The rapid changes in gaming trends

All the recent highs and lows from the industry

You could say that the pandemic has shifted the user’s attention from the regularly used apps to a wider selection of games and fringe services that would not usually feature on the regular mobile enthusiast’s screen. Today, people arguably have a bit more time on their hands, and fully making use of their phone. We have even seen an uptick in sales when compared to other years, whilst keeping in mind the crunching markets. While Puzzle, Casual, and Arcade games rule the boards as the most popular style of game, it is interesting how trends have changed since the start of the pandemic in terms of genre choice. Let’s take a look at some of the rapid changes in gaming trends.

1. The prospect of sci-fi games

For sci-fi junkies, the prospect of space is a very large and open door, for the wackiest and most ethereal to come alive – however, this interest has moved also to mobile gaming. One can find a multitude of space-related games. For some reason, this genre of game has grown massively this past year, with huge new titles such as Galaxy On Fire 2, a game that lets you explore over 150 different ships, and 30+star systems, while allowing you to mine, upgrade the ship and fight alien pirates. We also see a new helping of Star Wars apps on mobile, with the release of Star Wars: KOTOR, a role-playing game, compatible with Android and iOs 6.0 onwards. Space MMOs have gotten a lot of traction recently due to the more connected nature of their gameplays.

rapid changes in gaming trends

VEGA Conflict is one of the newer productions, which allows players to command fleets and reclaim the galaxy from skeletal solder-alien creatures. It is a free-to-play strategy, however, some people comment about the game’s simplicity dwindling, making it a tough game to play. Then comes SimpleRockets and Space Agency, two games that utilize physics engines to simulate a rocket launch. The Space Agency is more designed on flying the craft to orbit, getting correct angular momentum, and the right periapsis. However, SimpleRockets is more based on fusing given parts together and creating the right contraption, just like the rest of the Simple franchise games. Last but not least is Space Simulator, which is a 3D space flight simulation game, preloaded with missions and contains an interactive orbit planet.

2. The rise of new genres in the mobile gaming industry

Another genre of gaming that has grown recently is mobile Casino platforms. The pandemic has introduced a lot of social distancing measures, which, in turn, limit the possibility of Casinos operating under normal procedures, with lockdown countries even shutting down these facilities. However one can still make use of these services using a mobile phone. It is remarkable how the shift to these mobile platforms has changed, and this wave of new interest in the digitalization of these casinos improved the online experience of gaming. Many companies have undergone great updates to bring these services to their users, like comeoncasino.com – their mobile services make sure that one can still operate as if they are in front of the decks in person.

Online Casino

Another growing genre is Racing and Simulation, with titles that keep coming in sequels like the very good-looking Asphalt 9: Legends, and Real Racing 3, as well as Take Off Simulator and X-Plane by Laminar to name a few. It seems that people are missing the element of driving and flying so frequently, so users turn to their phones for eliciting this experience.

What are your thoughts on the rapid changes and growing trends in the mobile gaming industry in the current year 2021? Let us know in the comment section!

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