Vice Online Beginners Guide and Tips

Follow your favorite way of life in Vice Online!

Vice Online is an online 3D Multiplayer action game by Jarvi Games Ltd that brings an experience of the popular PC title, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to our handheld devices. There are quite a lot of similarities between the two titles, a few of them being players roaming in a city, wielding guns to shoot at other people, moving to an area to begin and complete tasks, and much more. In this beginners guide, players will receive a basic guide on Vice Online followed by some Tips and Tricks to help on the go. 

Gameplay Overview

The game starts with the player spawning in a city. Players can complete missions, take part in races, work in jobs, and kill other real-time players to earn Vice Bucks. A basic requirement of a gun is essential to take down other players, which can be purchased from the store using Vice Bucks, or by watching a certain number of ads.

Vice Online Beginners Guide
image via Jarvi Games Ltd

The controls are extremely basic – players can move using the joystick, jump, shoot, and Aim Down Sights with the controls available in the HUD. Players can also purchase vehicles to help them move around the city faster. These generally cost a lot of Vice Bucks, especially the choppers, however, players can opt for an affordable car during the initial stages of the game. Once purchased, the car can be bought on rent in-game, which is cheap.

Introducing the Basics of Vice Online

Play with and against real-time players

Vice Online consists of other real-time players who also complete their set of tasks and missions as we do. Players can move close to another player and add him as a friend to play together in the following games. Players can also interact with each other by means of emotes, and showing off each other’s outfits and accessories. Or if not, use a weapon and kill the other player to attain a small amount of Vice Bucks. If a player has been killed by someone, worry not – they shall be respawned with a deduction of 700 Vice Bucks from the wallet for medical expenses.

Complete Tasks for hefty rewards

There are many tasks to complete in Vice Online. This includes working in jobs, completing daily tasks, and other additional missions.

Vice Online Beginners Guide
Image via Jarvi Games Ltd

There are jobs like a taxi driver, collector, construction, loader, tow truck driver, and pizza delivery. All of them provide a fair amount of Vice Bucks upon completing the given task before time runs out. Participate in drift races and frequent challenges to earn quick Vice Bucks.

Watch Ads to unlock several new items

Ads Vice Online
Image via Jarvi Games Ltd

An ad needs to be watched to obtain almost anything present in the game. From basic weapons to outfits, players can get them all absolutely for free just by watching a certain number of ads. There is a separate section in the Store, for players to watch ads to unlock certain items and rewards as well. Watch as many ads as possible in order to get hold of new items faster.

Vice Online Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

While Vice Online is a rookie-friendly game, there are a few things to be noted before heading in-game. Hence, below are some tips and tricks to help players grab hold of the game in a better way:

1. Make new Friends quickly

Playing with friends always gives a much fun experience, and this is common in most games, including Vice Online. While roaming around the city, move towards any player and add them as a friend. This way, both players can play together in the following games. But do note, not all players are friendly here, so have a weapon loaded up in case they start to fire.

2. Purchase a Car as soon as possible

After starting a game for the first time, the first step is to head straight toward the Store and purchase a car. Buying a car allows players to move to distant places faster, evidently faster than running on foot. For those who are unarmed, players can use a car for a quick getaway.

3. Keep watching Ads

This might sound annoying, but players ought to watch a lot of ads in order to unlock a variety of items and weapons for free. Although this can be boring and ruins the fun of the game, it helps players to obtain items for free, which is far better compared to working in many jobs to attain the desired item, though this helps with obtaining items that cost a lot of Vice Bucks. Players can also watch ads to get Vice Gold, the currency obtainable only by real money. Take advantage of this feature to grab some Vice Gold easily.

4. Don’t forget to complete your Daily Tasks

Completing Daily Tasks is perhaps the fastest way to earn Vice Bucks. After completing all the five tasks given for the day, players will receive a super reward that rewards players largely. The difficulty of tasks is very simple and can be completed within the blink of an eye. Hence, complete the daily tasks in order to be highly rewarded.

5. Complete in-game Challenges

in-game challenges
Image via Jarvi Games Ltd

Every time a player lands in the city, a new challenge pops up on top of the screen. Completing these challenges reward players with Vice Bucks. These challenges are usually based on driving and drift races, so take a break from completing jobs and take part in drift races when time permits. Drift races require better cars, but affordable cars are not bad for a start.

Final Thoughts

Vice Online allows users to enjoy a GTA: Vice City-level experience on mobile – with lower graphics, occasional game crashes, and above all, a lot of ads. Though the game is up to the mark and is fun to play, the number of ads in it makes it very disturbing for players. Overall, Vice Online is a must-try for those who admire Grand Theft Auto. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and if you ever need help, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Vice Online Beginners Guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the Vice Online Beginners Guide! Did you find our Vice Online Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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