The Mobile Gaming World’s Evolution and what we might be seeing in 2021

Everyone remembers the days when the mobile gaming world consisted of nothing but four or five simple 16-bit arcade minigames, like Tetris, which was the first-ever mobile game to ever be created, which was made in 1994 on a Danish phone called the Hagenuk MT-2000, the iconic Snake, which was released 24 years ago on Nokia devices, or even the 1978 classic Space Invaders, which hit the mobile gaming world in 2002. Most of us used to love playing these mobile games, others were irritated by their children to give them their phones to play them! Let’s take a deeper look at the mobile gaming evolution from the past right to the present year.

The history of mobile gaming evolution

The idea of mobile gaming back then was revolutionary. Handheld gaming devices like the 1978 Merlin, the 1979 Milton Bradley Microvision, and the 1980’s Nintendo Game Boy were seen all around and loved by many, no wonder mobile phone companies wanted in on the gaming industry! Little did they know that in time they would take over the handheld gaming world and within it build a unique gaming platform that’s as successful as all other gaming platforms out there.

Nowadays, the Mobile Gaming industry is estimated to have generated around $85 billion USD by the end of 2020. To give you a vague idea of what this means, it’s more than double the revenue generated by the box office industry in 2019, and four times more than the revenue generated by the music industry.

Moving on to 2021…

In 2021, we are seeing mobile gaming change by the minute, going through innovations and upgrades at a faster rate than ever before. Not only are phones getting computer-like specifications to be able to run a larger variety of bigger, beefier, higher quality games, they’re also refining the features we’ve all been eagerly waiting for since we first heard that someone came up with the idea. You know what we’re talking about, Augmented and Virtual Reality gaming are both making a big leap into the gaming world and companies all over the world are working at light speed to give us the most futuristic feeling, highest quality, and best presented AR/VR gaming experiences of all time.

The Mobile Gaming Evolution

We’re also seeing an increase in online casinos being implemented from computers to mobile phones, with many like comeon.com, which are working on refining their mobile app, and even might attempt to dip their toes into the mobile VR sector, potentially giving us a virtual reality casino experience!

Everyone within the industry has shifted into top gear and we know for sure that with the rate of improvement that we are seeing within this industry, the possibilities are limitless. We are more than excited to see what the mobile gaming world is going to have to offer in the near future. At this pace, no one can really tell how far we’re going to get by the end of the year. Will mobile phones eventually replace all other gaming consoles in the future? Only time can tell.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Gaming World’s Evolution? What do you expect to see in 2021? Let us know in the comment section!

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