Influence of Mobile gaming on the behavior of working professionals

All work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy

The Mobile gaming industry is becoming more popular than ever and transforming into a giant industry. More and more players are preferring mobile gaming over PC. It is expected that player numbers will cross about 3 billion by 2023. Also, global revenue is expected to pass $200 billion by 2023. The emergence of the latest technology made it possible for people to enjoy it on the screen of smartphones. From PCs and gaming consoles to smartphones, gaming has come a long way and so is peoples’ preferences. With mobile gaming, even a layman can have access to the most popular games. The role of developers has also been phenomenal in finding the potential of the mobile gaming market. Battle Royale or Puzzle games were already popular but the FPS games are also making massive inroads. Games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobileand Fortnite Mobile are now massively popular amongst mobile gamers.

More and more developers are offering mobile gaming options as it seems a potential market. Even online casinos such as Betfair now offer mobile games where you can play. You can find more information here. This easy availability of the games has lured not only the students but also the working professionals to the gaming world. They find it soothing after the long and tedious office hours. Here, we are going to discuss the influence of mobile gaming on the behavior of working professionals.

The positive influence of mobile gaming on working professionals

It is a well-known fact that gaming can stimulate logical ability in a fun way. Many studies also state that limited gameplay can increase emotional as well as a logical development. Here’s how gaming can have positive impacts on working professionals.

1. Boost Logical reasoning

Video and mobile games help working professionals to enhance logical reasoning to solve problems and bring solutions. Thus, those working under stressful conditions would find it easy and soothing to in adverse situations.

2. Increase Spatial conception

Now, most of the games are available in high video resolutions and provide multiple dimensional worlds. So, this allows people to unconsciously improve their spatial vision in an effective way.

3. Team Player

There are lots of games available with multiplayer options. Just like the group project in the office, such games can boost the team spirit.

mobile gaming,  Influence of Mobile gaming on the Behavior of Working Professionals

4. Rewards come after Hard work

Games need full dedication from the players to grind and win. Little missions with rewards engage people to increase their efforts. This enhances the spirit of getting rewards after hard work.

5. Visual and Manual coordination

The information of the games is perceived by the sight while reactions are manifested with the movements of the hands and fingers on the controller, the screen, or the keyboard. Eyes and hands act as a team, developing their coordination to the maximum.

6. Improve Reflexes

As we said above, games need the total attention of the players. It requires a precise and quick reaction of players to any event in the game. This helps players to remember directions, moves, spaces, times, speeds, and similar things. They understand that a minor mistake can lead to a loss in the game. Reaction speed works constantly when playing games, especially in games about racing, etc.

7. Handle the losses – Practice makes perfection

Not all the time players would win the game. New players or old players playing new games would face loss in the game several times. This helps the players to handle the losses properly. Also, it will encourage me to practice more.

8. Enhances the Memory and Grasping power

Teenagers are very receptive and they can learn things very quickly. Thus, playing mobile games they can overcome a game by remembering solutions, dangers, shortcuts, keys, bonuses, and similar things.

The negative effects of mobile gaming

There are several adverse effects of gaming that arise with the involvement of the players according to the time and the genre of the game.

1. Aggression

Among the most negative impacts of playing games is aggression in people. This can be the result of violent games and the involvement of the players in the games. Excessive engagement in such games can impact social behavior and leads to aggressive nature.

2. Addiction

Game addiction is considered a serious disease according to WHO and it applies to all age groups of gamers. This doesn’t have any relation with the genre of the game but the time investment influences here.

3. Affects the health

Extreme gaming can lead to health problems as well. When people engage more in gaming and reduce their physical activities, it poses the risk of obesity.

So that’s it, the positives and negatives of mobile gaming discussed in a nutshell, the good and the bad, the choice is yours, should you accept it.

What do you think about the influence of mobile gaming on the behavior of working professionals? Is it for good or bad? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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