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Unknown Knights Beginners Guide and Tips

Create strong knights and defeat all enemies!

Unknown Knights is a thrilling mobile game that takes players on a nostalgic journey through a top-notch fantasy world. Players will be transported to the era of role-playing games thanks to the game’s retro-inspired gameplay and pixelated graphics. This Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG beginners guide article will help any newbies to get accustomed to the game and make the start of the game much easier.

If you’re new to the game, check out our team composition guide and our tier list to get insights for the best knights and tips to start smoothly. Don’t forget to check out the available redeem codes for rewards.

Unknown Knights gameplay basics

Players assume the role of a brave knight in the game as they complete quests, battle scary opponents, and explore a wide and immersive universe. The game has a deep storyline that develops as players evolve, a variety of difficult opponents to take down, and a vast range of weapons and skills to master. Players can level up their characters at every level, unlocking new skills and abilities that can help them in overcoming very difficult tasks.

Upgrade the Knights to make them powerful

When you fight an enemy, you must have knights fighting for you. Therefore, your knights should be powerful enough to resist dying in the presence of any enemy. Hence, you should level up your heroes and knights before attempting to strengthen them. Using the gold coins and exp scrolls you won by playing this game, level them up.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG overview
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You can level up your hero as soon as you have enough gold coins and exp scrolls. The knight’s overall fighting power will rise as it levels up, and as its stats rise as well, the knight will become more powerful. The best technique to enhance your knight’s abilities is to equip it with a weapon. Your knight gets highly strong when you give it the best stats because its weapon is superior to the basic one.

Transcendence is the next strategy to make your knights stronger. You can raise the star tier of the knights through the transcendence process. By using the transcendence method, you can raise your knight from the two-star tier into the three-star tier.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG enhance knights
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When it is finished, the knight’s maximum health condition, attack, and battle power all improve. But to upgrade the star tier, you will require a specific number of the same knight’s fragments. The star tier of the characters can be raised to even five stars. As a result, your knights will be the strongest among all others.

Perform Combat and completing the Adventure mode

The Adventure mode is one of the biggest modes in the game, Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG. There are numerous chapters in the adventure mode, each with a unique chapter stage. You may see the awards that you will earn by finishing the corresponding chapter stage before beginning each chapter stage.

You can earn a maximum of three stars in each stage, and depending on how many stars you have at the end, you will receive rewards. Therefore, completing chapter stages will let you get three stars and receive the greatest benefits from each chapter stage.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG adventure
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You may also see the monsters you’ll encounter during the chapter stage. You should establish your fighting team and assign the knights to it before starting a level in adventure mode since the stronger the team composition, the simpler it will be to win. Every battle here will cost you some bread which is the currency.

Each combat has a set amount of time, and your goal is to end it by eliminating the opponents before that time runs out. The heroes you assign to the team will immediately launch attacks on the enemies. The only thing you can do in this situation is to use their ultimate skills once they are prepared. However, if you reach a certain point in the gameplay, you can make the entire procedure in combat automatic, removing the need for manual use of the ultimate talent. As a result, All actions will be taken automatically.

Complete the Newbie Missions

The beginner quest in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG is a fantastic way for new players to begin their adventure. Each of the four steps in the beginner mission teaches players to various aspects of the game. Players are charged with eliminating a specific number of creatures in the initial phase of the beginner assignment, which focuses on combat. The goal of this step is to teach players how to handle their character in battle and to become used to the fighting mechanics of the game.

Players are introduced to the game’s equipment system in the second phase of the beginner mission, requiring them to equip particular items of equipment to advance. Players can learn ways to upgrade their character’s gear in this level to enhance their skills and increase their strength.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG newbie mission
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In the third step of the newbie mission, players are required to explore various locations of the game world and gather particular goods, which focuses on exploration. This process aids players in developing an understanding of the game’s universe and its many settings.

The fourth and final stage of the beginner assignment teaches players the club structure of the game. The aim for players is to join a guild and work with other players to complete a guild quest. This action develops teamwork among players and teaches them the value of cooperation in competitive situations.

Finish off the Quests

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG has a major focus on quests, which give players a clear way to advance through the game and earn rewards. There are many quests in the game, with daily and weekly quests dominating the list. Daily missions can be done fast and easily, and they are available every day. These missions are perfect for gamers who just have a few minutes to spare each day because they can be finished quickly and offer minor rewards.

Unknown Knights Pixel RPG quests
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On the other hand, weekly quests are harder and take more time and effort to complete. Although they can take longer to accomplish, some tasks have more rewards. Every seven days, weekly tasks reset, providing players plenty of time to earn various kinds of rewards. To advance in the game and strengthen your character’s skills, you must finish quests. Each quest gives you a certain objective or action to carry out, assisting you in learning the game’s mechanics and directing you through the adventure.

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips in our Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG beginners guide for amateurs to progress in the game easily:

1. Keep expanding your Empire

You can build castles or other buildings in the game Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG. As a result, save your money to build such castles. The castles are super important to grow your kingdom of knights. Moreover, it also protects you from the various enemies that you will come across throughout the game. Your Knights will remain safe in these castles hence the castles are of utmost need.

2. Summon Characters whenever necessary

Players can summon some specific characters as required. To do so they have to click the summon option present at the bottom of the screen. Through diamonds, you can summon. Now summoning is important as suppose you are in a fierce battle and you need a much stronger character instantly. Hence, in such cases summon can be useful for you to take you out of such difficult situations.

3. Utilise your Currency effectively

Tap on the currencies like bread or coins. there you will find the normal bread shop and the coin supply options. Click on those to get some free bread or coins instantly. In case of emergencies, they are super helpful. Moreover, you can watch some advertisements also to increase your currency.

4. Searching your Characters easily

Searching for your favorite characters is so easy in this game. You just have to put their grade or level. You may also choose the type of skill that they are mastered in to find out the particular character. Moreover, Synergypedia will help you to level up your characters easily through their group system.

Final Thoughts

Hence, fans of vintage role-playing games or anyone looking for a game that blends nostalgia with modern gameplay must explore Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG. The rich and engaging experience provided by the game will have gamers coming back for more. Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG no doubt, combines nostalgia with contemporary gameplay and is a must-try if you enjoy role-playing games. Thus, start an exciting journey to save the kingdom from the powers of darkness.

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