War Tortoise 2 Guide: Tips and Strategies to win

War Tortoise 2 is, basically, an incremental game. But the fact is, it’s not really limited to that. It also contains an appealing amount of idle, explorative and a shooter gameplay. The game is published by Foursaken Media on 4th March 2020 for both Android and iOS. Today in this War Tortoise 2 Guide, we’ll list down a few points that’ll help the players to win in this game.

1. Buying and Upgradation of Equipment

It’s really important that players buy and upgrade the equipments in this game. This might seem a little too complex, initially. But gets easier as you proceed in the game. There are various upgrades to be made. The key lies in knowing which stuff to upgrade or buy at a given time. Depending on your playing style you could either opt to upgrade your ‘War Tortoise’ to deal more damage or have an enhanced armour or recruit units to aid in assaults.

2. Get to know the enemies

war tortoise 2

In this game, you’ll face all kinds of enemies. They could be spiderlings, SPIDER, jumping spiders, salamanders etc. Some will inflict heavy damage, others will deal low but have faster movements. Always keep an eye out for the giant beetles; they will rain down shots at your War Tortoise from above. In the heat of battle, it becomes difficult to deal with multiple enemies alone. So, use mouse assault squads to help you battle the enemies on ground. Once you upgrade the units, they’ll wield guns to take out the aerial enemies as well. Use the turret weapon MG-15 machine gun to defeat, especially, the enemies which deal HEAVY to MEDIUM damage.

3. Capture Locations

war tortoise 2
War Tortoise 2

That’s the point of playing this game. You’ll be capturing locations. A location can be captured by battling through a number of waves where enemies shall spawn in a systematic manner. Just before clearing a wave a BOSS enemy will also appear. Capturing locations offer DNA that could be used for upgrades and evolution. Each location captured also offers a certain unique perk. For instance, the first artillery base conquered offers support fire within its map tier.

4. Unlocking Heroes and Pilots

Heroes and Pilots have unique skills to assist you in the battle. They are locked, initially. But as your War Rank increases, they will get unlocked for purchase. Once bought, they can be evolved. These heroes and Pilots will prove to be crucial when you face the BOSSes before wave clearance.

5. Other useful tips

  • Don’t forget to aim your turret weapon at the crates that’ll randomly fall down on the battleground. They will contain DNA, perks, idle cash and sometimes gems, too.
  • Always gear up your tortoise at frequent intervals during the waves. This’ll help improve your chances against the final BOSS of each level.
  • Set up a camp if you sustain critical damage for a prolonged period. It will heal your war tortoise and grind ingredients. Consume the ingredients to claim further bonuses.
  • Make sure to use the Pilot/Hero skills only during the times of considerable danger. For instance, when fighting the BOSS. These skills use up energy that recovers over time. Hence, players should be careful.
  • Last but not the least, purchase the war supplies and tortoise equipment to greatly enhance your durability and firepower perks.

Hope you find this War Tortoise 2 Guide useful. For more mobile gaming news and discussion, make sure to join our Discord server.

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