Shadowgun War Games: Tips to level up fast

Shadowngun War Games is the latest game from Madfinger Games. It’s a 5v5 PVP game where two teams go against each other. While the game is very new to the market, players have been trying hard to level up their accounts as soon as possible. Levelling up unlocks characters, new perks and some cosmetics through the season pass. So today in this article we will talk about how to level up fast in Shadowngun War Games

Watch Ads to get 20% extra bonus 

The easiest way to level up quick in Shadowgun War Games is to watch the ads after a match. The devs allow players to watch ads to get a 20% bonus XP for that particular match. So just watch the ad for 30 secs to get the bonus XP points. However, as the number of times a player can watch ads and get the XP is limited, so I suggest watching ads only when the match XP is over 1000.

ad booster in shadowgun war games
watch Ad in Shadowgun war games and get free XP

Get more Kills and Assists

Skills can bring in more XP. The better a player performs, the more he/she will get XP after the match. Each thing inside a match counts, be it a direct kill or an assist in a kill. Better performance will fetch more XP points. 

Use the XP booster from Season Pass

A unique feature of the season pass is the XP booster. Players can get XP boost when they activate the item that they got from the season pass. The item will boost the amount of XP gained from the matches for a certain amount of time.

xp booster in shadowgun war games
XP booster in Shadowgun War Games

Bonus XP from Team XP booster

The season pass also rewards the pass holder’s to get team XP booster items. So if you are lucky enough to get a player in the team who activates the team XP boost item, it will help in getting some free XP.

Do you some more tips to level up fast in Shadowgun War Games? Feel free to share them in the comments below. And for more mobile games news and updates, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter.

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