3 Reasons why Among Us is trending now after the release in 2018

Trends are strange sometimes!

Although released in 2018, Among Us suddenly shot up the trending list recently. It is currently one of the most popular action-based games on Steam and also on mobile devices. But the question that arises is why this game suddenly propelled into the spotlight almost 2 years after release? Here are the 3 reasons for this sudden rise of Among Us in the trending list.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a murder-mystery style game available for both PC and Mobile. Players are given the role of either Crewmate or Impostor (max 3). The Impostors must kill off the Crewmates without being noticed. The Crewmates are given the job of finding who the impostor is through problem-solving and communication, whilst the impostors must try to keep away suspicion.

Among Us Trending

During meetings, the whole crew can choose to vote out who they think is the impostor. If they are right, then its 1 impostor down, but if they are wrong, you and the rest of the crew just helped the impostor by throwing out an innocent. This is what makes the meetings the best part of the game. The uncertainty over who to trust, and the need to prove yourself as innocent is what brings the fun out of Among Us.

Why Among Us is popular now?

Among Us has been on the trending list for many reasons. Here are the most important for this rise in popularity.

1. Twitch Streams: The first shot to popularity

A Twitch employee, going by the name, Pluto recommended the game to a Twitch Streamer named Sodapoppin. He then went on to stream Among Us along with a group of his friends to his 2.8 million Twitch followers.

Among Us Trending

The majority of viewers seemed to enjoy the game, which led to the game becoming popular amongst other Streamers, YouTubers, and the regular community. Social media in general played a huge part in making the game trending. A lot of popular internet celebrities played the game to a huge audience.

2. Release of The Henry Stickmin collection

The developers as well as the publishers of Among Us, Innersloth, released The Henry Stickmin Collection on 7th August 2020, which was quite a popular game amongst Streamers and YouTubers.

Among Us Trending

The same devs were also publishers of Among Us, some people decided to try it out.

3. The low cost availability of Among Us

The final reason may not be as important as the other two, but it still played a big role in the game’s surge of popularity. During the Steam Summer Sale, Among Us dropped to $1, which was a great deal for such a game. Also, in general, Among Us is not as costly as other big games, as it sits at a reasonable $5.

Also, on Mobile platforms, the game is completely free, so there is little reason as to why you shouldn’t install it there. There are some ads and IAPs but they really aren’t an issue in your gameplay experience.

A little nudge and boom!

Among Us suddenly shot to the limelight because it proved to be a genuinely fun game. The majority of people enjoyed the game and from its release in 2018, it definitely had that potential. All it needed was a little nudge. The reasons showed above, as well as many more, all played a part in the trend.

among us, among us trends
upward trend of Among Us

The game now sits at 11th most popular by player count on Steam. It is also at the number 1 spot for Top Free Games on both Android and iOS. You’ll see many big internet celebrities playing this game, maybe you can also give it a try. Playing with a group of friends is, of course, the best way to play Among Us. However, joining a public game can also be very enjoyable.

What are your opinions on Among Us being the most trending game currently? Let us know in the comments section below!

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