Playing on Mobile or Desktop: What is better and has a more rewarding experience

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For many years, Desktop PCs were considered the king of the technological world. The dual-functionality of one device was mind-blowing for most of us and some might have thought it could never be bested. It was considered to be the powerful equipment that gamers thought that everything will revolve around it. A few years down the line, the first mobile phone was released, and this completely changed the gaming industry. Since then, Mobile devices and PCs have continued to grow in leaps and bounds leaving gamers between a rock and a hard place. Coming to the present scenario and the truth is, almost all PC games are being launched for Mobile devices. Mobile devices have become so powerful that you can be playing almost all PC Desktop games on your mobile devices, although do remember, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the gaming experience is always equal.

Online Games

In the early 2000s, mobile games were limited to offline mode and over the last five years, the mobile gaming industry grew at a massive rate. However, with the arrival of technologies in smartphones, game developers started making changes. This turned out to be a huge turning point in the evolution of mobile gaming. Developers started with online games with multiplayer and cooperative modes. Many mobile games now have full-fledged single-player narratives. Mobile games eventually branched out to include various genres of games such as SportsMOBAAdventureBattle-royale, etc. 

Playing on Mobile or Desktop experience

Those who generally play the game on the desktop, consider the experience to be well above the mobile platform. The majority of players find the desktop versions of games far superior. It’s been chalked up to the graphics that are experienced, mods that players can get on a PC and the loading times are much quicker. PCs contain more RAM which means that everything about the game has far more space to load more efficiently. The graphics are better because PCs usually have graphics cards that are designed to enhance the visual experience. It is important to note that the mobile versions of these games are not terrible by any means, but mobile devices these days are like handheld PCs that have been scaled down significantly. When playing adventure games online that are intricate and vast, the consensus from expert players is to use a Desktop instead.

Casino Games

The online gaming industry has certainly stepped up its game with the great offers in-store these days. Website versions of the site have been adapted to render seamlessly to mobile devices and some operators have even gone so far as to develop iGaming apps. Casino games are built for the convenience of playing on-the-go which is why playing on a mobile device, or desktop, doesn’t greatly affect your experience.

It is worth noting that certain casino titles have not yet been adapted for mobile use as yet, which means that mobile offerings could offer fewer games. Overall though, expert casino players have taken quite well to the mobile offerings with the free to play variations boasting faster loading times and seamless gaming experiences.

Final Thoughts

The better gaming experience depends on the personal preference of the players, the genre of games that are being played, and the availability of technology to make sure that things run smoothly.

What is your experience of playing games on mobile or desktop? Which experience do you consider better? Let us know in the comments section below.

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