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5 Best PUBG Mobile accessories you must try to have smooth gaming experience

Gear up for the best PUBG Mobile experience!

Imagine lining up your scope in the Kar98 Rifle for that perfect headshot which you’re about to take. Your target is stationary and their head is right in the middle of your crosshair. Just as you are about to take the shot, one of the following happens. Your phone runs out of battery and finally shuts down. Or it just simply slips from your hands since your palms are sweaty from hours of gameplay. Of course, such things would not happen all the time, especially a scene where your target is stationary and you’re about to send him out of the match with a headshot from your Kar98 Rifle. However, if you’re a regular PUBG Mobile player and you spend several hours on your phone every day to get that Chicken Dinner, then such incidents would happen to you more frequently that you would like to imagine. But there’s a work-around for everything and your problems can actually be solved easily. All you need to do is get one or more of these 5 best PUBG Mobile accessories for your mobile.

5 best PUBG Mobile accessories

1. 90 Degree Flat Charging Cable

You might scoff at the idea about phones running out of battery. Maybe you have a phone which has a really good battery and even pulls off long hours of gaming sessions. Most smartphone companies have improved their battery over the years. But a smartphone is still a wireless device that requires regular charging. You can of course charge your phone with any charger while playing PUBG Mobile. However, the micro-USB/Type-C cable attached to your phone will eventually become quite uncomfortable for you during your gaming sessions. You need to adjust your fingers according to the base of the charging pin. Moreover, the charging cable will occasionally touch your hands which will cause discomfort during gaming.

90 Degree Flat Charging Cable,
90 Degree Flat Charging Cable

You can get rid of this problem with the 90 Degree Flat Charging Cable. This cable charges your phone just like any other normal cable without causing any discomfort to the user. The base of the pin can rotate by 90 degrees and goes all the way towards the rear side of your phone. The end of the base has a suction mechanism that attaches to the back of your phone keeping the entire base attached. Therefore, you can hold your phone without having to adjust your fingers and worrying about the cable touching your hands.

If you’re wondering which brand you can go for, you can try out LionBolt. Its ultra-thin 2.6mm charging plug makes sure it occupies as little space as possible.

You can get LionBolt Hand Tour 90 Degree Flat Charging Cable here. Please note that this particular product is only compatible with smartphones that have micro-USB ports.

2. Triggers

It’s perfectly cool to feel safe knowing your smartphone has gorilla glass and its screen cannot be damaged. Of course, it won’t get cracked if you keep tapping it but after a while, you will start to notice permanent marks on areas where you tap the most. And playing PUBG Mobile requires a lot of tapping. Moreover, it is hard on your fingers to constantly tap a specific portion of your screen. You will experience minor finger irritation and tiredness. Therefore, you might want to look for an alternative where you do not have to tap your screen that much.

Triggers for PUBG Mobile, best 5 PUBG Mobile accessories
Triggers for PUBG Mobile

Instead of tapping your screens, you might want to use triggers for your smartphone. Here is how it works. Triggers for PUBG Mobile generally come in pairs that you attach to the top two corners of your phone. A part of the trigger is right on top of the virtual button of your game. When you press a trigger on the corner of your phone then it’s counterpart, which is the part that taps your screen, taps on the required virtual button. This way you do not need to move your finger every time you need to shoot. Quick reaction is paramount in PUBG Mobile and using a trigger is much faster and more comfortable than tapping on the virtual buttons on the screen.

While there are plenty of triggers out there, you would want something that does not take up half of your phone screen. The Smart Dot PUBG Trigger would be a very good option in such a case. These compact triggers ensure that they occupy minimal space on your screen while giving you an instantaneous response when you press the triggers.

You can get the Smart Dot PUBG Trigger from here.

3. Earphones

Precise pinpointing of enemy locations based on sound cues are very important in PUBG Mobile. You can of course use your smartphone’s in-built speakers, but it won’t help you identify the direction from which the sounds would be approaching towards you. Thus, comes earphones which you probably use in your day-to-day life for attending phone calls and listening to music.

In -ear Headphones, best 5 PUBG Mobile accessories
In -ear Headphones

It is important to buy good earphones with balanced sound elements such as bass, treble, etc, so that the sound you hear is clear. Also, when playing as a squad in PUBG Mobile, voice communication is important. You need to be able to speak to your teammates and let them know about enemy positions, discuss the game plan, ask for help, etc. Using your phone’s in-built mic might not be a good idea since it won’t be right near your mouth and will also probably not cancel out background noise. Using an earphone will mitigate all of these issues as you will be able to know precisely where the sound is coming from and your teammates will be able to hear your instructions clearly.

When it comes to sound related products, one of the first brands you would probably think of is JBL. If you want earphones that would be perfect for your PUBG Mobile sessions, you can try out the JBL C100SI In-Ear headphones. These earphones, apart from giving you the perfect sound output, also comes with a noise-canceling mic which means your teammate can listen to your voice without the unnecessary static.

You can get the JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones from here. It comes with three color variants for you to choose from – Red, Black, and White.

4. Mobile Grip

Smartphones are slim devices in general. They are mostly made of plastic or glass, both of which can easily slip through your hands. Even if it doesn’t, holding your smartphone for long hours can be stressful for your hands. Therefore, you would probably need to switch to an alternative. No, we are not talking about switching to the PUBG emulator for PC. We are talking about getting yourself a Mobile Grip.

Mobile grip for PUBG Mobile, 5 best PUBG Mobile accessories
Mobile grip for PUBG Mobile

A Mobile Grip is a device that is custom made for mobile gamers so that they can get an increased grip on their smartphone. Setting up your phone on a mobile grip is even easier than setting it in a smartphone cover. Mobile Grips are made in such a way that you keep a hold on your phone without the risk of it slipping through your hands. This will help you a lot while playing PUBG Mobile since you need a proper grip on your smartphone to have a smooth and comfortable gaming experience.

If you want something really solid, something you would never let go off then you can try out the COSPEX Game Controller Grip Holder. This mobile grip is shaped like a video game controller which gives you a really good grip compared to other flat mobile grips. It also comes with an attached thumb controller, which you may or not use depending on your preference. It would make your gameplay experience a lot smoother if you are holding this mobile grip and using its in-built thumb controller for precision. Also this is one of the best PUBG Mobile accessories you can opt for.

You can get the COSPEX Game Controller Grip Holder from here.

5. Mobile Cooling Pad

Remember the time when the only tech-related cooling pad we knew of were laptop cooling pads? Laptop cooling pads were introduced because companies bumped up their production of gaming laptops, which would often face heating issues. The exact same thing now applies to smartphones. Due to increased gaming activities, even the best smartphones would sometimes get really heated up. It may or may not be harmful to your phone’s internal components, but it’s best not to try it out as an experiment. Instead, what you can do is take precautions by getting yourself a Mobile Cooling Pad.

Mobile Cooling Pad, best 5 PUBG Mobile accessories
Mobile Cooling Pad

Just like how a laptop cooling pad cools down a laptop, a mobile cooling pad cools down smartphones. A mobile cooling pad consists of a cooling surface with fans underneath it. The cooling surface dissipates the heat from your smartphone, and the fans help to blow the heat away. A cooling pad reduces your phone’s temperature by a few degrees, thereby preventing thermal throttling. Therefore, with a cooling pad attached to your phone, you can play PUBG Mobile without the fear of any lag due to heating.

If you are looking for a good cooling pad, you can check out the Crazy-Store Mobile Cooling Pad. It is shaped like a controller which makes it really easy and comfortable to hold it during gaming sessions. It comes with a 2000mAh battery which can also be used as a power bank for your phone.

You can get the Crazy-Store Mobile Cooling Pad from here.

Final thoughts

That’s all about the best PUBG Mobile accessories you must try to have a smooth gaming experience. If you want to stick to basics without investing in any additional equipment, it is completely understandable. Many players indeed prefer to play PUBG Mobile just on their smartphone, without any add-ons. However, these 5 best PUBG Mobile accessories will make your gameplay experience a lot smoother than you can expect. Depending on your preference, you are free to choose one or more items listed above. If you really want that chicken dinner, you know exactly what to look for.

What are your views about the best PUBG Mobile accessories? Let us know in the comments below.

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