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PUBG Mobile: The complete list of different versions you can play

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PUBG Mobile is currently one of the most played battle-royale games in the world right now. With a total download number of over 735 million worldwide, this game is breaking the charts for a long time. But these statistics are only applicable for the Global version, which is accessible from almost every region of the planet. However, there are some versions of the game which are exclusively for some specific region or country. In this article, we will talk about the different versions of PUBG Mobile available.

What are the different versions of PUBG Mobile that you can play?

Currently, there are two versions of PUBG Mobile which are available for almost all players around the globe – PUBG Mobile Global and PUBG Mobile Lite

1. PUBG Mobile Global Version

The global version of the PUBG Mobile is the biggest and most played version of the game with a total download number of around 735 million and a daily active user-base of almost 50 million. Most of the eSports tournaments and official events are played on this version of the game. This version is accessible from almost anywhere in the world except the regions where it is restricted. The odds of getting items from the crates are very low. Due to a heavy user base, the gameplay of this version lags in the low and mid-end devices

2. PUBG Mobile Lite Version

As the name suggests, this is the lighter version of the global variant. It is made exclusively for users with low-end devices. The lite version can run on a smartphone with 2 GB RAM. This version is heavily favored among low-end device gamers. This version’s size is almost 600 MB. The game is however only available for Android devices at the moment, and there is no way by which you can download it on an iOS device.

However, the Global versions of PUBG Mobile are not accessible in some parts of the world. As a result, there are country-specific versions of the game available, which are exclusively for those specific countries.

3. PUBG Mobile Korean Version (KR)

PUBG Mobile different versions

This version of PUBG Mobile is specially made for players of Korea and Japan. The lag ratio is very low on this version. The crates and the lucky spins also come earlier on this version than the global one. The odd of getting an item from crates are also quite higher than the global version of PUBG Mobile. Many players prefer the Korean version of the game for these reasons. To get your hands on PUBG Mobile Korea, you can check our step by step guide here.

4. PUBG Mobile Vietnam Version (VN)

PUBG Mobile different versions

The PUBG Mobile Vietnam or VN version is made for the players of Vietnam. The gameplay of this version is almost identical to the global version. Players of Vietnam country can download this version from the Google play store or from the App store. However, if you are not a Vietnamese resident you need to perform the following easy steps to try PUBG Mobile Vietnam.

5. Game for Peace (China)

PUBG Mobile Chinese version or the Game for Peace (GFP) is generally available to download in China. The features of the Chinese version are not exactly similar to the global version of the game. While the gameplay for both game looks quite similar, the graphics are much better and more appealing in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile. And since the game is managed by Tencent Games, it is obvious that Game for Peace always stays one step ahead, be it in terms of content or any other updates. If you are a non-Chinese resident, you can download the game using these steps.

6. PUBG Mobile Taiwan (TW)

PUBG Mobile different versions

PUBG Mobile Taiwan version is for the players of Taiwan. The gameplay of this version is almost the same as the global version. Though there are some little differences. The odds of getting items from crates are much higher than the other versions. The lag is also lesser in this version. Players from those specific regions can download it from the play-store or app store. The events of this version also provide great rewards.

7. PUBG Mobile India

After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India by the government, recently PUBG Corp. announced an exclusive version of the game for the players of India. Moreover, they announced in November on their social media platforms. The Indian version is expected to be playable soon after it is successfully registered with the Indian Government recently. Fingers crossed, the beloved game might be back soon.

That’s all about the different versions of PUBG Mobile available to play! Let us know your reactions in the comments section below!

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