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Wuthering Waves free rewards and how to claim them

Time to clinch your rewards!

Wuthering Waves, the free-to-play open-world action RPG from Kuro Games, has finally received a global launch, and without any surprises, the game has already attracted plenty of attention and has become popular within a couple of days of its launch. Since it is a new launch, getting rewards to boost the progress is necessary. For the same, plenty of in-game events will be happening, so I will have this guide dedicated to Wuthering Waves with the list of free rewards and how to claim them.

If you are looking for guides to assist you in this game, our team has already come up with the redeem codes and a reroll guide available to assist you, alongside a Beginner’s guide, a Tier List, and a bug and error fixing guide to make it easy to select the best picks available.

Here are the free rewards with their links you can claim via different events.

Free Redeem LinksRewards

For now, there aren’t any means of obtaining in-game rewards using links, but there are other different methods from which you can claim them, which I will be listing below.

1. Pre-registration campaign

One of the best rewards will be granted thanks to the pre-registration campaign. The game has garnered an impressive total of 16,000,000 pre-registrations and thanks to achieving milestones in pre-registrations, it will unlock rewards for players participating in the Pre-registration milestone event. Here are the rewards for each milestone:

5 Million Pre-registrationsShell Credit x80,000
10 Million Pre-registrationsAdvanced Resonance Potion x10
15 Million Pre-registrationsAstrite x200
20 Million Pre-registrationsSigil: En Route x1
30 Million Pre-registrationsLustrous Tide x20
50 Million Pre-registrationsRanger’s Series Weapon of Choice x1

2. Events

Events that will be running in the game will be another way some freebies will be distributed. One of the current events is the Version 1.0 Event, which will be gifting some amazing rewards such as 5-Star Resonator.

3. Twitch Drops

Wuthering Waves Twitch Drops event Rewards
Image via Kuro Games

Another way that we get to claim some amazing rewards in Wuthering Waves is through Twitch Drops, which the campaign is already live. Here you can acquire valuable items like Astrites, Advanced Energy Core, Shell Credit, and more. Refer to our comprehensive guide on how to claim Wuthering Waves free rewards from Twitch Drops, as we’ll be regularly updating it with the latest rewards.

How often do we get free rewards in Wuthering Waves

Since it’s a new launch, I think Wuthering Waves will offer quite a few opportunities for free rewards, which are to be gained regularly. Even though claiming rewards through links isn’t out yet, the free rewards can be earned by participating in various in-game challenges and events. To exactly pinpoint the dates or events will be difficult, so for now, let’s keep an eye on the official website.

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