Vampire Survivors Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the Bullet Hell!

Vampire Survivors developed by Poncle offers gamers a hack-and-slash sort of gameplay on their mobile devices, the game can also be played on PC through Slack. The game offers a choice for the players to choose between four players. The game might get a little complicated for new players because there is no tutorial on how the game should be approached and there are many powerups that you can get in the game. However, this Vampire Survivors beginners guide is here to help you master the game.

Introducing the Basics of Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a 2D hack-and-slash type of game that makes you only control the movement of your character, the attack is constant and AI-controlled. The game requires the players to strategize their movement by avoiding the oncoming zombies and vampires. Vampires in this game are unlimited and the game keeps carrying on, the aim of the game is to keep leveling up and racking up the score until you die.

Vampire Survivors beginner guide, Vampire Survivors
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Each time you start afresh the level returns to zero, with each level-up you complete you get to choose perks from 3 options available. These perks are only available for that particular run in the game, once you die you lose the perks and everything resets to zero. Now each character has its own attacking technique, some use swords, some use magic wands, and some use ricochet powers that bounce off the walls. It’s up to you to decide what character best suits your needs.

Mastering the in-game characters of Vampire Survivors

The game offers the option to choose characters from 4 potential options. Each character has a different weapon and attacking pattern, this requires players to make a decision based on their gameplay style as to what character they should go for. As of now, the 4 playable characters which are available in the game are.

1. Antonio Belpaese

Antonio is the first playable character in Vampire Survivors, he is the most basic character present in the game. Their sole base attack on Antonio is through a sword swing which deals basic damage. In order to attack the enemy you have to be in very close proximity to them, which is a down point of this character because it makes the player susceptible to the enemy damage.

2. Imelda Belpaese

Imelda is the second playable character there to be unlocked in Vampire Survivors, now this character may be the best character present there in the game because it offers the players to take on the enemy vampires from a distance as the basic attack of Imelda with the use of a magic wand. This comes in very handy when you are taking on a huge horde of vampires and zombies.

Vampire Survivors beginner guide, Vampire Survivors
Image via Poncle

3. Pasqualina Belpaese

Pasqualina is the third available character in the game, the character offers a base attack through a magic wand whose power ricochets off the walls and other objects resulting in prolonged attacks. Pasqualina also allows players to defeat enemies from a distance but the rate of fire is slower than Imelda thus the attack is weaker when compared.

4. Gennaro

Gennaro is the last and the most expensive player to unlock in the game, He offers projectile sword attacks which have to be directed by the players in the direction of the enemy. Gennaro is a strong and powerful in-game character but it can get a little complex sometimes to time the attacks right.

Vampire Survivors Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The game, Vampire Survivors has a lot of in-game options and hence could be difficult for the players to understand and utilize the game in the early stages to its full potential, but with this Vampire Survivors beginners guide, we aim to make your experience a better one. After investing multiple hours in the game we have listed the following tips for newcomers looking to play this game.

1. Watch Ads to revive your Player

Vampire Survivors is a level-clearing game, in each round your level plays an important part. The game keeps on getting more difficult as you move forward in the game, but the rewards you get after clearing each level also increase. Hence it is safe to say that better rewards are there to be collected in the later stages of the game. Thus when you die to revive option gives a much-needed second chance to get your score high and rewards even higher.

2. Avoid the in-game Gardens at all cost

Vampire Survivors beginner guide, Vampire Survivors
Image via Poncle

There are square-shaped gardens on the map, which are traps as the players can enter only from the entrance but the monsters and vampires can enter from every side. Once you are in and there are vampires following you in the garden it might just be over for you, as there would be no space or way to escape from the horde.

3. Use the Powerups each time you level up

Each time you level up in the game you are offered an option to get one of three powerups in the game. Each powerup has different perks which can be combined with your base attacks to improve your overall attack, hence they should be paid special attention. For Instance, Gennaro provides projectile sword attacks that can be combined with magic wand attacks to boost up the attack.

4. Don’t let the Horde surround you

Vampires and Zombies pose a serious threat of overwhelming the players by surrounding the players in large numbers. The most basic defense against this would be to time your movements according to the environment you are in, for example, if you have trees and structures around you try to shake off some zombies by going around or through them. Do anything but don’t let them surround you as there is a cooldown for your attacks in the game and the vampires can easily overwhelm you.

5. Lookout for Chests

Vampire Survivors beginner guide, Vampire Survivors
Image via Poncle

There are chests scattered all throughout the map in Vampire Survivors. You can get up to 1500 coins or better powerups in these chests. The coins can be used to unlock better characters in the game. Thus these chests help you in many ways and should not be ignored.

6. Break Torches to get better Prizes

There are torches in the game which can be found almost everywhere, you can actually break these torches through your basic attacks and in return can get coins and health pickups. These torches are pretty useful and provide health in between a game.

Final Thoughts

Vampire Survivors is a good game to kill some time and fight off the vampires to set a high score. However, the game is quite repetitive and powerups are complex to be used for starters. This Vampire Survivors beginners guide, however, aims to provide a better understanding of the game so that players can get the best out of the game.

Did you find this Vampire Survivors beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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