Top 5 Collectible Card Games for Mobile

Collectible Card Games, or CCGS, have been some of the most played games on mobile. From games like Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft, which brought the famed World Of Warcraft universe to mobile, to Elder Scrolls: Legends, CCGs have racked up millions of downloads amongst themselves, and are very popular in the mobile gaming community. So, we present to you, the top 5 Collectible Card Games on Mobile!

5. Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Since its release on mobile in 2014, Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone has been the most popular and easy-to-learn collectable card game. You play as a hero, chosen from any of the nine available classes, and match up against other opponents. You then use various minions and spells, by unlocking them through card packs, to win, by bringing your opponent’s health to zero. The card packs can be obtained by using gold, Hearthstone’s in-game currency, which in turn can be earned by completing daily quests. It has 3 expansions a year, with 135 new cards being added in each expansion.

4. Elder Scrolls: Legends

Like Hearthstone brought the WoW universe to mobile, Elder Scrolls: Legends brought the lore of The Elder Scrolls series to mobile. It was released on mobile in 2017, which means that it is a recent release. It can be played in the PvP as well as PvE format. The gameplay is divided into different “lanes”. It has had 8 expansions till date, with each expansion adding new cards and new content. This CCG is very interesting to play, I can guarantee you that!

3. Clash Royale

When the Finnish gaming company, Supercell launched their collectable card game, Clash Royale, on mobile, it took the market by storm. Out of all the CCGs on this list, Clash Royale has the most downloads – with over a 100 million Clashers! The game is very easy to learn, but difficult to master. You make a deck consisting of eight cards, which are of two types – troops and spells. Timing, depth, strategy, Clash Royale has it all! You can read our full coverage about Clash Royale here

2. Eternal Card Game

Eternal has the strategy and depth of both Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. Developed by Dire Wolf Digital, it released on mobile in 2016. Eternal is one of the most F2P (Free to Play) player-friendly CCG on mobile. It is turn-based, between two opponents, that use constructed decks made up of various cards. These cards can be unlocked through card packs purchased through in-game currency, or real money, and through access to the Draft Mode. The game has had 5 expansions till date, with the latest dropping on May 9, 2019, which added 252 new cards to the game.

1. Shadowverse CCG

Shadowverse CCG is straight-up, the most F2P player-friendly CCG on mobile. The game always gives out free stuff, which really helps the F2P players catch up with the spenders, hence, competition is far fairer in this game, than some others on the list. Shadowverse released on mobile in June 2016, with Japan’s Cygames as its developer. The game has been compared to Hearthstone, but it has far less of the “randomness” or “RNG factor than Hearthstone. The game also employs a unique mechanic, known as “Evolve”, which grants bonus stats and effects to playing cards, by using up an “Evolution Point”. Shadowverse is a very unique and generous game, and hence, it tops this list.

Did you like reading our list? If you have some recommendation, feel free to mention them in the comments below! And, if you are looking for like-minded people to have a discussion with, jump into our community discord!

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