World War Heroes: Beginner’s Guide and Tips

If you’ve always been an avid gamer, then by now you’ve probably played more first-person shooters than you can even count. First-person shooters, over the years, have had different settings for their plot. Some games are set in a modern-day time period, some take us way ahead into the future, while some take us through a trip down memory lane into the past. One such game, which takes us through the muddy battlefields and destroyed buildings of the 1940s, is World War Heroes. Let’s get into the basics of this game with our World War Heroes Beginners Guide.


World War Heroes is an online multiplayer first-person action shooter video game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited, for Android and iOS platforms. The game is set during the Second World War time period and features a wide range of era-appropriate features like weapons, maps, and more. If you’re into first-person shooters and do not want to give this a miss, you might want to receive a little heads up before you dive into the game. This World War Heroes Beginners Guide will give you just that; everything you need to know before heading into the game.

World War Heroes Game Modes

First things first, what does this game have to offer? Well, World War Heroes has seven game modes which you can enjoy. They are as follows:

Bomb Mode

Players are split into two teams. The objective of one team would be to go to a particular spot on the map and plant the bomb which they are carrying. The other team’s objective is to stop the bomb from being planted by trying to eliminate their opponents. Teamwork is crucial in this mode since you need to defend whoever is planting or defusing the bomb.


Your task is to keep on eliminating anyone you see. The more kills you rack up, the more your score increases. If you die, you will respawn. Every round has a set time period. The player who gets the most kills becomes the winner.

Team Battle

Team Battle is almost the same as Deathmatch, except this time you play as a team. Players are split into two teams. Whenever any member of a team kills a member of the opponent team, a team score is added.

World War Heroes Guide Team Battle

Players respawn after getting killed, just like in a normal deathmatch. At the end of the round, the team which has the most number of kills wins. Even though it’s a team-based game mode, teamwork is not really crucial since all you need to do is rack up kills.

One-life Battle

This mode is the same as Team Battle. However, you have only one life. If you die, you will not respawn. Each team member needs to eliminate as many members of the other team as possible without dying themselves. The game ends when only one player prevails as the sole survivor.


This game mode is for those who are well aware of Word War Heroes’ gameplay tactics and know what they are doing. This mode buffs up the damage dealt with weapons to the maximum level. Players need to rely heavily on tactics as they can die with one of two shots.

Custom Mode

The custom mode allows you to create games with your own set of rules. You can play in a custom lobby with the people of your choice. The entire game is at your disposal, therefore you can choose to play the game however you want.

World War Heroes Maps

World War Heroes features a variety of maps. Each map is based on a key location during the Second World War. The game has the following maps

  1. Camerton
  2. Finland
  3. Tunisia
  4. Frozen Battle
  5. Normandy
  6. Berlin
  7. Submarine Base
  8. Bloody Winter
  9. Stalingrad

It is really important to get an overview of the maps before you head into one. That’s because you may not be able to use the same tactic in all the maps. 


In Stalingrad, sniping is the key to racking up kills. There are plenty of open areas with direct views from the sniping spots inside buildings. Camp inside one such building with a good view of an open area. Wait for players to get into the kill zone and take the shot. Be sure to watch your back since you probably won’t be the only player to choose that particular camping spot.

Tank based maps

Camerton, Finland, Tunisia, and Frozen Battle feature tanks. As soon as the round starts, head straight for the tank. Remember that you won’t be the only one to do so. Eliminate any player in your way and somehow make it to the tank. Once you’re in the tank, eliminate as many players as your gun. Your tank is strong enough to withstand a significant amount of damage but it is not invincible.

World War Heroes Guide Tanks

Look out for players with anti-tank missiles. Treat them as priority targets and take them out as soon as you spot them. In case you’re on the other side of this scenario, that is, you’re the one on foot, look out for anti-tank missiles. Do not try to engage the tank directly. Rather, flank around, hide from it, and attack it from the back or it’s sides.

Building based maps

Berlin, Submarine Base, and Bloody Winter feature several destroyed buildings. The majority of combat takes place inside those. It is best to stick to a particular area while constantly moving around. Target specific entry and exit points of the buildings and take out anyone who gets near it.

Remember to keep on constantly moving and switching between those points which you are scouting. You will need to have good reflexes so remember to take the shot as soon as someone comes near you.

World War Heroes Soldiers and Weapons

A war is fought with soldiers and weapons. And World War Heroes features a wide range of both. There are multiple categories of weapons as well as multiple classes of soldiers.


World War Heroes features several classes of soldiers. Each class has its own utility and usefulness during the match. Snipers rely on long-range combat. Support class generally provide suppressing fire to enemies. Assault class takes the front and eliminates enemies by charging them. Medic makes sure injured soldiers are healed up and ready to get back into the fight.

These classes can be chosen by choosing the armor which you want. Each of these armors come with their own perks. Some will offer better resistance, while some offer more storage.


World War Heroes offers a wide range of weapons, the ones that were used in the Second World War. Similar to classes of soldiers, weapons are categorized into various types. These include Assault Rifles, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, etc. The game also features other specialized weapons such as anti-tank rocket launchers and various explosives.

Each weapon has its own specific rate of fire, damage, and ammo capacity. While many prefer weapons with the most amount of damage, it is up to the player as to what loadout is appropriate for them.


Azur Interactive has released other first-person shooter video games before, with different settings, both modern and futuristic. This time, they decided to head into the Second World War and give players the first-hand experience of that era through the game. This World War Heroes Beginner’s Guide contains everything you need to know before heading into the game. If you’re up for trying out a new FPS, you can head over to Google PlayStore or Appstore to get the game, depending on whether you’re on Android or iOS.

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