Wild Rift: Top 5 best solo carry champions in the game

Who's your solo carry champion pick?

If there is one word to describe solo queue ranked games in Wild Rift, it would be stressful. The reason why you ask? Because you are matched and teamed up with 4 random people to work with every single game, and you never know. You may have the best teammates on your first game, and the worst on the other. So, we can easily say that Solo-queue in Wild Rift, or in MOBA games in general is not where you can always rely on your teammates and you’ll have to carry the games on your own. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 best solo carry champions to climb within Wild Rift, and other factors like why they are the best in solo carrying, etc.

Taking the solo queue plunge is frustrating at times, but the champions listed below can easily increase your win rate. If you’re tired of losing multiple games, dropping divisions, and having your meta picks banned, then these solo carry champions will give you the ability to rise through the ranks.

What traits does a solo carry champion have?

Before we proceed with the list, you should always remember that the 5 Wild Rift champions that we will mention are not the only ones that can solo carry games but are only the best options based on our opinions. So, what traits does a solo-carry champion have?

  • A consistent source of high damage
  • Self-peel and abilities that protect yourself
  • A reliable source of AoE damage
  • Able to punish uncoordinated players heavily
  • Capability to impact games

List of top 5 best solo carry champions in Wild Rift

1. Kai’Sa

Arguably the best champion to solo-carry games in Wild Rift, Kai’Sa has a very strong source of DPS from her abilities and passive, a total of two abilities that can be used to protect herself which are her Ability 3, which is even stronger when upgraded, and her Ultimate which can be used to dodge abilities, finish up chunked targets, reposition, etc. She is able to work by herself but even deadlier when paired with utility support to boost her DPS like Lulu and Janna. Finally, what’s best with her is she works with any type of team composition which is one of the issues in solo-queue. In solo-queue, most people don’t know how to draft and just pick whatever champion they want. With Kai’Sa, whether your team decides to pick dive champions like Malphite or disengage and front-to-back champions like Janna and Gragas, she will still work.

LoL Wild Rift Kaisa Wild Rift best solo Carry champions

She has one of the strongest scalings in the game and the fastest as well, able to hit all her power spikes in the mid-game while still being a late-game monster. Also, she can easily follow up picks from teammates due to her ultimate’s long-range even without much communication. She is not hard to play at all. Playing a total of 5 games will definitely be enough to get the gist of her, and even when you make a mistake, she has 2 self-peel abilities to rebound and save herself.

Moreover, she has the highest win rate and pick rate in competitive play at the moment. Though she kinda lacks AoE damage and is weak against tanks early, she’ll be able to deal with the issue by buying Runaan’s Hurricane later in the game. Additionally, in case you don’t know, people in high elo are able to upgrade her Ability 1 as early as possible by building a Vampiric Scepter, BF Sword, and a Long Sword which can be upgraded to her core items later in the game. To upgrade her Ability 3, you’ll need to have your Blade of the Ruined King completed and a Recurve Bow. With these, you’ll be online much faster to do your job much effectively.

2. Lee Sin

One of the most popular champions in the game especially in high elo, Lee Sin is no doubt an effective solo-queue champion. He is able to deal huge amounts of damage, is very mobile, and is able to make plays for his team. Though he falls off in the late game, he is a monster in the early game especially if he snowballs into the mid-game. He has the potential to lead his team from a strong early game by making early kills, securing buffs and objectives in the early game into a stronger mid-game, making big plays for his teammates using his ult, and again, securing objectives.

Lee Sin Wild Rift Wild Rift best solo Carry champions

As mentioned before, he has very high mobility which helps on survivability and potential to roam around the map and help the team as much and as fast as possible. With Youmuu’s Ghostblade he is a huge threat who deals high damage and very fast roaming power. While with Guardian Angel, killing him will be really difficult. Finally, the best thing with Lee Sin is not only his ability to carry games by controlling the games on all phases of the game. But also because he is excellent in punishing mispositioned players using his ultimate which can push enemies towards your teammates.

3. Katarina

The Pentakill Machine, Katarina is easily one of the strongest champions in this list if it wasn’t for her vulnerability to CC. She is still one of the most highly contested picks in high elo due to her potential to clean up and deal a significant amount of damage in team fights. Her main strengths are her ability to deal an insane amount of AOE damage and her ability to punish uncoordinated players which will be very common on solo-queue games. However, in order to be able to play her to her highest potential, awareness, and positioning is very important.

Wild Rift best solo Carry champions

In most cases, you shouldn’t be engaging in team fights first but only once the enemy team uses most of their CC, though this can be unnecessary through experience and micro skill. Moreover, she is very mobile due to her Ability 3 which resets once every kill she gets. Her roams are one of the strongest ones of the game and she is rewarded very highly from them. Once you are able to play the team fights correctly, early surrenders are imminent.

4. Jinx

Compared to Kai’Sa, Jinx is also a very strong solo-queue champion in a different way. Despite not having many self-peel abilities but her Ability 3, and not having any mobility ability at all, Jinx is still a good mention for this list. She has one of the highest consistent sources of damage in the game due to her Ability 1. With the right items as well like Quicksilver and Statis enchant, she can just be safe even without self-peel abilities. Her range is insanely long even crazier when paired with Rapidfire Cannon.

Wild Rift Global Launch

She is also very strong on taking down objectives, specifically turrets which are the most important objective in the game next to the Nexus. She also works well with any type of team composition similar to Kai’Sa and works wonders on both squishy and tanky champions. However, she requires much better positioning since she has no mobility. But when she positions well in a team fight, expect her to pop off and kill the whole enemy team.

5. Darius

Also a Pentakill Machine, Darius comes last on the list. He is arguably one of the most popular champions in Baron Lane at the moment, probably next to Camille. He is very dominant early game and in the laning phase. Moreover, he is as strong as he is against squishy targets as he is against tanks due to his ultimate’s true damage. Besides his strong laning phase, he is also a threat to team fights. Once he gets an ultimate reset, expect players to run away from him from fear. However, Darius’ main strength is namely his ability to build defensive items while still being able to dish so much damage.

wild rift 2.2b update

Unfortunately, Darius also has a certain weakness similar to Katarina, but this time it is not CC, it’s his vulnerability to getting kited. Since Darius is a melee champion without mobility, he is required to stick to his target and it will be hard on ranged champions. However, there are items like Protobelt enchant and Righteous Glory to help with that. With perfect positioning and micro-play, he can easily 1 v 5 team fights with his insane damage and consistent healing.

Final thoughts

Believe it or not, champions are not the only thing that matter in carrying games. It is the mental and mindset that you project on your games. Despite making several consecutive mistakes, high ranking players don’t easily back down, give up or grief the game. Most of the time, they spend more time in the game and find ways to make it back to the game.

If you are a jungler, maybe stealing a dragon or a baron will bring back and motivate your teammates into the game. Or maybe, you’re playing Zed and a miracle pick on the fed enemy ADC will give you a huge bounty to possibly carry the game. Instead of flaming your teammates for not playing the way you want them to be playing, lead them and try to warn them through signals. In this way, they will be making fewer mistakes since mistakes are usually made by tensed or stressed players. But since you are keeping your cool, you are able to make better decisions in general than that kind of player. A strong and independent champion, alongside a strong mental, will definitely win you more games than usual.

What do you think of this Wild Rift best Solo Carry Champions list? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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