early in the game players should concentrate on leveling up their weapons. So, for getting weapon level-up materials, players should concentrate on:

  • Dimensional Trails
  • Interstellar Exploration
Tower of Fantasy Vitality
Image via Level Infinite

Omnium Beacons are not safe as other players in your channel might steal those. Also, Spacetime Domain provides gold. And gold is not such a rare item. Players can also obtain weapon Matrices and equipment from Joint Operations.

Tower of Fantasy Vitality
Image via Level Infinite

But if players at lower levels can try lower levels of Joint Operations and these don’t have good drop rates of higher quality materials. Hence, players should use Vitality in Joint Operations only after attaining higher levels themselves like after level 50.

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