MONOPOLY GO! May 2024: List of Events, Tournaments, and Rewards

Hay in May!

MONOPOLY GO! is the latest take on the classic board game we all still play and enjoy: buy, sell, build, and rent out real estate. From the game’s fabulous events for players to shortcuts that will help you rake in more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money, let me tell you, the game doesn’t fail to impress. With all the events and tournaments happening every month, some mini-events being spectacular with amazing rewards and multipliers, there are plenty of chances to obtain the rewards. Noting them down, I’ll map out the events and tournaments that are coming this May 2024 in MONOPOLY GO! in this article.

MONOPOLY GO May 2024 Events and Tournaments

Each event and tournament will include a series of mini-events to give you extra rewards, which is a common feature we often encounter. Mega Heist, Free Parking Cash event, Cash GrabRent FrenzyHigh Roller, and others are examples. You will also have Quick Wins and Daily Treats features, which offer additional rewards.

Stay tuned in the main menu to catch any minigames that might help you get an extra reward. This will provide you with more perks to enjoy all the best that the game has to offer for you.


Here is a compilation of the events that have arrived or are scheduled for May 2024.

1. Full Bloom

Monopoly Go Full Bloom Event Cover
Image via Scopely

The first event of the month was Full Bloom, which was a rehash of the already existing event. Running for two days, it came with 6500 Dice Rolls on offer with 41 milestones.

2. Nocturnal Treasures

The month’s first dig event arrived with Nocturnal Treasures, which gifted Wild Stickers, a Nocturnal Elegance Shield, and a Chubby Cheeks Board Token with your usual dice and cash rewards.

3. Fiesta Loca

Fiesta Loca solo event featured 49 Milestones and offered a total of 14,605 dice rolls alongside around 600 Pickaxe Tokens 

4. Lucha Libre Loot

Lucha Libre Loot offered one of the highest in terms of rewards, offering a total of 20,405 dice rolls for 43 Milestones.

5. All You Can Win

MONOPOLY GO All You Can Win Event Cover
Image via Scopely

All You Can Win arrived with 50 Milestones16,310 dice rolls, and around 800 Peg-E Tokens.

6. Chef’s Journey

Chef’s Journey arrived at the game with 49 Milestones14,575 dice rolls, and around 800 Peg-E Tokens on offer.

7. Scrap Yard Riches

Scrap Yard Riches had Robo Partners event tokens, alongside 49 Milestones and 13,520 dice rolls on offer.


Below is the list of tournaments that arrived or are scheduled in May 2024.

1. Green Thumb Contest

A rehash of the previously arrived Green Thumb was the first tournament of the month, offering 3440 Dice Rolls for 25 Milestones.

2. Butterfly Sky

Monopoly Go Butterfly Sky cover
Image via Scopely

The next tournament was Butterfly Sky, and running for a day, it followed a similar pattern as Green Thumb.

3. Great Guac Off

Running twice this month, the Great Guac Off tournament arrived with 30 Milestones with an award of 4,000 Dice Rolls and close to 100 Pickaxe tokens.

4. Salsa Contest

Boasting more rewards, the Salsa Contest offered 4,170 Dice Rolls for 30 Milestones and close to 100 Pickaxe Tokens. This event also ran twice.

5. Culinary Stars

MONOPOLY GO Culinary Stars Tournament Cover, MONOPOLY GO May 2024 Tournaments
Image via Scopely

Culinary Stars had 30 Milestones, with 3110 dice rolls on offer including one big milestone at the end promising 1300 Dice Rolls.

6. Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice had a similar pattern to Culinary Stars, with 30 Milestones, offering Peg-E tokens and 3110 dice rolls.

7. Stroller Showdown

Stroller Showdown offered 30 Milestones with 3110 dice rolls.

8. Circuit Champs

Circuit Champs gave us 30 Milestones, with 4390 dice rolls, with Robo Partners Event tokens.

9. Constructor Clash

Constructor Clash brings some hefty dice rolls,with 6,210 dice rolls on offer for 30 Milestones.

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