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Reach VLF Customer Support in no time

Vive Le Football has received massive appreciation and love from soccer fans in China and around the globe. Since the inception of the Forward Test on the 14th of January, the need to contact the Vive Le Football customer support to report in-game bugs has gone up.

The developers at NetEase Games have added some striking in-game features and game modes in this testing phase. Looking at the promising start that this soccer game got in its testing phases, it is evident that it is going to give stiff competition to the likes of FIFA and PES after release. The Forward Test is currently running and we want all users to have a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience without being bothered by in-game bugs.

The Vive Le Football customer support service team is available to contact anytime for resolving the queries and issues of users. Here is a step-wise guide to reaching the customer support team in case you face any issues.

How to Contact Vive Le Football customer support

The customer support team of Vive Le Football can be reached in 3 ways. Players can either contact them through the in-game support option or if that does not work out, they can reach out to the developers at NetEase Games directly. Let us now discuss them step-wise.

How to Contact via in-game Customer Service Option

Launch the game on your device. Once you do so, it takes you to the in-game menu screen. Now follow this step by step.

  • You will find a number of buttons on the top right corner of the menu screen that grants you access to various in-game accessories/options. Tap on the rightmost button.
  • A new set of buttons show up on your screen upon tapping. You will find a Settings button somewhere at the bottom of the menu screen. Tap on that.
Vive le football support
Image via NetEase Games
  • A new in-game menu screen, the Settings menu screen would now appear on your screen. Choose the User Setup option from the Catalogue menu on the left of your screen and tap on it.
  • Choose the Customer Service tab on the User menu and tap on the Call For Help option.
call for help option
Image via NetEase Games
  • Finally, tap on the Suggestion Collection option on the Support menu screen and report your bug/query/suggestion by typing a message on the editor. Write in detail about your issue and click on the Submit button to register your query. The Developer team will get in-touch with you based on that. So, make sure that you leave a detailed message for them to help you better.
Vive Le Football customer support
Image via NetEase Games

How to Contact the Developer Team directly

If the issue stills persist, you can get in touch with the Developer Team at NetEase Games directly. Reach out to them at

Vive Le Football developer team
Image via NetEase Games

You are required to input the following details:

  • Your name
  • Email ID
  • The Subject of your query
  • Your query in the form a message.

Once you click on submit, the Developer team will get back to you in the email id provided by you. If the problem is still not solved, follow up in that mail chain and attach screenshots of your query for the support team to assist you better. Another way out could be, to directly mail them at

How to Contact via Social media handles

Another way could be to try getting in touch with the team via their official social media handles. @VLF_en is the official Twitter handle of Vive Le Football customer support for catering to the queries of the users. You can also write to them on the official Facebook page of Vive Le Football or do a follow-up on their Discord community where tons of passionate fans are there to help users resolve their individual queries and issues.

Still, facing any issues in contacting the Vive Le Football customer support team? Head straight to our comments section and get your queries resolved. Happy Gaming!

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