Shadowgun War Games Dev Interview reveals the plans for future updates

Shadowgun War Games is the newest game of Madfinger Games. The overwatch-like mobile shooter is currently one of the best FPS games available for mobile devices. Since its launch, the game has already been downloaded over 1 million times. The game is still very new in the store, so there are a lot of aspects where the players will be seeing new contents and updates. Luckily, GamingonPhone had the chance to conduct an interview of Tomas Svoboda, the Community Manager for Shadowgun War Games. This Shadowgun War Games Dev Interview revealed various important areas about the game, ranging from the origin of the game to the future updates. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what Tomas said about the game and what awaits for the gamers in the future.

On the origin of War Games

Gamers are always eager to know about the origins, lores behind the games they play, they love. Just like that, we were curious, how Madfinger Games came up with the idea for this game.

shadowgun war games gameplay

GamingonPhone: Shadowgun War Games is considered by the community as mobile Overwatch. Is that the truth? Or are there any other inspirations behind the game?

Tomas: We certainly cannot deny that we found inspiration in other games, not just Overwatch. It’s basically because we love those titles, we play them and we are naturally inspired by them. But we always make sure that we bring something purely ours to our games. We have so many talented people in our team and they have their own ideas and vision. On the first sight it can remind you of some other games, but once you get to know it, you’ll find out that it’s based on a completely unique world. The fun fact is that the Shadowgun universe was there even before Overwatch.

On the future updates and game features

The game is certainly on its early phase of development, at least many things are lined up. Inside the champions section and game modes section, we can see that “Coming soon”. So it is pretty obvious, there are many more things to come. In this Shadowgun War Games Dev Interview, Tomas talked about what are the things that gamers could be excited for!

GamingonPhone: What are the big content updates that are lined up / Are there any content plans for 2020 that you can share?

Tomas: Shadowgun War Games will grow continuously regarding content and features. We can reveal that this year you will definitely see more heroes, maps, game modes, and other features. We want to bring updates on a regular basis so players can see the game evolving and growing. We can also see how those features are desired by players so we can’t wait to put them in the game.

shadowgun war games

GamingonPhone: Champions are a big feature of the game. How many Champions can we expect?

Tomas: Right now we have a few more champions in production, some of them are nearly finished and our players will be able to see them next season. We have to emphasize that it’s just the beginning. More characters will be added over time and each will be unique for sure. You can expect varied weapons and unique skills that are defining the characters and their role and potential. We also want to keep the current style of each character having multiple exclusive cosmetics, emotes and skin variations. Some of them unlockable on the Battle Pass and some directly purchasable.

GamingonPhone: The Team Deathmatch mode is the most popular and a majority of the mobile FPS games like PUBGM, CODM are having the same model. Although Capture the Flag is unique to this game, are there any new game modes that are lined up?

Tomas: Absolutely! We are gamers, we know how important it is to have multiple modes. We are actually really close to releasing a new game mode – Zone Control. We also feel how crucial it is to have ranked battles, so this feature will also make it to the game really soon. But these are plans just for the near future, players can expect even more game modes later.

GamingonPhone: The jump feature is missing from the game. Can we expect it to be added in the game? Or will the game be played without the jump button?

Tomas: We currently do not feel the need for a jump button in the game. The design of the maps and gameplay is meant to be smooth and fast. There is no real benefit of jumping in our skill-based game.

GamingonPhone: The community is really interested to know when playing with friends will be available. Will there by a clan/guild feature to focus more on the social side of the game?

Tomas: We hear the community and this is something we will definitely add as it’s one of the core game features. We also want to make sure that players will not get the plain guild/clans just to stick together but it will have an actual purpose except just forming a group and that’s it. There are some cool functionalities to guilds that we want to bring to players. It’s now a work in progress, we need to work on it and make sure it’s enjoyable.

On esports for war Games

Esports has become a big thing for competitive mobile games. With the huge success of Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale etc other major developers are already trying to follow their path. Games like Free Fire has already started with their esports and Cal of Duty Mobile is about to start. So this is very obvious that War Games will be launching its esports in the near future. But when and how Madfinger Games is planning that?! Shadowgun War Games Dev Interview revelled that.

GamingonPhone: What are the esports plans for War Games?

Tomas: It’s no secret that we have ambitions to make the Shadowgun War Games a #1 mobile eSport game. We want to build competitive events within our community first and then slowly expand upon it. Community and its feedback on such events as tournaments are very crucial for us. We want to start from the community and then expand. Our partners are behind us, which brings us the much needed support and motivation.

Also when we look back to the Shadowgun War Games tournament with ESL we can see that the game definitely has an eSports potential and can attract a mass audience. As we have said earlier, the game is still growing and we will be implementing features soon that will allow the community to easily create its own tournaments and also support the eSport scene as well. Our goal is to have an entertaining and competitive free to play mobile shooter game that players all around the world can enjoy.

The information we got to know through this Shadowgun War Games Dev Interview is certainly going to give hope to the gamers. We can already see that many big features are on the pipeline that will make the game more exciting and enjoyable in the days ahead.

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