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World Flipper Beginners Guide and Tips

Ready, aim, fire!

In partnership with Cygames, Kakao Games released a new game called World Flipper on the global servers. The game combines the elements of RPG, pixel game graphics, and Pinball. However, this game has a twist of incorporating the elements of pixel game graphics like Pokémon that the majority of the population likes. Follow Alk and Stella as they stumble upon a creature named Light claiming to be the hero in another world. They decide to team up with Light on his journey in finding the way back into his world. The party can leap into different worlds and find unique entities along the way. If a player needs a beginners guide, tips, and tricks to be an expert player in World Flipper go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

Gameplay Overview

World Flipper is an epic pinball adventure packed into an action RPG like players never have seen before. The pixel game graphics allow us to reminisce about the Windows XP days where we play pinball when we’re bored. World Flipper presents fast-paced combat matches and players have to set strategic moves by activating skills to maximize damage. Every character is beautifully illustrated, with episodic story arcs to unlock them.

Gamers will travel across several worlds, each with its friends to meet and mysteries to unravel. The Co-Op feature is perfect to fight in duos to pair up units and combine their abilities and unlock game-breaking combo skills. Teaming up with others will allow us to link together skill chains, and bring down nightmarish foes.

Learning the basics

Before moving to the basic guide, we need to clear the game basic first. There is a Stamina system in the game that will naturally regenerate once every 6 minutes and the Stamina regeneration speed will also increase by 1% about every 5 ranks. Therefore, the higher your level the faster the regeneration is if you have less stamina than your maximum limit the time until complete recovery will be shown on the stamina bar.

World Flipper basics
World Flipper basics

There are two types of mana, green and blue. The blue mana is used for character leveling and the green mana is used for shoo and character’s ability upgrading.

You can have up to six members on your team. The top three are your main and the bottom three are your supporting characters. The top left corner character is the leader slot, the other two are main. You’ll start with one ability for each character at the start, but more will unlock by progressing. Leader Talent is activated when the unit is placed on the leader slot. The abilities (skill 3) will only be activated when the character is used as the main.

Unison characters are supportive units that have amazing skills or the first 2 abilities that buffs the team. But their skills depend on the main character to activate. Equipment is used to further power your team. HP bar shows your character’s health and after death, they can be revived by hitting the coffin. Losing all your characters will make you defeat during combat.

Apart from these, watch the tutorials carefully to understand other small things.

World Flipper Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The game came out globally earlier this month. So there’ are a lot of things to do when you’re starting from nowhere. We have prepared a World Flipper beginners guide, and some tips merged with them to help you progress faster.

1. Avoid building too many weapons Gacha


Players can farm decent strong weapons or exclusives from events and bosses. The premium resources, the Lodestar Beads, income is relatively low and you should save up those for the characters. As mentioned earlier, you can farm weapons from events and bosses. So, we recommend not to spend the premium currency on weapons.

2. Avoid over diversifying of resources at the start

Don not over diversify your resources on too many heroes or too many different elements at the start. The character evolution shots as well as the limit breaking stones are slower in rate to farm at the start as your team is relatively weak, and you will not have enough power to clear the higher-level resource dungeons because it makes farming less efficient.


Farming resources is pretty mediocre at the start. It’s better to focus on specific teams or units. Once you have them strong enough, you will be able to farm the resources materials at a faster rate. It’ll ultimately allow you to diversify your resources.

3. Join in a community

Though the game doesn’t offer PvP or any multiplayer sort of stuff, it does offer players a Co-Op feature where players can request assistance or play with other players to speed up the game time. So finding players to play Co-Op is easy when you’re a member of the World Flipper community like their discord server or other forums. It’ll also help you to share ideas with others.

4. Farm for the event exclusive equipments


There are quite a few pieces of equipment that you can farm from the events themselves as the game has quite a few events going on. So, if you do not farm those while the event is running, you might miss them in the future as the types of equipment might not come again. And, you should farm the items for your character first.

5. Team building at the start

When you first start the game, there’s a limited pool of heroes to choose from. And, most of the heroes have very basic synergies which are better in the elemental team. The damage output is not that good at first. So, you should focus on one or two elemental teams and it will get you better results later.

 team building
Team building

Based on their experiences, the pros always advise that the rainbow team is not that bad, but not as strong as pure elemental teams. As the hero and equipment pool increases, you can build up a rainbow team in the future when you understand the game better.

So, this was our beginner’s guide for World Flipper. We hope this guide will help you to understand the game better and to progress faster than others.

That’s all for today’s World Flipper Beginners Guide. Did you find our World Flipper Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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