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World Flipper Character Tier List for November 2023

The Tier list is here!

In partnership with Cygames, Kakao Games released a new game called World Flipper on the global servers. It is a game that combines the elements of RPG, pixel game graphics, and Pinball. This allows us to reminisce about the Windows XP days when we play pinball when we’re bored. However, this game has a twist of incorporating the elements of pixel game graphics like Pokemon that the majority of the population likes. Follow Alk and Stella as they stumble upon a creature named Light claiming to be the hero in another world. They decide to team up with Light on his journey to find the way back into his world. The party can leap into different worlds and find unique entities along the way. This World Flipper Tier for November 2023 list will let you traverse these worlds more easily and safer than ever.

World Flipper Character Tier List for November 2023

Class/TierCharacter (5*)
Overpowered (SS)Celtie
Sha Susu (3*)
Strong (S)Clarisse
Good (A)Belsidia
Fair (B)Inaho
Weak (C)Eclair

World Flipper: Best Characters to choose from in November 2023

1. Razelt

Razelt in World Flipper

Razelt is one of the Best Light warriors in the game. His skill generates a shield wall that increases the debuff resistance, attack, and elemental resistances of all allies and even grants regeneration. Making him a leader grants your other Light units a 40% ATK Buff, Increase Dark Resistance, as well as recovers HP. You can never feel the dangers of dying, ever.

2. Celtie

Celtie in World Flipper September 2021 tier list
Celtie in World Flipper

Celtie is a DPS Warrior with the element of Wind. She is by far the best wind unit that wreaks havoc on the field with a skill that deals AoE wind damage. In this skill, she sweeps her blade with the force of a tempest. inflicting wind damage on foes from the front and back. Assigning her as a leader will increase the damage of Wind units by 60% when your combo is above or equal to the number of 10. She is a good unit when you have strong wind units in your arsenal.

3. Vyron

Vyron in World Flipper

Vyron is a DPS Warrior class with the element of Darkness. His skill sharpens his senses and inflicts dark DMG to nearby enemies over a while and also increases the attacks of your allies. When assigned as a leader he increases his own ATK by 65%. He is the very definition of a powerful unit that can deal insane amounts of damage by himself.

4. Sha Susu (3*)

Sha Susu in World Flipper
Sha Susu in World Flipper

Sha Susu might be rated a 3-star unit, but her kit makes her a hidden 5-star in the game. She is a thunder element support that gives the team a faster skill gauge buff, making your team charge their skills faster. Her skill not only hastens the skill gauge of your allies but also buffs their skill damage. When assigned as a leader, she further increases the party skill damage by 60%. When you max out her mana board, expect Sha Susu to be the best support in the game. Make sure you get her early!

Final Thoughts

The game is very enjoyable to play in your free time. Incorporating the old-style game Pinball gives it a sense of nostalgia while adding a breath of fresh air by using RPG-like elements in its gameplay. Though recently released on global servers, World Flipper is a well-known game in countries like Japan and Taiwan. This tier list might be good for this month but it might change in the next update. Make sure you stay tuned on the announcements if you want to play this in the long term!

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