5 Best Android Emulators that lets you play Android Games on PC

The use of emulators has been a common practice for decades. It has been used commonly in the field of microprocessor technology to emulate processors for quick and repeated testing processes. As emulation technology evolved over the years, we saw the release of console emulators that allows us to try out old console applications or games on our computers. Parallelly, we also saw the release of several Android mobile emulators, which as compared to console emulators, is both easier to use as well as develop. Here’s a list of the 5 best Android emulators which you can use.


bluestacks, best android emulator

BlueStacks is one of the most used Android emulators across the world. It is regarded by many reviewers as “the best Android emulator”. It is supported by both Windows as well as macOS systems. This emulator offers several features such as multi-instance, custom keyboard mappings, macros, and real-time translation, among others. BlueStacks is widely used by gamers all across the world. And it is really easy to use and the user need not have much technical knowledge. While the emulator offers plenty of features, it can result in performance issues in low-end desktops as it is quite resource consuming. To know more or download it, please visit the official website.


nox player, best android emulator
Nox Player

Apart from BlueStacks, another widely used Android emulator is the NoxPlayer. While NoxPlayer too supports similar features such as Macros, Multi-Instance, and custom keyboard mapping, it’s performance can be regarded as comparatively smoother than other emulators. One of the most defining features of NoxPlayer is the ease of getting root access, which simply requires the user to enable a toggle. Other than that, key-mapping gestures into keyboard buttons in NoxPlayer and using them without any issues is another major feature that this emulator has to offer. To download it, visit their official website.


Remember Tencent Gaming Buddy? It allowed you to play PUBG Mobile on PC with keyboard and mouse controls. Later, Tencent Gaming Buddy became GameLoop. Unlike its initial launch where it only supported PUBG Mobile, it has a huge library of games. And you can play all of them with keyboard controls. If you’re using an Android emulator exclusively for gaming and have no plans for using other applications, then you should probably go for GameLoop. To download GameLoop please visit their official website.

Ko Player

If you’re looking for a lightweight emulator that does not consume much resource, you can try out Ko Player. Like all other Android emulators, Ko Player too supports key-mapping to use Android softwares using PC controls and is supported on both Windows and macOS systems. The UI of this emulator is pretty simple as compared to others. So, it is suitable for an audience with less technical knowledge. It is to be noted that Ko Player does suffer from occasional bugs, based on user reviews. So, if you’re into heavy gaming, you might want to look for alternatives. To download Ko Player please visit their official website.

MEmu Play

If you’re looking for a balanced experience between lightweight and heavyweight, MEmu Play is one of the Android emulators you can use. Similar to other emulators, MEmu Play too comes with multi-instance support, key mapping, etc. Similar to BlueStacks and Nox, MEmu can be used by both gamers to play games as well as developers who can test out their applications.

memu play
Memu Play

Ofcourse this goes without saying that there are plenty of other Android emulators out there which you can use. But as of present, these can be easily considered as the 5 best android emulators. Whether you’re a hardcore mobile gamer looking to play your favorite games with keyboard or a developer who wants to try out their software in a wide range of devices, these emulators will make sure that your purpose is fulfilled and you get what you’re looking for. You can download MEmu from their official website.

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