Trivia Royale Guide: 5 tips to continuously win

If you are a fan of trivia games, you know how great it feels to score round after round. If you are a competitive worm, you know how great it feels to win times in a row. Trivia Royale brings both to the table by throwing your head to head against 1000 other players. With only the most enlighted one get out of this colosseum of brains. Are you fulfilled with enough knowledge to just jump into the app and take your crown or you are a competitive gambler looking for your chances? Either way, follow the next 5 tips to guide you to win continuously at Trivia Royale and be the next on the royal lounge.

1. Strengthen your weaknesses

The time spent needs to focus more on weakness than on strengths when facing trivia tests. You will gain much more lead by not choosing the wrong answer than choosing the right answer faster. (Although some extra speed points may pay off down the line).

tip to win at trivia royale number one relay on the photo of a list of topics for the trivia quiz

Focus on the least desirable topic of the list, and skirmish against other people to sharpen your glossary of the object. Once you feel like you have got the spirit, train the next one.

2. Take your shots

Every royale battle takes 1 entry from you. However, those entries refill at each hour. The tests you take are completely random, and sometimes you might get on a lucky streak and win all.

tip to win at trivia royale number three relays on the available powerups on the game

Point being, you won’t lose much testing your knowledge whenever you have an entry, and each failure will open more space for improvement while waiting for a refill.

3. Take no risks

Some of your best friends on the game will be your 50/50 power and the correct answer power. Those two tools do as the name says: The 50/50 will take out two wrong answers and leaving you with two choices, whereas the green power will instantly give you the right answer.

tip to win at trivia royale number 4 relays using chat options to confuse your enemy

Bear in mind that the last round out of five will always give you double points, and going all-in will always pay off even if only to upgrade your level a little further.

4. Enter your opponent’s mind

May sound strange, but if your opponent is unfocused, their chance of slipping or miss clicking will drastically increase. On that matter, using the chat mischieve can and potentially will make your life easier by leaving you with only yourself to compete, while your opponent fights his thoughts.

This also means will need to sustain your focus to not let your own spell be cast against you. If you send something and end up not getting the answer right, remain calm, relaxed, and alert for the next question.

5. Take it easy

Even though the royal lounge may be a good look for you to flex, do not stress a lot about it. After all, you are on the game to relax and show your variety of knowns. As said before, you have to keep it cool in order to be able to focus and access your brain library.

A cool mind and these tips to guide you to win in Trivia Royale are all you need to maintain your win rate high.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this Trivia Royale Guide useful.

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