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Unknown Knights The Complete Team Composition Guide and Tips

Make the best team and win every battle!

Unknown Knights is a very captivating game and unique due to its pixelated designs. In this game, you can set on adventures by growing a wide variety of knights. Moreover, you will need a team to carry out challenges at each stage for which you will require a strong team, that is a lineup. This lineup must have the correct composition because they can combine, both through their powers and skills. In this article, we will discuss what kind of team is good in terms of managing the composition of a team in Unknown Knights. This Unknown Knights team composition guide will give you all the details regarding the best teams.

If you’re new to the game, check out our beginner’s guide to start smoothly. Also, check out our tier list to get insights into the best knights. Don’t forget to check out the available redeem codes for rewards.

How to form the perfect Team in Unknown Knights

Novice Team

Heroes from this novice team include those that new players of Unknown Knights can obtain in the game’s beginning:

  • Reon
  • Natasha
  • Vento
  • Ryo
  • Tineh

In this team, Reon and Ryo will be the main heroes because of the warrior and assassin combination. Next, Natasha with her water and sniper skills will be a great partner for them. Following her Vento with the wind and the powers of a mage will enhance the total team.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG novice team
Image via CookApps

At last, Tineh with her fire skills will provide great support to the team. The combination provides a MAX HP of around 4000 with a 7% Critical Hit.

Early Game Team

You can utilize the composition below if you want a team that can always utilize many skills at once:

  • Tristan
  • Ravia
  • Elronde
  • Amber
  • Bjorn

In this composition, Tristan and Amber act as the core heroes. Both have great sniper skills and the combination of earth and light makes the team more intense. The team will be backed by Bjorn and Ravia.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG early team
Image via CookApps

The assassin characteristic combined with the tank skill enhances the team. At last, Elronde with his wind skills will provide great support to the team. The combination provides a MAX HP of around 7000 with 100 Defensive Power. Overall it’s a more compact team.

Late Game Team

This composition’s utilization of heroes from the light and dark sides makes it more complex than the previous ones.

  • Lilith
  • Desmos
  • Metal
  • Eclipse
  • Trinich

In this team, Lilith and Eclipse are the core heroes. Both are from the dark category and the mage and assassin duo can easily destroy enemies at ease. With them, the machine and sniper-type Metal will be good partners.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG late team
Image via CookApps

Desmos is another member of the team because of his dark and warrior nature. The whole team will be supported by Trinich making the team bond strong. The combination provides a Penetration Power of around 100 with a 7% Critical Hit.

Final Thoughts

When managing the team’s composition, it’s important to pay attention to the energy you have access to. In addition, don’t forget to look at the group your opponent utilizes and exploit its weaknesses as much as you can.

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