xTactics Heroes Tier List for September 2023

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xTactics is an outstanding strategy-based TTB game where the players get into a 3v3 online match and thus use all the best Heroes to build up one of the best sets of teams. As an amateur, players will definitely need clarification while choosing the Heroes. At first, it’s really difficult to figure out the best heroes and make the best possible team so that the players can easily claim victories without any issues. Thus our xTactics Heroes Tier List piece plays its ultimate role up here. 

xTactics Heroes Tier List for September 2023

So, dolls our detailed piece to understand all about the Heroes and the best set of Heroes. The game has categorized the Heroes into three tiers; S, A, and B:

Strong (S)Gunsmith, 
Good (A)Gunner,
Fair (B)Assault, 

Best Meta Heroes for xTactics in September 2023 


Gunsmith is the strongest of all players can witness in the game. Her main role is to go straight away at the frontline and start off with attacking the opponents. The main thing that makes her the best Hero of all is her ATK and Target stats. Gunsmith has 208 ATK points at her initial level and a Target stat of 60.

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The Target stat of all the Heroes is more or less the same, the main thing that matters is their ATK stats as the entire game depends upon how much high damage a character can come up with for its opponent. Gunsmith comes up with great skills as well, such as Grenade Launcher and Precise Aim. These skills are one of the best and help the characters to provide great damage to their opponents. 


Medic is yet another best Heroes players can witness in the game. This Hero is considered the best supporting character in the game due to its amazing healing skills that help all the other two Heroes in the team. Medic helps in healing herself or her teammates in between the matches which helps in restaining the HP or Boosting up HP so that her teammates and herself too, stay alive till the end.

Image via Saber Interactive Inc

Medic also has an immense ATK point of around 178 which is the only reason that shows why she is one of the best. Medic has 2 main skills in the game, HP Boost and HEAL. These 2 skills help Medic provide one of the best sets of support and let her teammates survive for longer. 


Duelist is another bombastic character players can check out in the game. This Hero has the most precise aim compared to all the other Heroes present in the game. His skills are quite common with that of Gunsmith and thus both of them make a great team together.

Image via Saber Interactive Inc

Duelist comes up with an ATK point of 97 which is the 3rd highest players can witness in the game. Another main reason for this Hero to be one of the best is that Duelist has deadly accuracy and an amazing speed that helps this Hero to bait up and confuse its opponents in just no time. 

Final Thoughts

xTactics has a few sets of amazing features in it and one of the most important of them is Heroes. Heroes are actually very important and every player must know about the best Heroes that are present in the game. This will help them to make the best possible team and rule over the game. So, follow our detailed xTactics Heroes Tier List piece and learn about the best Heroes so that you can utilize them properly and enjoy your journey.

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