Game of Sultans: 5 Reasons why you should play

There are many strategy games available in the store but Game of Sultans is one of a kind. Game of Sultans may look similar to many of the other games but this game is actually very unique. If you love in-depth strategy games, then you should definitely check this out. Here are the top 5 reasons why this game stands out from the rest of the crowd.

1. Game Design

If you are a strategy seeker or love to play deep strategy games then you must try Game of Sultans. The game is designed in such a way that you can boost your empire strength in various ways. The empire strength and economy are almost connected with every part of the game, like you can boost them using gold directly or using vizirs, or using consorts, or by growing heirs or by some other ways. Hence you need proper planning and optimization of your resources. Where to invest with how much amount/percentage in which sector. So, If you have a solid strategy or good at strategy building then you can easily dominate the other common players.

2. Full of amazing events

Game of Sultans is always updated with new events. There are various types of events few are ‘single-player‘ events such as (i) talent rush (ii) Intimacy rush (iii) Romance of Sultan etc. Few are ‘a team’ events such as (i) Pirates Killing, (ii) Horse Riding, etc. Few are ‘union/clan/league‘ events like, (i) Union XP rush, (ii) fortification and few are ‘among the servers‘ like, (i) Ruins search. These events stay for 3 days and you need to make your mark within the specific time period. The reward is based on your leaderboard rank.

3. Vast campaign mode

There is a huge campaign mode in this game and you have to conquer the entire map. The map consists of 250 (approx) chapters, and each chapter has 5 castle to conquer. In the last castle you have to defeat the boss. There is a specific reward for completing each chapter.

4. Detailed war system

Game of Sultans

‘Union War’ is held weekly among the various unions. There are Four stages in war viz; (i) Group Stage, (ii) Knock Out 1 (iii) Knock out 2 (iv) Final stage. From each round 1st,2nd & 3rd position unio proceed to the next round. The Rewards are based on the rank of the unions & players for every round. The War is the prestige of your Union.

The war of Supremecy is held in every 14 days among 4 servers. The best 3 unions of every server take part in this war and there are 2 stages in this war.

5. A whole new flavour

The Strategy generally we play or we have played, in every game, the used words are the same such as “King” “Queen” “commander” “General” “castle” etc. But here you will have a total new packed of words and you are going to love them with time. Apart from this, every part of the game has different music which will touch your heart.


Let us know what you feel about Game of Sultans. Your Valuable response is much appreciated.

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