Hitman Go: A unique take on the silent assassin Agent 47

Welcome back 47

Hitman has been a beloved franchise for years now. The combination of action and stealth has kept players coming back year after year and their new iteration of the game may surprise some, but it is every bit addictive as the other games in the series. While it is available on PC and Playstation, Hitman Go is most importantly on mobile. Considering Hitman is one of the top franchises of all time in gaming, having a world-class mobile game is a must.

The plot of the game is simple enough, you as the player must guide Agent 47 through a series of puzzles, avoiding security, guards, obstacles, and escaping on the other side of the board that the game is based on. While it doesn’t have the same wall-to-wall action and stealth that players love about the other Hitman games, it is far from mindless and requires careful attention, skill, and logic to ensure you can complete each level.

Solve puzzles and complete missions like a master assassin

How you play Hitman Go is not only what makes it unique, but also what keeps it very, very interesting. The game is a turn-based style puzzle game. It takes place on different boards that look like chess boards, and you have to control 47 and make sure he makes it out on the other side.

Hitman Go

It is stylistically very appealing, with very crisp colors and 3D models of all the characters and extras of each board. How you play the game is where things become very interesting and where all the excitement lies. The point is to get to the other side of the board safely, and since it is a puzzle board game, in essence, it is more like chess than anything else. You move, and then the enemies move, your job is to avoid being intercepted and caught.

In the beginning, this is fairly simple, however, you are soon met with guards that patrol, guards with dogs, knife-wielding foes, and a variety of other enemies that all move around the board in different ways and require you to think of a new strategy. Each map also contains its own set of obstacles or blockages that stop the player from just running in a straight line to the exit. Combine this with the different enemies and you can see why this game becomes so addictive.

Timing is the key to silently beat deadly enemies

It also doesn’t allow you to take the easy way out, there is no real way to cheat the game. If you take too long or barely move, you’ll just be caught. You have to make sure that every move you make is the correct one because one mistake can often lead to you losing the level.

Hitman Go gameplay

There are ways to beat levels with just great movement alone, but there are also times where 47 will need to sneakily approach an enemy and knock them off the board. This is another aspect of the game that makes it different from other games in the genre.

This game isn’t about not being “seen”, it is like chess. You don’t have to stay hidden or out of the eye-line of enemies, you just mustn’t let them get on your square and take you out of the game. Games like this get very tricky and almost annoying when not only do you have to think about beating the level, but also have to consider staying hidden the entire time, Hitman Go is different, and is therefore far, far more appealing.

Final Thoughts

Hitman Go is a paid game, but it is very clear to see why. The graphics are amazing for the mobile game, the gameplay is addictive and in no way repetitive and boring, and it most certainly set a benchmark for these chess-style games. Lara Croft Go is the game that took a ton of inspiration from Hitman Go, and both have been wildly successful, especially Hitman. While it was met with a lot of skepticism when it was first released, considering it is nothing like other Hitman games, that skepticism soon faded once people began playing.

There have been many games in this genre, but Hitman Go was most definitely the first one that got all the working parts right, from the graphics to the gameplay and the depth of the game itself. It was released all the way back in 2014, and you can still download it now and have as much fun with it as if you were have downloaded it back then. It has held its own over time and is a must-play for any fan of the Hitman series.

As you can tell, while Hitman Go is very, very different from every other Hitman game, it is the perfect game to transition to this type of puzzle-based game. As mentioned, it is highly addictive, and once you start playing, you are going to constantly want to move through a level faster, and be more efficient. There is also a lot of replayability once you figure out the best strategies, and it never really feels repetitive, even though the mission is simple, go from point A to point B.

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