Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List for May 2024

Get ready with your Legendary Cards!

Everguild‘s latest digital card game, Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge, thrusts you into the grim and brutal setting of the 41st millennium, where strategic prowess is the key to victory in intense card battles. To help you navigate this war-torn universe, we’ve compiled a Legendary Cards Tier List for Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge, offering insights into the most powerful and effective legendary cards you can command on the battlefield.

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Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List for May 2024

In this Tier List, we assess and rank the top Legendary Cards in Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge. We’ve split Legendary Cards into five categories: Overpowered (S+)Strong (S), Good (A), Fair (B), and Average (C) to make it easy for gamers to understand each Legendary Card’s benefits and strengths.

TierUltramarinesGoff ClanSaim-HannSautekh DynastyBlack LegionHive Fleet Leviathan
Overpowered (S+)Humanity’s Shield, Sergeant TelionOrk Nob, Makari the GrotDance of Death, Striking Scorpion ExarchImotekh the Stormlord, Tomb WorldPossessed Champion, Dark OratoryInfinite Biomorphologies, Ravenous Hunter
Strong (S)Marneus Calgar, Battlefield SupremacyProphet of the Waaagh!, Mekboy Gazmek, Rok InvasionNuadh Fireheart, Spiritseer Qelenaris, Wailing Doom Resurrection Orb, Annihilation CommanderLheorvine Ukris, Drach’nyenBroodlord, Tyranid Prime
Good (A)Antaro ChronusArdshell GurkNecron Lord, ChronomancerAbaddon the Despoiler, Dark ApostleHive Tyrant, Hive Fleet Leviathan
Fair (B)Epistolary Librarian, Avenging ZealPyromaniaksEliac ZephyrbladeVargard Obyron, Ophydian DestroyerDaemonic PactSwarmlord, Winged Tyrant
Average (C)Captain SicariusGhazghkull ThrakaAvatar of KhaineIskandar Khayon

Best Meta Legendary Cards in Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge for May 2024

Humanity’s Shield (Ultramarines)

Humanity’s Shield is a Legendary Card belonging to the Ultramarines faction in the world of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge. If you find yourself immersed in a game with Ultramarines, securing a Humanity Shield becomes imperative. This card’s power lies in the fact that it shields your warlord, preventing them from being vulnerable until your next turn. It’s nothing short of amazing, especially given its affordability. This shield can open up a crucial window of opportunity, allowing you to swiftly finish off your opponent.

Warhammer Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List
Image via Everguild

Ultramarines are known for their burst damage potential, capable of reducing their foes from 10 HP or more, particularly with the right cards in hand. In overtime situations, this Legendary Card becomes even more pivotal. Humanity Shield can provide that extra turn you desperately need or enable a more efficient trade, making it the top priority for any Ultramarines player.

Sergeant Telion (Ultramarines)

Sergeant Telion is undoubtedly an excellent addition to any strategic lineup. The question of whether to craft this card as soon as possible or make a well-timed acquisition is valid. Personally, I’d lean towards crafting this card ASAP. Telion boasts some remarkable attributes that can significantly tip the scales in your favor. With Camouflage, 5 HP, and the ability to deliver 6 ranged attacks while bestowing the sniper trait to your troops, he’s a game-changer.

Warhammer Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List
Image via Everguild

The moment you deploy him, he can quickly alter the game’s tempo to your advantage. However, his Weakness is his 5 HP, rendering him vulnerable to flank units. Nevertheless, this vulnerability can, in a strategic sense, work to your advantage by granting you a free trade during your turn. This alone can be a game-breaking move that justifies crafting Sergeant Telion as a top priority.

Ork Nob (Goff Clan)

Ork Nob is, without a doubt, an S+ Tier card, and it has played a pivotal role in making Orcs a formidable force in the game. The addition of this card has been a game-changer for Orcs, essentially breathing new life into their viability. The ability to grant friendly troops Flank ability is an incredibly powerful asset. It enables all friendly troops to attack on the same turn they are added to the battlefield, greatly enhancing their offensive capabilities.

Warhammer Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List
Image via Everguild

This kind of synergy and immediate impact has redefined the Orc faction, making it a competitive and compelling choice for many players. Ork Nob is a card that has truly transformed the Orc gameplay experience, and its place in the S+ Tier is well-deserved.

Makari the Grot (Goff Clan)

Makari the Grot is unquestionably an S+ Tier card within the Orc faction. Its ability to grant adjacent units on the battlefield +1 Melee Attack is a game-changing buff that can significantly enhance the combat prowess of your forces. Additionally, the Backlash ability, which allows Makari to return to your hand instead of disappearing when defeated, provides a level of resilience and sustainability that is highly valuable.

Warhammer Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List
Image via Everguild

This card’s dual strengths of boosting unit damage and its ability to persist in the game make it a top-tier choice for any Orc deck. Makari the Grot is not just a powerful addition but also a strategic asset that can tip the scales in your favor, solidifying its place in the S+ Tier.

Dance of Death (Saim-Hann)

Dance of Death undoubtedly deserves its place in the coveted S+ tier. This card is an instant entry into the upper Ranks of game-changers for several reasons. The simplicity of its power is one of its standout qualities. By permanently granting your Warlord 2 shurikens, you’re essentially arming your leader for more efficient trades. Dealing four damage to the enemy warlord while likely taking only two in return can quickly shift the tide in your favor.

Dance of the Death
Image via Everguild

Furthermore, it empowers your warlord to effortlessly eliminate units on the board with 2 HP or less, effectively providing free removal. Not to mention, it comes at an affordable cost. For Eldar players, Dance of Death should be considered a top crafting priority, given its effectiveness and widespread use within the Eldar community. It’s a must-have card that truly shines in the S+ tier.

Striking Scorpion Exarch (Saim-Hann)

Striking Scorpion Exarch is unquestionably a card deserving of its place in the S+ Tier, and crafting it as soon as possible is a wise decision. This Legendary Card brings an impressive set of attributes to the table. With its stealth ability, the capacity to leave a way stone, and the ability to deal eight damage in a single turn (four shurikens plus four melee attacks), it’s a game-changing force.

Warhammer Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List
Image via Everguild

In the context of Eldar decks, many players still prefer an aggressive playstyle, making Striking Scorpion Exarch an invaluable addition. With the potential to unleash eight damage in one turn, this card is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a must-have for any Eldar player looking to boost their deck’s effectiveness and secure a spot in the top tiers of gameplay.

Imotekh the Stormlord (Sautekh Dynasty)

Imotekh the Stormlord has several advantages over Orikan, making him a strong choice for many players. His ability to deal with three HP units, his increased durability, and his capability to remove Spirit Stones and remnants give him a versatile and powerful toolkit. If you find yourself struggling against Orikan while playing Imotekh, it’s likely due to a misstep in your strategy.

Image via Everguild

Imotekh’s abilities, such as dealing three damage while taking only one, including his healing effect, put pressure on Orikan to play quickly and populate the board. Imotekh can efficiently handle Orikan’s minions and maintain board control, often giving him the upper hand in the matchup. When played correctly, Imotekh tends to outperform Orikan, making him a preferred choice for many players seeking success in their games.

Tomb World (Sautekh Dynasty)

Tomb World is indeed a card that speaks volumes through its game-changing potential. Many players have, at times, voiced concerns about its power and potential need for nerfing. Nevertheless, Tomb World continues to be a formidable force in the game. Its ability to deploy up to six friendly infantry troops that have perished in the current game is nothing short of game-winning.

Tomb World
Image via Everguild

This card’s impact on the battlefield is undeniable, and it has rightfully earned its place in the S+ Tier. Tomb World remains one of the best and most powerful cards in the game, capable of turning the tide of battle in your favor, and it’s a must-have for those seeking to secure victory in their games.

Possessed Champion (Black Legion)

Possessed Champion is undeniably a top priority when it comes to legendary card crafting for Chaos decks. With its Flank ability, which enables it to attack immediately upon entering the battlefield, and the Strike ability that grants a random Dark Pact buff with each attack, this card becomes a game-changing force. Its robust stats of 5 HP and 5 Melee Attack only add to its appeal.

Warhammer Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List
Image via Everguild

Possessed Champion’s versatility and potential for unpredictable and powerful outcomes make it a must-have card for Chaos players. It is indeed a strong contender for the first legendary card to craft, given its impact and effectiveness in Chaos decks.

Dark Oratory (Black Legion)

Dark Oratory is indeed a formidable card that can be placed in the S+ tier, especially within Black Legion faction decks. Its ability to provide Dark Pacts buffs to all your troops can create a significant advantage, as it effectively grants blessings from one of the four Chaos Gods to all friendly troops. This level of synergy and power amplification can be game-changing and make it a top choice for many Chaos players.

Dark Oratory
Image via Everguild

Dark Oratory’s ability to boost your troops and align them with the blessings of Chaos Gods solidifies its position as one of the best legendary choices within the Black Legion faction. It’s a card that can truly tip the scales in your favor, earning it a spot in the S+ tier.

Infinite Biomorphologies (Hive Fleet Leviathan)

Infinite Biomorphologies is undoubtedly a powerful card that deserves its place in the S+ tier. The ability to grant a buff to all the troops in your hand for just 3 energy is a remarkable advantage. Hive Fleet faction decks typically feature a plethora of units, often prioritizing troops over tactics. Given this dynamic, Infinite Biomorphologies can work exceptionally well in such decks.

Infinite Biomorphologies
Image via Everguild

Its versatility shines through its ability to choose an effect and apply it to all the troops in your hand, allowing you to strategically enhance your upcoming plays. This card’s potential to bolster your hand and set the stage for powerful troop-based tactics makes it a top-tier choice in many Hive Fleet decks, justifying its place in the S+ tier.

Ravenous Hunter (Hive Fleet Leviathan)

Ravenous Hunter is a simple yet highly effective card, and it rightfully earns its place in the S+ Tier. Its ability to provide Blood Thirst and +1 Melee Attack to a friendly unit in the same turn can be a game-changing move. This card’s straightforward and immediate impact on the battlefield makes it a valuable asset in many decks.

Ravenous Hunter
Image via Everguild

Whether you’re boosting a key unit’s damage output or enhancing its combat abilities, Ravenous Hunter’s versatility and efficiency are undeniable. It’s a card that can tip the scales in your favor, making it a strong contender in the S+ Tier for its significant and easily accessible benefits.

Final Thoughts

Our Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge Legendary Cards Tier List is now complete, but it remains a dynamic resource. We’ll continue to update it whenever a new Legendary Card emerges. It’s important to note that our tier list reflects a combination of personal opinions and experiences.

It is not designed to definitively rank the strengths or weaknesses of Legendary Cards. Instead, we aim to provide readers with insights into which Legendary Cards excel in different situations and positions, offering a valuable reference for the ever-evolving Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge meta.

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