Whiteout Survival Hero Tier List for January 2024

Choose only from the best heroes!

Heroes are one of the main aspects of the game as players can progress a lot if they have the best set of Heroes with them. Also, a strategy game like Whiteout Survival must have characters that are just marvelous and will contribute a lot while exploring the wilds. Although the game has some of the best sets of characters, as everyone is so unique in their field, players often need clarification. Hence, follow our detailed piece on the Whiteout Survival Hero Tier List and find the best superheroes from each class.

Whiteout Survival Hero Tier List for January 2024

The game has significantly distinguished the characters in three Tiers; SSR, SR, and R.

Strong (SSR)Molly,Zinman Jeronimo,
Good (SR)Jessie,
Walis Bokan,
Average(R)CharlieCloris Smith,

Best Meta Class Heroes in Whiteout Survival for January 2024

1. Lancer Class – Molly

Lancers are long-range shooters who are best at providing support from far behind. A team always needs a supporter that will hence help them counter some of the heavy attacks from a great distance. Thus to fulfill this purpose in the game, Molly is addressed as the best Lancer to date!

Image via Century Games

Molly has made her place because it has one of the best Health Points along with Escort Health. Both of them count to 2760 and 920. Apart from this, stats like Attack, Defense, and other Expeditions also make Molly the best Lancer in the game. 

2. Marksman Class – Zinman

Marksman is a Sniper who provides great support from the back end of the team. The only difference between a marksman and a lancer is that Lancers sometimes move ahead at the frontline and fight beside the Infantries. But on the other hand, Marksman never goes to the frontline.

Image via Century Games

They stay at the back and shoot down the enemies. And hence, Zinman is the only character who can serve this purpose. This character has one of the highest Health Points, that is 16650 along with a huge Expedition percentile that makes him the best. Apart from this, the Attack and Defensive stats are also high compared to all other Marksman, and thus this proves why Zinman is the best!

3. Infantry Class – Jeronimo

Infantry is the character that breaks down the frontline of the enemy team by direct combat. And thus to serve this role, Jeronimo is the best-considered Infantry in the game. Jeronimo inspires everyone at all times even when he is not there.

Image via Century Games

This character boosts Troops Lethality and Health for all deployed troops by 15%. Due to its huge Health Points of 41624 along with the highest Expedition percentiles, this Hero proves why he is the best Infantry. Jeronino also has a great Attacking and Defensive stat that can knock down any higher-level enemy easily. 

How to make the Perfect Team in Whiteout Survival 

Whiteout Survival follows a 5 Men Squad format where the Heroes are arranged in a set of 2-3. 2 Heroes at the frontline and the remaining 3 Heroes at the backend help to create a perfect format of Heroes and serve a balanced power. So, for this type of format players can make a Perfect Team in two ways:

White Out Survival Beginners guide - Battle
Image via Century Games
  • Attacking Lineup: In an Attacking Lineup, players must keep 2x Infrantries at the front along with 2 Lancers at the back. These 4x Heroes will thus go ahead and wipe out the enemy side. While 4 of the Heroes are rushing, keep a Marksman at the back that will eventually counter some of the enemy side’s heavy attacks and knock down the troops as well. 
  • Defensive Lineup: In a Defensive Lineup, players must have 1 Infantry at the front along with a Lancer. This duo will help to keep the frontline busy in defending and knocking out the enemies. From the back, players must have 2 Marksman at 2 corners and the central area must be controlled by another Lancer. By this, players can defend the Infantry and wipe out all the enemies easily.

Final Thoughts 

Whiteout Survival has so many amazing features and thus Heroes is one of the best ones to witness. All the characters present in the game are so unique and fabulous at their work that choosing a single one to serve is quite difficult. Thus follow our latest Whiteout Survival Hero Tier List piece and understand all about the best heroes across all the classes. So, what are you waiting for? Open up the chests, unlock the best Heroes, and make the best team.

Do you find our Whiteout Survival Hero Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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