Maximizing Your Mobile Gaming and Entertainment Experience with New Tech

As we enter the golden age of mobile entertainment, we have to appreciate how far we’ve come. As what is now a mainstream platform, mobiles offer practically everything any other device can, although this comes with some important caveats. Putting these potential issues under the spotlight, we want to investigate what exactly is needed to get the most of out your experience, based on the games and activities that you enjoy the most along with entertainment with the brand new tech.

For fast-paced Games and Shooter players

Starting big, the arenas of first and third-person shooter games are those which require not just the fastest reflexes, but also some of the best possible hardware. This is because, unlike many other forms of mobile gaming, the skill ceiling in shooters is very much raised by better system performance.

The first example of this could be seen, literally, in screen size and resolution. The larger a gaming screen and the higher the resolution, the more detail is visible. This is especially important in games like PUBG, where long-distance targets are a constant and pressing threat. Such reality is one of the reasons where, in this area of gaming, the new tech of folding phone screens can offer real appreciable advantages and entertainment.

Similarly, players of FPS titles, and faster-paced games in general, need to consider the effects of high frame-rates. Essentially, whenever you’re playing a fast-paced game, you want to be sure to hit a minimum of 60 FPS. This makes it easy to detect elements and motion at high speed, and also serves to lower input latency. In games like Call of Duty mobile, where twitch-reflexes are key, this is a must.

There is a confounding issue here, however, in that for mid-range devices, players might have to choose between a higher resolution and a higher frame-rate. Resolutions above 1280 pixels wide can heavily impact FPS, which means that players will often have to find their own preferred balance. There are no overall right answers here, as this is more a matter of personal preference, though at least in smaller arenas where visibility isn’t as much of a concern, a better FPS can find players the more appreciable edge.

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Finally, players of fast-paced games should also seriously consider adopting dedicated gaming controllers. By offering tactile feedback, there can add a great deal of accuracy and efficiency over standard touch-controls. While not yet universally supported, mobile integration with controllers is improving massively over time.

Slower-paced Gaming

For slower-paced games like Hearthstone or Stardew Valley, most of the above components are far more optional than necessary. What players need to do with slower games is to find ways to expand their current experiences, rather than completely reshape them. In this manner, larger screens and the adoption of controllers can be great for some, but unnecessary for many. That said, there are many gamers out there with visual or dexterity concerns,  for whom such optional additions can be life-savers.

General entertainment

When looking at more generalized entertainment, the question again becomes what could be done to maximize personal enjoyment with new tech. A great example of this is the opportunities available with online gambling in India. Getting involved here involves broader steps than many other forms of entertainment, from finding a website to collecting bonuses, and then playing games. In such cases, systems capable of all-around performance can be best.

Furthermore, for something like movies and music on YouTube or Spotify, demands on software and hardware can be even lower. Practically any modern mobile can handle uses like this flawlessly, meaning even cheap machines, provided they have large enough screens for the user, are incredibly simple to find.

Leaning into the Next Generation

Users looking into the next generation would be remiss if they didn’t touch upon the possibilities of 5G. While still currently limited in scope, 5G integration could eventually spell a significant turning point in both gaming and video media. For movies, this could make 4K 60FPS video realistically streamable. For video games, streaming systems like Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia might finally become viable in the mainstream.

entertainment with new tech
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Ultimately, deciding what setup is right for you is a matter of evaluating what you love now and what you might want to try in the future and then measuring this against how much you have to spend. Remember that, while it can be tempting to go out and buy top of the line, the price of mobiles is always dropping, so there are instances when waiting a few months is a better choice. Whatever you go with, remember to research reviews first, and you’ll be on your way for a better overall experience.

What’s your take in Maximizing Mobile Gaming and Entertainment with New Tech? Drop-in your opinions in the comments section below.

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