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Valor Legends Beginners Guide and Tips

The idle gameplay gives you plenty of relaxing time!

Valor Legends is an idle RPG with a wide array of heroes counting over 70 of them, each with unique abilities and classes. The game allows you to place your heroes in different tiles and pick different strategies to ensure your victory or defeat. The game has a huge number of levels in the mainline and a lot of different areas as well. In this Valor Legends beginners guide, you will learn about the game mechanics and gameplay of the game as well as the elements needed to form a proper team.

If you’re just new to the game, be sure to grab the available redeem codes for some rewards to help you get ahead. Also, don’t miss our tips for getting more runes, which are crucial for powering up your heroes. Plus, take a look at our tier list to find out who the top heroes are in the game!

Getting started with the Idle Gameplay

But before you head into any other segment of the game, the crucial part is the combat system that you get to witness in the “Idle” section found right in the middle as you enter the game.

The best thing about Valor Legends is that you do not need to grind for resources continuously, although you can while you are away from the game – your heroes will continuously keep fighting and gathering resources for you. The resources consist of Gold Coin, Energy Essence, Summoner EXP, Memory Echo, Evolution Bead, and many hero equipment.

Valor Legends: Eternity gameplay
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

As you can see from the image above, there are 4×4 tiles on both sides designated for each player. In those tiles, you can place 5 heroes maximum anywhere you want on your side of the tile in whatever formation you wish. The outcome of the battle depends on several factors: One of the crucial factors is the overall team power which you can see from the panel at the top. The second factor is the class of heroes, you should have a good balance of warriors, rangers, and priests to effectively damage enemies.

Besides that, some heroes provide supportive buffs to other heroes that can be activated from the button on the top left corner. Also, there are Artifacts that you can add to the battle that will provide additional buffs as well to your heroes after each cooldown.

Introducing the Mainland

Upon clearing a few levels of the main campaign, you will unlock the Mainland tab which will give you access to a plethora of other modes.

Valor Legends Mainland
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

On the Mainland, there are several interesting monuments to explore such as:

1. Soul Altar

It is one of the most useful facilities available in this game which most games lack, this facility makes hero switching in Valor Legends a painless process. There are three components in Soul Altar: Level Rollback, Stars Reset, and Hero Sacrifice. Level Rollback allows you to select a hero with a level of more than 1 which you can un-level to level 1 using some gems. Doing so will give you back all the gold coins, energy essence, and evolution beads you expended to level that hero up.

Valor Legends Soul Altar
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Stars reset lets you select an awakened hero to reset them back into their fragment forms and return all the material used for Hero upgrading, evolving, and awakening. Hero sacrifice allows you to sacrifice heroes of 3-star rarity to receive soul stones and resources used to level that hero.

2. Guild

Valor Legends Guild
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Guilds, like in any other game, is a group made up of players from all around the world where you can collectively take part in guild wars, or explore guild dungeons. You also have access to facilities like guild technology and purchase items from guild stores.

3. Archive

Valor Legends Archive
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

The Archive consists of a book called Hero Bonds which stores a long list of heroes that can provide buffs to the heroes if you have collected the specific heroes and bonded them correctly. There are 3 levels of hero bonding attributes, each level increasing in the buff as you bond heroes of higher stars.

4. Portal of Pray

You can try your luck to get items out of the Portal of Pray by using Pray Coins. The rewards you can get out of Portal of Pray include 5-star Legendary Hero, Advance Arena Invitation, Shimmer Tokens, Enhancement Stones, Refinement Stones, Gems, Refinement Crystals, Abyss Token, Guild Glory Token, Wisdom Starlight, Pure Wish, and Pray Coin.

5. Holy Fountain of Life

Valor Legends Holy Fountain of Life
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

The Holy Fountain of Life is the same as the Summon Circle but you use a different item called the Seed of Life which can be used to summon heroes of the Undead faction.

6. Summon Circle

Valor Legends Summon Circle
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

It allows you to try your luck to pull for characters using Eternal Summoner’s books or using Hearts received from your friends. You can summon x1 or x10 heroes at once with the x10 summon having a greater chance of summoning a hero of 4* or higher rarity. After you have spent all the Summoner’s books, you can use gems to summon heroes as well.

7. Arcane Forge

Valor Legends Arcane Forge
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

It allows you to level up, ascend, or disassemble Runes, as well as check all the Runes and their skills. You can level up the runes using the level-up rune feature which uses simple dust, refined dust, precious dust, legendary dust, and eternal dust. Rune ascension allows you to ascend runes to unlock random attributes whose power increases with higher qualities of runes. You can also disassemble runes to get back their corresponding dust.

8. Magic Store

Valor Legends Magic Store
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

The magic store consists of all the stores available throughout the game. The stores include the Magic Store, Soul Store, Arena Store, Guild Store, Kingdom Medal Store, and Magic Expedition Store.

9. Blessing Temple

Valor Legends Blessing Temple
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Another wonderful facility in Valor Legends is the Blessing Temple. As you can see above, the blessing temple has a level assigned to it as well as slots with heroes in them. The slots are unlocked with eternal crystal pieces that house heroes in them. The heroes you place in these slots can be of any level but once they are in the Blessing Temple, their levels will be raised to the temple’s level.

Understanding the Wild Field

Wild Field is quite similar to the Mainland tab but much much different in terms of the facilities it has. Unlike Mainland, which is more geared towards strengthening your heroes – Wild Field is more geared towards gathering and gaining your different resources.

Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

There are multiple facilities in the Wild Field similar to Mainland which are:

1. Realms of Tales

It takes you through a series of chapters each located in a different setting and each narrating a different tale. Each of the chapters can be completed in Normal and Difficult difficulty which gets unlocked after you finish the chapter. Playing Realms of Tales chapters is beneficial because not only do they provide you with rare items, but they also give you very essential fragments of artifacts and 5* Legendary Heroes.

Valor Legends Realms of Tales
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

The gameplay itself is interesting since you get to travel the map hidden in mist and you have to explore to find different monuments to get buffs from and treasure chests to receive resources from. You get to beat enemies on the way to proceed further into the map.

2. Land of Departure

It consists of expeditions where you have to beat a series of enemies on countless rounds until you reach the end of the map. However, one stark difference in this mode that makes it so difficult for beginner players is that your heroes do not fully restore their health or recover if they have fallen. So you have to constantly fight increasingly stronger enemies whereas your heroes have beaten up HP bars.

Valor Legends Land of Departure
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

The best way to tackle this mode is to have multiple sets of heroes all leveled up as high as you can change the team combination according to the enemy team and properly strategize them in locations to ensure your heroes defeat the enemies while taking the least damage. Support heroes such as priests who can heal are ideal to keep in the team since you will not get an HP to reset after each round.

3. Endless Trial

Valor Legends Endless Trial
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

If you are looking to grind for some gold coins or running low on energy essence or evolution beads, playing endless trials is a definite way to battle your way to getting a good amount of resources in return. Beating each level sends you to the next level where stronger and higher leveled enemies await you. You also get to unlock a Milestone chest for every 5 levels you have cleared which contains gems. Since gems are a valuable currency in Valor Legends, playing Endless Trial is a win-win.

4. Glory Arena

It welcomes you to the competitive side of Valor Legends where you challenge and fight off players across the globe to increase your ranking as well as gain Honor Coins which can be used to redeem items from the store. You can challenge an opponent for free each day or take revenge battles on players who attacked you.

Valor Legends Glory Arena
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Otherwise, you require Glory Invitation letters to challenge other players. Increasing your ranking boosts the number of Honor Coins that you can win and not only that you will also be climbing the season ranking.

5. Mysterious Realms

The Mysterious Realm Challenges Provide you with the easiest way to gain resources fast. However, each level in the realm challenges requires you to unlock them first by completing the specified levels in the main campaign. Once you clear each level in the different sections of the Mysterious realm, you can sweep them according to the number of realm challenge tries you have to quickly gain resources.

Valor Legends Mysterious Realms
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd
  • Sacred Relics provides you with gears that you can equip on heroes, upon clearing and sweeping the levels.
  • Nest of Dragons provides you with energy essences that are essential to level up your heroes.
  • Treasure Island will give you gold coins which are necessary to level up heroes as well as purchase items from the Magic Store.
  • Lost Forest gains you several hero fragments of various rarity which you can collect until you can exchange them for heroes of their corresponding rarity.

Eternal Ruins provides you with an essential item called Memory Echo which is used to level up Artifacts and they are quite important in changing the tides of the battle.

Mastering the Heroes

The Heroes are the main traction of the game since there are over 70 different heroes each with their own story to tell and different skills and abilities that make them deserve a special spot on the battlefield.

All heroes are not built equal and that can be said by how their strength relates to their rarity. There are primarily 3 rarities in the game: Legendary, Rare, and Common. Legendary heroes can be identified usually by the 5 stars beneath their character sprite (unless they have been awakened, which would change their stars to purple and represent their awakening level) as well as the golden frame enclosing their character card.

Valor Legends Heroes Guide
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Rare Heroes have 4 stars beneath their sprite and have a purple-colored frame. Common heroes have 3 stars and blue-colored frames. But the surprising thing about Valor Legends is that you can upgrade the rarity of your heroes and give them stat boosts. Although they will not be as strong as the original Legendary heroes, if you take a liking to the playstyle of a Rare or Common Hero, you can make them stronger.

Classes and Faction of Heroes

Each of the heroes has 3 distinct properties that make them unique to other heroes. The properties are class, faction, and specialty. Heroes naturally fall into specific roles that they take upon the battlefield: Warrior class heroes are the heavy hitters who are at the forefront of the battlefield taking the enemy head-on and dealing/taking damage.

They are usually the center of attention and unless they are built strong, they can be easily taken down by the concentrated attack of the enemy.

  • Ranger Class is the polar opposite of the warrior class in the sense that they are stationed at the far end of the battlefield and attack the enemy from a distance. They are usually the target of the Assassin class, so unless they have any warrior class nearby to protect them – they usually get taken down by Assassins.
  • Mage Class is somewhat in between the warrior and ranger class in that they deal heavy damage mid-range and close-range as well. They can easily deal with assassins and support the warrior in dealing damage as well.
  • Assassin Class is the most entertaining to watch as they swoop to the back of the enemy’s field and take out their ranger, mage, or priests. They deal mediocre damage but are essential in taking out the damage-dealing rangers.

Finally, the priest class is the weakest both in terms of HP and attack power – however, what makes them an important part of the team is that they can heal your heroes as well as provide buffs. So having a priest class can make your team survive much longer and deal greater damage.

Leveling up your Heroes

Leveling up a hero is the surefire way to win more matches easily and dominate the battle. But there are some aspects to look into while you are leveling up. In the Info panel, you get to level up a hero using gold coins and energy essence up to their limit, after which you have to either evolve them using evolution beads or awaken the heroes to increase their level upper limit.

Valor Legends: Eternity Beginners Guide
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

Hero Equipment is pieces of gear that look into the specific stats of your hero. The gears consist of a sword, bow, or wand depending on your hero class and the other gears are vests, footwraps, necklaces, or rings. Upgrading them requires you to use up multiple spare gears.

Finally, Hero Awakening significantly increases your base stats as well as raises the maximum level limit. However, awakening a hero is tough – since it requires you to use up your identical hero as well as multiple other heroes.

5. Know the Artifacts

The final piece of item that is essential on the battlefield is the artifact. There are numerous artifacts for you to gather and unlock which significantly buffs your hero’s stats on each cooldown.

Valor Legends Artifacts
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd

They can be leveled up using Memory Echo and evolved using the artifact shards – doing so increases the percentage of buff received during the battle however it also increases the cooldown time. That’s all for the basic tips and tricks, if you find it difficult to progress in the game, you can always fall back to this Valor Legends Beginners Guide for help.

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