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Blue Archive: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Rerolling on the global version is as simple as it gets!

Blue Archive is a new gacha game released by the Korean developer Nexon on the global scene. The RPG features fully voiced characters along with their live 2D animations, from PvP to raids. The story makes you take on the role of a Sensei in the mysterious city of Kivotos, where girls with guns and ammunition roaming around the street are not a strange sight. Interact with them, hold lessons, and know about their story and uncover the truth for what is your role in all this. With Blue Archive launched just recently, we bring you a reroll guide in hopes to help you out.

How to reroll efficiently in Blue Archive

  • Start the game with a Guest Account, make sure to not use any other type of account.
  • Make your way through the tutorial until you get to the summoning window, you will be given a free 10x recruit chance, this summoning will always have at least one guaranteed 3-star character.
  • Continue and finish the tutorial, after that claim your rewards from the mailbox, due to various maintenance and celebration rewards there should be enough to do at least 40+ pulls.
  • Move on to the ‘recruit’ window.
  • In the requirement window, there should be three banners in total, two rate-up banners, where rates are up for a specific character. And the regular banner, where rates are the same for everyone i.e. all characters have the same chance of being summoned. 
  • Now the top tier units that are absolutely meta for PvP and Raids are Iori and Hibiki, to pull them it’s better to try in the regular banner. They are also available in the rate-up banners but you might get the rate-up characters instead of them if you try there. 
Blue Archive Reroll Guide
Recruit window
  • Iori + Hibiki + one more 3-star character is a sweet spot to stop rerolling, you can also aim for different characters but for meta characters, Iori and Hibiki will make content pushing a lot easier.
  • Use your pulls wherever you feel like or whichever character you are aiming for.
  • If you didn’t get what you wanted then reset the account otherwise bind if you are satisfied with the reroll.
Blue Archive Reroll Guide
Iori and Hibiki

How to reset the account in Blue Archive

Unlike many gacha games, the developers have made the game very reroll friendly and given a very simple way to reset the account. Reset an account by using the following steps:

  • Click on the menu button at the very top-right corner of the screen from the lobby.
  • Tap on Account and then find the Reset Account option.
  • Type the words ‘Blue Archive’ and hit confirm.
  • This will take you back to the login screen, select the guest account and continue from there.

How to bind your game account in Blue Archive

Blue Archive Reroll Guide
How to bind account

To bind an account, just go to the account settings menu and find the bind option. From here you can link to a Google account or a Nexon account or any other, make sure to claim the reward for binding the account from the mailbox.

Did you find our reroll guide for Blue Archive helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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